DKC – Chapter 1719

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Chapter 1719- Spirit River (5)

Because with Nangong Liuyun present, these magical beasts just weren’t enough to enter their eyes. Not only were they killed, even traces of their bodies were thoroughly eliminated.

As the distance to the destination got closer, Su Luo could clearly feel the change in the spirit force in her surroundings.

From the thin feeling in the beginning, to it gradually becoming richer, until at the end, where the richness of the spirit force could make people go crazy.

“Quick, quick! A bit quicker!” Such rich spirit force, even Zi Yan sensed it. At this moment, her eyes were bright with excitement, her saliva almost flowing out.

Such rich spirit force, if you could sit down and cultivate, she believed her strength would have a gigantic leap in a short time. Moreover, clearly, this place wasn’t the final destination, the spirit force up ahead would be even richer. Just thinking of this, Zi Yan was so happy she almost flew up.

Immediately, Su Luo’s mood became good too. Along the side, she mobilized her Spirit Dance Steps while she smilingly said: “This time, we are in the very first, hope we can absorb all the spirit force, then leave Dongfang Xuan’s group an empty shell would be best.”

“Little greedy ghost.” Nangong Liuyun patted Su Luo’s head in exasperation.

“Could it be my wish isn’t beautiful? I think this wish is very good.” Su Luo lifted her chin, unconvinced, confidently declaring her wish, “In any case, I want to take away all of these spirit force, won’t leave a bit of it for Dongfang Xuan.”

“Completely endorse it! Must carry it all away!” Beichen Ying firmly stood on Su Luo’s side and nodded resolutely.

Unexpectedly, Nangong Liuyun helplessly patted Su Luo’s head and slanted Beichen Ying a glance in exasperation: “If you guys can carry it away, I’ll write my last name backwards.”

“Huh?” Seeing Nangong Liuyun so certain, Su Luo couldn’t help but be surprised, “It’s not like what I think right?”

“Really sorry, you thought correctly.” Nangong Liuyun nodded matter-of-factly.

“Then that really would be difficult….” Su Luo scratched her head and felt it really was very difficult.

“In the end, what are you guys talking about? Examining it, I recognize every word but put together, how is it tha I don’t understand it?” Beichen Ying stupidly looked at the two people in front of him.

“Very quickly, you will understand, young man.” Su Luo gave him an annoyed glare, “Still want to carry it all away. Dang! Don’t even think about it! If it really is what I and Nangong Liuyun think it. Then, when Dongfang Xuan’s group search over, they’ll get the small advantage of being able to possess it. Therefore, we should still hurry. The earlier we arrive, the better.”

Although Beichen Ying and Zi Yan didn’t understand the meaning in Su Luo’s words, but they could still understand one sentence. That was ‘the earlier they arrived, the better’. They had eaten a loss during the distribution of source stones in the second challenge, so they knew from experience the truth of the earlier they arrived, the better. As a result, without waiting for Su Luo to tell them, they had already placed all their spirit force into their feet. Using their greatest strength to rush ahead.

Because everyone used their fastest speed, therefore, in less than one hour, everyone had arrived at this time’s destination.

Seeing the scene in front, Su Luo took a deep breath: “Really is a Spirit River ah…”

What she expected was correct. This rich spirit force really was issued by this Spirit River.

Up ahead was a dusky sky, right across it was a fiery red heavenly river. Don’t know from where this river water comes from, also don’t know from where it is flowing to. The two sections in front and behind all blended into the space without an end. As if the entire river was static and motionless.

Lifting their head to look at this magnificent heavenly river in front of them, everyone sucked in a deep breath of cold air.

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