DKC – Chapter 1722

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Chapter 1722 – Spirit River (8)

Don’t need to ask, just listening to the sizzle sound of flesh being corroded, Su Luo knew Beichen Ying’s back injury was very serious.

How to resolve this venom? Su Luo was so anxious that she was spinning around in circles.

“Luo Lou, quickly think of a way ah, Beichen Ying is about to die!” Zi Yan was so anxious that tears almost rolled out of her eyes.

Right now, because it was hard for Beichen Ying to hide the pain, his face was pale without a trace of color. Bean-sized beads of sweat tumbled down, his face was twisted because of extreme pain. At this moment, his entire body was lying on the ground, trembling non-stop.

Su Luo quickly went up, and with one pull, ripped off the clothes on Beichen Ying’s back. As a result, that pitch-black as ink wound immediately appeared in front of Su Luo’s eyes.

As Su Luo expected, the wound on Beichen Ying’s back had a coin-sized flesh that was corroded off by the venom. Moreover, this wound was spreading in all directions non-stop. If Su Luo didn’t do anything, this wound would extend out to his entire body. At that time, even if an immortal descended, Beichen Ying would have already become a charred black skeleton.

Zi Yan continuously pleaded with Su Luo to help. But Su Luo had never encountered such a toxic poison, she was also a bit powerless. However, if she didn’t treat it immediately , Beichen Ying would really be dead for sure.

“Blood Clotting Pill, take a Blood Clotting Pill and try it!” Su Luo had no other methods, as a result, she quickly took out an Emperor-ranked Blood Clotting Pill.

At the same time. Su Luo’s sleeves moved slightly. Suddenly, a sharp dagger appeared in her hand.

“Following, it will be very painful, you must by all means endure it. Don’t move back and forth.” Su Luo quickly said this to Beichen Ying.

Beichen Ying endured the acute pain and slowly nodded.

Su Luo then sent a meaningful glance at Zi Yan. Zi Yan understood and hurriedly nodded to say: “Rest assured, I definitely will hold Beichen Ying still and won’t let him flail about.”

Having gotten the guarantee, Su Luo lit up a brilliant spark on the dagger to disinfect it. Afterwards, a white light flashed by, and the dagger had drawn a circle around on Beichen Ying’s back. Afterwards, it picked out that piece of burnt black rotting flesh and tossed it out.

“Hiss——” Beichen Ying stiffly allowed a piece of meat to be cut off, enduring the acute pain, but he couldn’t help but suck in a breath of cold air.

But after this cut, Su Luo’s brows knotted tightly.

Because she discovered that the blood flowing out was still blackish-purple in color. This indicated that the poison still wasn’t completely cleaned out.

A strict expression flashed through Su Luo’s eyes. She coldly instructed Zi Yan: “Press down on Beichen Ying to keep him still!”

“Okay!” Zi Yan nodded seriously. She was also aware of the seriousness of the situation.

Su Luo took a deep breath and tightly grasped the dagger in her hand as it gradually became steady. Soon after, another white light flashed by quickly!

Just now, in the area she dug out the rotting meat, another circle was dug out!

The wound was so deep you could see the bones.

Because this cut by Su Luo wasn’t just to scrape away at the flesh. Rather, it penetrated deep into the muscle layer. Because she needed to scrape away all of it cleanly, otherwise the rotting flesh would still spread in all directions.

In the wake of that rotting flesh being scrapped off, dark red blood madly rushed out like a fountain.

Seeing the brilliant red blood spraying out, Su Luo’s heart immediately relaxed. Because this indicated that the venom had already been removed cleanly.

Su Luo crushed the Emperor-ranked Blood Clotting Pill into powder, and carefully sprinkled it on the wound. Very quickly, a reaction occurred on the wound.

This was worthy of being Emperor-ranked Blood Clotting Pill, the result was very good. When the fine powder was sprinkled on, the blood madly rushing out immediately stopped.

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