DKC – Chapter 1693

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Chapter 1693 – Ice Spirit Flower (3)

“Really it is just this coincidental.” The little stone said, pleased with himself, “Your man’s vision is really not bad. Although he doesn’t know the real usefulness of the Ice Spirit Flower, but he has the foresight to gather them all over here, ha ha ha. The most wonderful part is that he collected all of them, ha ha ha ha——”

Su Luo speechlessly looked at the little stone shouting to the heavens in her mind and silently wiped sweat off her forehead.

But speaking of the Ice Spirit Flowers——

Su Luo’s eyes turned to the direction where they came from.

Right now, the Variant Acacia Tree had finished gathering all the Ice Spirit Flowers, and was using its fastest speed to head in the direction where she was at.

One only heard a tiny noise, and the Variant Acacia Tree had already ran to in front of Su Luo. A very short tree, that had grown four legs, immediately left Dongfang Xuan’s group looking at them in a dumbfounded manner.

“Plant spirit pet… such a mystical plant spirit pet…” Dongfang Xuan’s eyes shone.

Before, he had seen this tree, at that time, it took root, assuming the shape of a fence that enclosed all four directions, encircling all the Hidden-eyed Purple Spiders. At that time, Dongfang Xuan had seen the difference in this plant spirit pet, now, he looked at it carefully and discovered how amazing it was.

But Su Luo was stingy and didn’t even let him look. She patted the Variant Acacia Tree’s head, as a result, the Variant Acacia Tree very quickly flew into her space. On the way, it had cleverly finished arranging all the Ice Spirit Flowers into a bundle and sent it to Su Luo.

Su Luo cupped the deep red flower bouquet in her hands and took a deep breath, the fragrance of the flowers touching her heart.

Were the Ice Spirit Flowers really a treasured talisman that would allow them to cross the lava bridge? The more Su Luo thought about it, the more mystical she found it to be, and the more excited she got. If what the little stone said was true, then she now held in her hands the only secret weapon to cross the lava bridge with, wasn’t its value priceless? Then wouldn’t Dongfang Xuan’s huge source stone be easily obtained?

“Su Luo? Su Luo?” Zi Yan poked at Su Luo’s arm.

“Huh?” Only now did Su Luo return to the present.

“What are you thinking about? You’re about to drool. What exciting matter do you know, say it and let everyone be excited too.” Since being struck by the truth Su Luo had said, Zi Yan’s mood had also fallen to the valley floor.

“Dongfang Xuan’s source stone, ha ha ha.” Su Luo very carefully put away the Ice Spirit Flowers, then, with a carefree attitude, walked up to Dongfang Xuan, and asked as if by accident, “You plan on cutting the source stones on the spot?”

“At least we have a source stone to cut.” Dongfang Xuan’s words had a double meaning.

Su Luo sneered coldly: “Secret Roaming Dragon Territory only lasts for three months, if you plan to waste all the time on cutting stones, then suit yourself. In any case, once the three months are up, if you guys don’t leave, prepare to stay trapped in here forever until death!”

An almost undetectable cold light flashed through Dongfang Xuan’s eyes. What Su Luo said was correct, this source stone was like an attraction to drag him from advancing, subconsciously stopping his footsteps. In fact, they hadn’t even passed the second challenge yet, what kind of danger they might encounter in the future, was impossible to predict.

Thinking thus far, Dongfang Xuan gave a cold snort, but still took out a space bag.

“Good heavens, Dongfang Xuan actually has a space bag!” Beichen Ying cried out repeatedly in surprise. Originally, he had plans, because he had a space bag, but Dongfang Xuan’s group didn’t have them ah. So he was prepared to use his own space bag to help Dongfang Xuan transport a portion of his source stone. Then, he would take a service fee charge to earn money, but seeing Dongfang Xuan take out a space bag without batting an eyelid, Beichen Ying buried his face in his hands.

Now, his plans came up empty again.

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