DKC – Chapter 1696

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Chapter 1696 – Ice Spirit Flower (6)

As a result, Su Luo comforted him by patting his shoulder: “Nothing, everyone is like this. Wait until after we get out will be fine.”

Beichen Ying was Su Luo’s friend, she naturally won’t hide what she knew from him. Not like how she treated Dongfang Xuan, with wintery ruthlessness and indifference.

“But how are we to take away these source stones ah?” Beichen Ying looked at Su Luo helplessly.

“You guys’ space bag is useless, doesn’t mean mine is also useless ah.” Su Luo’s smile had a trace of strength and proudness. One only saw her sleeves fly, and the source stones on the floor disappeared in an instant.

Although Su Luo didn’t put these source stones in her eyes, but there was still an Eastern Ling Country ah. Su Luo remembered, at that time, even a red-colored crystal stone could attract people to chase and kill her. Therefore, when she brought these source stones out, at least there were some use for it. Let alone to say, her space was large enough, so big as to not be able to see the end, so she didn’t care about such a small space.

Beichen Ying’s group was already used to Su Luo having space on her body, but Dongfang Xuan wasn’t used to it ah. When he saw Su Luo sweep clean all the source stones, immediately, his entire person was dumbfounded.

“You…” His malicious gaze stared fixedly at Su Luo. The undercurrent in his eyes were surging up, looking profoundly mysterious.

Why could Su Luo use space bag but they couldn’t? Was there a mystery in this?

Su Luo indifferently swept Dongfang Xuan a glance, then said to Beichen Ying’s group: “I have already put away the source stones in our territory, let’s go cross the lava bridge.”

“Lava bridge? You have a way to cross it?!” Beichen Ying and Zi Yan yelled excitedly in unison.

Because of excitement, their voices were really too loud, so they had attracted all the attention from Dongfang Xuan’s group. The lava bridge was at a place one kilometer ahead. The several of them all know about it, moreover, they all went over to look at it. But the miserable thing was, that surging fiery lava that filled the sky, who could cross it ah? Therefore, they had done the next best thing and came over here to discuss countermeasures. Following that, they discovered that underneath contained source stones. Dongfang Xuan, in one move, solved several pieces of purple-colored crystal stones.

Su Luo calmly nodded: “Rest assured, Older Sister will certainly bring you guys over safely. This second challenge seemed to be very hard, but in fact it’s not.”

“Luo Luo, so it turned out you deliberately lagged behind just to seek ways to cross this lava bridge?” Zi Yan excitedly grabbed Su Luo’s hand, eyes sparkling like stars.

“Otherwise, what else? You really thought I was going for a walk?” Su Luo’s face didn’t turn red nor did her heart jump as she replied righteously and full of self-confidence.

This reply suddenly made the atmosphere on Su Luo’s side more powerful, while Dongfang Xuan’s side was full of grieving soldiers.

Dongfang Xuan and Li Aochen, those people, before were still proud that Su Luo hadn’t snatched any source stones. How were they to know that the circumstances which would slap them in the face would appear so quickly. First, only Su Luo’s space bag works, now, Su Luo knew a way to cross the lava bridge…

Dongfang Xuan and Li Aochen looked at each other in dismay, not knowing how to react.

“Let’s go.” Su Luo led the people and was about to turn and leave.

Dongfang Xuan and Li Aochen looked at the source stones on the ground, then glanced at Su Luo again. A hesitant expression flashed through their eyes. Finally, Dongfang Xuan gave Li Aochen a meaningful glance, as a result, Li Aochen understood. He silently followed behind Su Luo’s group.

How could Su Luo not know he was following them? But Li Aochen following them fell in line with Su Luo’s intentions. Because only if you saw it with your own eyes, you could really thoroughly believe it.

The lava bridge was at a place one kilometer away, not much time passed before they arrived.

Seeing the scene in front of her, even Su Luo couldn’t help but be speechless.

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