DKC – Chapter 1692

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Chapter 1692 – Ice Spirit Flower (2)

A pity the little stone now used Elder Ancestor Mo’s identity and stayed in her space. So Su Luo could only glare at the air: “You said, my mother? That is to say, you knew my mother?!”

The little stone stayed in her space and had never mentioned this matter ah!

But don’t know if it’s because the little stone didn’t want to mention this matter, he snorted twice and directly said: “Who knew your mother? It’s because in your master’s room there is this flower and I accidentally saw it.”

“It’s only like that?” Su Luo interrogated. Why did she feel as if the matter wasn’t that simple.

“Really is like that, otherwise, what else could it be? When I your daddy was sealed in this stone, your mother hasn’t been born yet!” The little stone stretched out his neck and said this very forcefully.

“Really?” Su Luo scratched her head, thought a bit. then felt it really seemed to be like that.

“Of course it is!” The little stone stuck out his chest, saying this full of conviction, “So you don’t want to know the story about the Ice Spirit Flower right? Then I your daddy won’t tell it!”

Su Luo immediately stuck out her tongue. How was it that she was only focused on questioning the little stone and forgot about such an important matter?

After Su Luo compensated him with a countless number of smiles, the little stone was still aloof. Su Luo suddenly was furious and slapped the wall: “Forty to sixty, me forty, you sixty. Agree or not, one word!”

“Do you think this daddy is someone that can be purchased by crystal stones? You really look down on people too much! Thirty to seventy, you thirty and me seventy!” The little stone’s tone was very powerful, not allowing any arguments.

“Thirty to seventy, then thirty to seventy. In any case, it will be placed in my space. If you want to use, how can I prevent it?” Su Luo helplessly shook her head.

After gaining victory, the little stone was very satisfied. Only now was he willing to tell Su Luo the actual situation, like a senior giving precious advice. His hands were crossed over his chest with a proud attitude and unhurriedly asked Su Luo: “Do you remember the conditions to break through the second challenge?”

“Isn’t it to cross the bridge that is over the lava?” Su Luo fished out the map and pointed at the writing for the little stone.

“Correct. The lava bridge.” The little stone nodded seriously. Soon after, he smilingly asked Su Luo, “Then do you know, what is a lava bridge?”

“Hiccup…” Su Luo imagined a bit then described it to the little stone, “A large bridge that was built by the surging lava? But that kind of bridge, how can people cross it? Don’t know if my teleport can do it oh….”

The little stone’s eyes turned white like a little fish that had its breathing cut off, “I have examined it, ever since you entered the second challenge, your ability to teleport has been blocked, simply useless.”

“How is that possible?” Su Luo opened her eyes wide.

“The space here is very strange, not only is your teleport useless, even those space bags Beichen Ying’s group had also can’t be used.” The little stone proudly said, “It’s because you carry space on your body, otherwise you also won’t have a way to use it.”

Su Luo’s gaze swept the source stones around her, and couldn’t help but to rejoice. Fortunately, she had space on her body, otherwise she simply wouldn’t be able to bring these source stones back. If they were to cut it out one piece at a time, who knew how many months and years it would take. All together, they only had three months’ time inside the Secret Roaming Dragon Territory.

“Little girl, the lava bridge is one kilometer up ahead.” The little stone smiled proudly, “The critical point to cross the lava bridge is the Ice Spirit Flower you guys gathered, hahaha!”

“Ice Spirit Flower? Can’t be such a coincidence right?” Su Luo suddenly felt some disbelief, just now, along the way, Nangong Liuyun picked a lot for her, moreover…

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