DKC – Chapter 1721

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Chapter 1721 – Spirit River (7)

The python was extremely angry, its pair of huge eyes searched everywhere for the enemy’s figure. But what made it even more furious was that that humankind’s figure had actually disappeared from in front of it.

Not only was the sword sharp, the attack power was also formidable. Moreover, his speed was fast to this extent, was he still an insignificant humankind? The rage to battle was completely ignited in the huge python’s heart.

Where was Nangong Liuyun at this moment?

In fact, as early as when his sword chopped at the python’s tongue, his figure had turned around and arrived at the python’s lower lip.

The python’s body was too huge, the range of its vision simply couldn’t see under its own lips.

Just when it was furiously wandering around, searching for Nangong Liuyun, Nangong Liuyun was pressed against its lower lips. Chi Xiao Sword once again appeared in his hand.

Just when the python roared furiously, Nangong Liuyun looked for an opportunity and once again chopped down on that python tongue that extended out!

Moreover, this time, he cut on that wound from before!

It overlapped the wound from before, adding injury to the same wound!

Immediately, from the wound that hadn’t healed yet, blood rushed out like a fountain!

Two times in a row inflicting serious damage, injured by Nangong Liuyun holding Chi Xiao Sword. As a result, this tongue of the python’s really wasn’t able to be preserved.

One only heard a sharp and clear bang sound, and the dark red-colored python tongue broke off at the base and fell heavily to the ground.

The python’s tongue contained a lot of venom, a python’s most powerful attack was its tongue. But it never expected that Nangong Liuyun would come up and directly chop off its tongue!!!

Now only was this humankind beyond its expectations, moreover, he went greatly beyond its expectations!

“Howl——” This time, the python really was furious!

The sharp pain almost made it lose its reason.

Moreover, the pain of losing its tongue made it fall apart.

As a result, the python went insane!

One only saw it get up and soar to the sky. Its enormous body twisted into a fried dough shape in mid-air as it bellowed and roared down below!

A countless amount of poison sprayed all around, similar to a sprinkler spinning in a circular arc. The range of its spray was so wide that people couldn’t guard against it.

On the ground, before the python became enraged, Su Luo had already sensed the danger. She lifted Zi Yan up and rushed forward while howling at Beichen Ying on the side: “Quickly run!”

Beichen Ying’s reaction was still considered quick, seeing Su Luo dashing out, he hurriedly released his feet and ran madily.

The python’s huge body was entrenched in mid-air, close to covering the sky. It sprayed poison quickly and hurriedly, moreover, its range was extremely wide! Fortunately, Su Luo’s group had reacted very quickly. Under their mad rushing, their bodies shot out like arrows. At last, with great difficulty, they ran outside the range of its poisonous spray.

After all, Beichen Ying’s reaction was slower by half a step, therefore, he unfortunately encountered a drop of the poison.

When that drop of poison shot onto Beichen Ying’s back, Beichen Ying was so scared that his soul almost flew away.

His worry wasn’t superfluous, rather, it was very necessary. Because when the splash of poison landed on his back, he heard a sizzling sound with his own ears. That sound was like pork belly being roasted on an iron plate.

Beichen Ying gave a cry of alarm from being scared.

Not only was he scared, he also felt the pain!

That drop of poison was like the strongest corrosive in the world. In an instant, it ate through a small area on Beichen Ying’s back. Moreover, with a speed the naked eye could see, it was extending out quickly toward his muscle.

Hearing Beichen Ying’s screech, a ‘not good’ came from Su Luo’s thought. As a result, she quickly abandoned Zi Yan, turned back and went to pull Beichen Ying.

After running outside the poison spray’s range with great difficulty, Su Luo hurriedly examined Beichen Ying’s injury.

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