DKC – Chapter 1701

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Chapter 1701 – Sit on the ground and set the price (5)

Dongfang Xuan clearly knew Su Luo was pretending, but he couldn’t do anything about it. Because this Miss Su really could do something like running away and abandoning the three of them here.

“Okay, thirty pieces, then thirty pieces!” Dongfang Xuan slapped the source stones and said this coldly.

In any case, the space bag couldn’t take it in. Letting these source stones stay in place is also placing there in vain. May as well take it to make a business transaction with Su Luo.

“Then okay, thirty pieces of source stones can be exchanged for ten Ice Spirit Flowers.” Su Luo said while nodding.


Just when the business transaction was about to be completed, Li Aochen suddenly jumped out. He loudly questioned Su Luo, “Thirty pieces of source stones in exchange for ten stalks of Ice Spirit Flowers? Shouldn’t it be thirty stalks of Ice Spirit Flowers? Ten stalks will allow one person to cross, could it be I saw it incorrectly?!”

Su Luo looked at Li Aochen as if looking at an idiot. Her eyes had a ridiculing meaning as she lightly laughed: “You are dissatisfied with thirty source stones in exchange for ten Ice Spirit Flowers? Then fine, this lady doesn’t want to exchange anymore. Then you guys just stay here.”

Su Luo grabbed Nangong Liuyun and took the posture of walking towards the lava bridge.

Her steps were fast, at a fast tempo as if she was about to leave in the blink of an eye.

At this time, Dongfang Xuan’s heart panicked!

Before, when Su Luo was holding a bunch of Ice Spirit Flowers and he ridiculed her, he never expected that now, he had to bend to curry favor with Su Luo just for several stalks of those Ice Spirit Flowers. This was simply slapping his own face loudly ah, losing face until he reached his mother’s family!

Dongfang Xuan hurriedly went to pull Su Luo to a stop and smiled apologetically: “Luo Luo, wait! Don’t go!”

Su Luo halted her footsteps and faintly glanced over without saying anything.

“Thirty pieces of source stones for ten stalks of Ice Spirit Flowers, I’ll exchange, I’ll exchange it.” While Dongfang Xuan smiled apologetically to Su Luo, he glared at Li Aochen from the corner of his eyes.

But this time, Su Luo’s smile was as brilliant as the summer flowers, and she shrugged her shoulders slightly: “Sorry oh, now this miss doesn’t want to sell it anymore.”

“Luo Luo, how could you go back on your words?” Dongfang Xuan was anxious.

“Moreover, in the future, don’t call me Luo Luo, this is not the name you should call.” Su Luo’s gaze were like ice knives as she glanced over. Soon after, she smiled again, “If it was not for Li Aochen, then I wouldn’t know how valuable these Ice Spirit Flowers are. Just now, Li Aochen must have come back from the way we came to look for the Ice Spirit Flowers right? Didn’t find any right? Doesn’t this mean that if you guys want to cross the lava bridge, you have to buy the Ice Spirit Flowers from me right?”

At this moment, Dongfang Xuan wished he could throttle Li Aochen to death. He gave Li Aochen a deadly glare, soon after, he smiled apologetically to Su Luo: “Miss Su, put forth a price, as long as it’s not too excessive…”

“I don’t know what is considered too excessive in your heart but…” Su Luo smiled faintly, “Now, it’s one hundred pieces of source stones for ten Ice Spirit Flowers. Want to exchange or not, suit yourself.”

“You!” Dongfang Xuan’s brows were tightly wrinkled.

He had always had a gift with regards to betting on source stones. He could sense based on feeling whether there were crystal stones or not inside the source stones. Although he couldn’t see the level of the crystal stone inside, at least he could sense that the source stone had the crystal stone.

After his inspection just now. He discovered his region only had about one hundred source stones that had crystal stones. Now, Su Luo directly said she wanted one hundred pieces of source stones, then what if she selected all the source stones that contained crystal stones?

Dongfang Xuan’s snow-colored, ice-cold gaze sized up Su Luo. While the latter maintained her calm smiling expression and let him size her up.

Dongfang Xuan secretly guessed in his heart: how could Su Luo carry away the one hundred source stones that contained crystal stones? This was simply impossible, so this matter was worth the risk.

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