DKC – Chapter 1720

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Chapter 1720 – Spirit River (6)

“Such a spectacular heavenly river (1)!” Zi Yan cried out in surprise, “How could such a heavenly river extend horizontally through the sky ah. This is against common sense ah.”

“Such rich spirit force!” Beichen Ying took a deep breath, “Is there a mistake? Just taking a breath, I can feel my strength go up a tiny bit!”

“It’s not a mistake…” Su Luo silently glanced at Beichen Ying, “Because my strength also went up…”

This heavenly river was simply too abnormal and too mystical okay? Don’t need to move, just standing here, your strength could rise up…

“How to use this heavenly river? Could it be we should just stand here and absorb it?” Beichen Ying excitedly walked back and forth.

“First, you guys stand in place and don’t move.” Nangong Liuyun’s figure lifted up from the ground as he quickly flew towards the heavenly river in mid-air.

“Why stand here and not move? If Dongfang Xuan’s group catch up…” Zi Yan gloomily watched her senior brother, she wanted to grab as much time as she could to absorb all the spirit force. She didn’t want Dongfang Xuan’s group to benefit from this ah.

“The richness of the spirit force in the Spirit River reaches the degree where it captures people. If I didn’t guess wrong, there must be a very fierce magical beast inside this Spirit River protecting it. The degree of danger isn’t something we can withstand.” Although Su Luo was speaking to Zi Yan, but her gaze unblinkingly watched Nangong Liuyun’s figure.

Sure enough, before Su Luo finished speaking, there was already movement up ahead.

When Nangong Liuyun’s palm, containing earth-shaking force, slapped towards that Spirit River, a scarlet red-colored python rushed out from the spirit river and soared towards the sky. It gave an angry howl.

This python was about one hundred meters long, with a huge head that was as big as a three storey building. Its pair of eyes was even larger than Nangong Liuyun’s figure. With this kind of comparison, Nangong Liuyun’s figure was so tiny as to be negligible.

As a result, when the python saw this tiny human in front of it, the corner of its mouth gave a cold sneer: “Ignorant and insignificant humankind, accept death!”

Afterwards, its huge red tongue quickly rolled towards Nangong Liuyun.

“The python’s strength is formidable.” Beichen Ying cried out in alarm. If he didn’t sense it wrong, the python was at least at the Commander rank.

“Yes, very formidable.” Su Luo’s heart clenched slightly. Although she had full confidence in Nangong Liuyun but on second thought a python able to protect this Spirit River how could its strength be bad? This battle before a winner and loser was decided her heart won’t be able to relax.

This battle between strong experts at the summit of all experts, Su Luo’s group of people simply couldn’t insert in. Even if they ran in with great difficulty, they would only become cannon folder. Therefore, the three of them stood in place far away, not rushing up because their brain was feverish. Because that way, they would only be a hindrance to Nangong Liuyun, rather than of help.

The python’s huge tongue engulfed towards Nangong Liuyun.

But very clearly, it had underestimated the strength of this human in front of it.

When the python’s tongue swept over, Nangong Liuyun’s right hand spread out. An extremely sharp treasure sword immediately appeared in his hand——Chi Xiao Sword.

“Pop——” A soft sound echoed. A dark red appeared on that python tongue that was attacking towards Nangong Liuyun. Blood gushed out from the wound.

“Howl!!!” The python, in a moment of unawareness, actually received heavy losses the first time it fought with Nangong Liuyun. This made it howl loudly and violently, its anger reaching a new peak!

How sharp was Chi Xiao Sword? With just one exchange, it almost chopped off that python tongue.

If it wasn’t for that python’s fast reaction, that tongue would have already been cut off at the base!

1) Heavenly river: The author can’t seem to make up her mind she keep switching from Heavenly River to Spirit River so I just translated whichever term she used.

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