DKC – Chapter 1691

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Chapter 1691 – Ice Spirit Flower (1)

At that time, Su Luo and the legendary king of crystal stones had a competition. As for the result, it was as if Su Luo was picking up stuff, after picking it up, she would toss it into her basket. Unlike the king of crystal stones across from her, who would pick one up and carefully examine it. The crux of the problem was after Beichen Ying had all the crystal stones cut out, he discovered Su Luo had picked crystal stones that were all above green-colored crystal stone!

As a result, Beichen Ying was certain Su Luo had a pair of heavenly eyes that could see the essence inside the source stones. Also because of this, when Su Luo was explaining the situation to him right now, he would be so disappointed and dejected. Because Su Luo’s words were the truth, without a doubt.

“Really just…there isn’t even a little bit of good things?” Beichen Ying anxiously looked at Su Luo, with excess expectations and hope, looking at her. As if to see something on her face.

But Su Luo shook her head with certainty.

“Oh.” Beichen Ying cupped his head in misery, how could his luck be bad to this extent? If Su Luo was here before, then it would be good. Based on luck, simply no one could be compared to Su Luo.

“Then, what about them….” Zi Yan’s gaze swept towards the rest of the three directions.

“Luo Haoming’s isn’t that different from ours. Li Aochen has at least ten pieces of purple-colored crystal stones, as for Dongfang Xuan…” A burst of radiance flashed through Su Luo’s eyes as she faintly smiled, “That’s a big fish oh.”

“Then how about we…” Zi Yan’s eyes flashed with light. Su Luo’s words were already very clear. Dongfang Xuan’s area was a treasure, according to her thoughts, based on their strength, they could definitely snatch the territory away from Dongfang Xuan and Li Aochen!

But Su Luo stopped her words with a slow shake of her head.

If it was before, maybe Su Luo would still do it. But this time, after seeing Dongfang Xuan, Su Luo felt as if a strange change had occurred on Dongfang Xuan’s body. It was an indescribable strangeness. But it gave her an indescribable sense of an alarm bell sounding. This kind of Dongfang Xuan was difficult to trifle with.

“Let me think.” Su Luo said in a low tone, her gaze was stealthily placed on that giant source stone in Dongfang Xuan’s territory. No matter what, this source stone that contained more than one hundred pieces of purple crystal stones, she was determined to get it!

Just at this moment, a faint sentence was cast into Su Luo’s mind.

“Foolish girl.” The little stone despisingly rolled his eyes at Su Luo.

“What?” Su Luo unhappily responded.

“Such a simple matter, your pondering over it has become too complicated. If this isn’t foolish, then what is it?” The little stone unhappily glared at her.

“The simplest matter? For example…” Su Luo humbly asked, not a bit ashamed.

“Ice Spirit Flower.” The little stone hinted.

“Oh?” Su Luo expressed she still couldn’t understand. Weren’t the Ice Spirit Flowers the ones Nangong Liuyun gifted to her? The Variant Acacia Tree was still collecting it along the way, even now, it still hadn’t arrived yet.

The little stone speechlessly massaged the space between his eyebrows. He silently sighed: “Could it be you still don’t know the meaning of having the Ice Spirit Flower showing up here?”

But Su Luo’s thoughts clearly hadn’t caught up to his tempo. She opened her eyes wide: “That flower…It’s really called Ice Spirit Flower?” Wasn’t this name something she gave casually? Su Luo expressed her extreme curiosity.

“Yes, it really is a coincidence that this flower really is called Ice Spirit Flower. The name is one your mother personally gave it.” The little stone tsk-tsk as he replied.

“Wait!” Su Luo immediately became excited. If the little stone was to stand before her at this time, she absolutely would grab the little stone by the collar and loudly ask him.

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