DKC – Chapter 1683

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Chapter 1683 – A blessing in disguise (3)

Dongfang Xuan’s gaze inconspicuously swept by Naongong Liuyun’s body, then spread his hands and helplessly smiled: “Isn’t Miss Su in charge of this matter? Isn’t the stately Commander-ranked Nangong Liuyun blindly following you too?”

Dongfang Xuan’s tone had a hint of taunting. Hearing this, Su Luo became angry but her face was still calm and in control. Her smile was indifferent: “It’s because Nangong Liuyun likes me so he would be like this, could it be you also like me?”

Su Luo smilingly looked at Dongfang Xuan, unhurriedly waiting for his answer, No matter what Dongfang Xuan said following this, Su Luo’s reply was sharp like a snow sword.

Dongfang Xuan didn’t expect Su Luo’s mind would move so fast, and what she said didn’t have the slightest qualm. Momentarily, he couldn’t react. He also knew if he replied with ‘like’ following this, Su Luo definitely wouldn’t give him a good expression. But if he said ‘don’t like her’ words, it still wouldn’t be that nice to hear.

Dongfang Xuan sighed, sure enough, no matter how much her strength increased, as for debating abilities, Su Luo could always firmly step on his head. She was like a lofty mountain hard to surpass ah.

Su Luo unhappily floated a glance at Dongfang Xuan, soon after, hand in hand with Nangong Liuyun, they started on their way.

The group slowly went forward, but Su Luo’s heart had more and more misgivings. The time and place Dongfang Xuan appeared seemed to be quite fishy. People couldn’t help but suspect him of being the source of the flute sound.

“Could it be him?” Su Luo asked Nangong Liuyun in a low tone, because she wasn’t sure.

“The person that blew the flute isn’t him, but——” Whether he was an accomplice, this point, Nangong Liuyun wasn’t sure. Nangong Liuyun paused, then patted Su Luo’s head, “The situation is becoming more and more fishy, from now on, don’t be more than ten meters from me okay?”

“Then why don’t you use a belt to tie me up?” Su Luo lifted her palm-sized little face and laughed out loud.

“This isn’t a bad idea.” Nangong Liuyun struck a pose, about to implement it, but was stopped by a laughing Su Luo.

“Enough, isn’t it enough that I promised you? From now on, I won’t be farther than ten meters from you.” Su Luo smilingly said to Nangong Liuyun.

Nangong Liuyun’s cold and solemn expression was restored. Just now, when the flute appeared, he made a great mistake. If at that time. he searched for the source of the flute sound and killed it, rather than give his spirit strength to Su Luo, maybe the results wouldn’t be like that?

This problem, Nangong Liuyun still couldn’t solve. He didn’t know if he encountered that matter again, what kind of choice would he make. But the only thing he was certain, he couldn’t watch and not save while Su Luo was in danger.

The group of people walked in the tunnel without uttering a word.

The tunnel became more and more wide, until it was more than several tens of meters wide. It was more than enough for everyone to walk shoulder to shoulder.

But the group still orderly walked forward.

When Su Luo thought that such an orderly and peaceful group would reach their destination, suddenly, Dongfang Xuan’s footsteps sped up. He quickly passed Su Luo and the others to rush ahead.

Seeing Dongfang Xuan quickly speed up, Li Aochen and Luo Haoming exchanged a glance. Although they weren’t clear why Dongfang Xuan would do something like this, but they knew that if there was no benefit, Dongfang Xuan definitely wouldn’t run so fast.

“Quick! Quickly chase!” Li Aochen accelerated his footsteps. In a flash, his figure disappeared.

Luo Haoming saw the remaining black dot that was Li Aochen, then saw Su Luo looking lost and confused. He stamped his feet, in the end, he decided to follow behind Li Aochen.

As a result, very quickly, only Su Luo, Nangong Liuyun, Zi Yan and Beichen Ying remained at the scene.

“This, what is going on ah?” Biechen Ying’s expression was clearly a bit anxious.

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