DKC – Chapter 1737

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Chapter 1737 – A place to hide (1)

Although Su Luo’s mood wasn’t steady, however, her expression was still as calm as water. One only saw a faint smile blossom on her face: “Dongfang Xuan, do you really think you can kill me?”

The smile in Dongfang Xuan’s eyes were deep as the ocean, his hands were looped in front of his chest as he calmly raised an eyebrow: “Why? Could it be you still have another move?”

Su Luo just smiled and didn’t speak.

Seeing the calm Su Luo, Dongfang Xuan frowned slightly. Could it be that this loathsome girl actually had another move saved? The originally calm and composed Dongfang Xuan who had victory in his grasp, was now afraid of moving because of fearing an unexpected result. His gaze also had a trace of doubt when looking at Su Luo.

“Whether I have another move or not will depend on if you believe it or not.” Su Luo, with a ghost of a smile, looked at him.

A cold intent flashed through Dongfang Xuan’s eyes.

Now, Nangong Liuyun was tangled up with the gigantic dragon, and he finally hunted down Su Luo, this loathsome girl, after great difficulty. Could it be he would abandon his actions just with several doubtful sentences from her? The corner of Dongfang Xuan’s mouth pulled, tauntingly and mockingly, he said to Su Luo: “Give you a chance to leave some last words.”

Su Luo’s expression was calm as before, the tip of her eyes and mouth were full of smiles: “The person who should leave the last words, shouldn’t it be you?”

“Loathsome girl, with death at hand, your mouth is still tough. Since it’s like this, then let me send you to heaven!” Dongfang Xuan’s expression was sinister, and he moved before he finished speaking.

A countless number of ice thorns exploded out from the ground, rising up, within a half meter range, the world froze over in an instant.

Dongfang Xuan moved against Su Luo without the slightest hesitation!

And at this moment, Su Luo didn’t choose to flee, instead, she rushed towards Dongfang Xuan. Her speed was fast as an artillery shell!

Su Luo’s reaction made Dongfang Xuan suspicious, because of this, his movement was slightly sluggish.

When Su Luo was only ten meters from Dongfang Xuan, he finally moved.

One only saw his body rush quickly towards Su Luo, in a flash, the two figures crossed. But the instant they crossed, Dongfang Xuan’s palm contained a world-shaking endless strength, just like a great scourge in the world attacking towards Su Luo.

But Su Luo also moved.

When they crossed, Cheng Ying Sword silently flew out from Su Luo’s arm and stabbed over. Several slight sword strikes flew towards Dongfang Xuan’s heart.

Dongfang Xuan felt his chest go slightly cold, but he already had preparation against Su Luo’s weapon that appeared and disappeared unpredictably. So the wind from his palm slanted and directly hit the Cheng Ying Sword.

The wind palm strike and Cheng Ying Sword met, giving off a violent whoosh sound. Su Luo could clearly hear the sound of pain that the Cheng Ying Sword gave off. Very clearly, Cheng Ying Sword was at a disadvantage when confronting Dongfang Xuan’s attack head-on.

Just when Dongfang Xuan was feeling proud, he discovered that his pair of legs was bound up. He lowered his head and discovered a thick golden vein was tightly wrapped around his feet. Below his knees, his two feet were bound together to the extent he simply couldn’t take a step.

“Loathsome girl, you really had some abilities!” Dongfang Xuan had a sinister sneer.

“You let me win oh.” Su Luo smilingly cupped her hand. Although she said ‘you let me win’ but when she lowered her head, a spherical object flew directly into Dongfang Xuan’s arm. Then, she immediately ran away.

Although Dongfang Xuan didn’t see what Su Luo tossed into his arms, but he sensed it was fishy. Spirit Pinball, it absolutely was a Spirit Pinball that hadn’t exploded!

Dongfang Xuan didn’t think, directly fished up that ball and didn’t even look before tossing it towards Su Luo’s back.

But the scene Dongfang Xuan anticipated didn’t occur.

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