DKC – Chapter 1675

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Chapter 1675 – Mystical sounds come to their ears (1)

After passing the first challenge smoothly, everyone set out for the second challenge.

Now, Su Luo had the map the white-bearded old grandpa had given her. So, this time of forging ahead saved a lot of walking on the wrong road. They directly set out towards their destination.

This rolled up sheepskin map was drawn very simply and sloppily. Only a few brush strokes outlined the entire Secret Roaming Dragon Territory.

The Secret Roaming Dragon Territory was in the shape of a rabbit, and now, everyone’s location was on top of the rabbit’s right ear. The second challenge was in the position of the rabbit’s eye.

After finding the road, Su Luo rolled up the map and put it away. Li Aochen looked here and there and didn’t even get a glimpse of it. Su Luo rightfully didn’t have any favorable opinions toward him, naturally, she wouldn’t give him an opportunity to look at the map.

After walking past the gentle hills, a high towering overhanging cliff appeared up front.

Su Luo looked at that tall overhanging cliff and said to everyone: “After walking past this overhanging cliff, we’ll arrive at the second challenge.”

This was the first time to explore the Secret Roaming Dragon Territory. The treasure they had obtained really pleasantly surprised everyone. Merely the first challenge, Su Luo had already carried away a whole shelf of treasures. Then what about the second challenge, the third challenge ah? Don’t know what other pleasant surprises were waiting for her.

Su Luo restrained the curiosity and being happily surprised feeling in her heart. She and Nangong Liuyun led everyone to enter the overhanging cliff.

This time, they weren’t walking on a mountain, rather, they entered the passageway below the overhanging cliff.

A passageway that was able to allow two people to walk side by side. Inside was pitch dark like black paint. No one was able to predict or imagine the danger inside. Therefore, no one wanted to be the first to go in. As a result, Su Luo and Nangong Liuyun went in first.

This passageway continuously headed upwards, very clearly, it was a road that went from the foot of the mountain to the top of the cliff. But this time, they were walking in the belly of the mountain and had no inkling of the environment outside.

After they entered, Su Luo frowned slightly.

Because she sensed when they first entered the wall in the mountain, all around was still slightly damp. But after going up for about one hundred meters, she discovered that the surrounding temperature had started to rise…

Su Luo’s suspicious gaze looked towards Nangong Liuyun, and the latter smiled faintly. “Go ahead and have a look.”

“Okay.” Su Luo gripped Nangong Liuyun’s hand tightly. The two walked forward shoulder to shoulder.

After walking for approximately several thousand meters more, Su Luo sensed the temperature all around had become higher and higher. So, she asked Nangong Liuyun: “It can’t be there is lava underneath here? Really hot ah.”

Nangong Liuyun gave her an affirmative answer: “If I didn’t guess wrongly, it ought to be lava, no doubt. Moreover, now we are getting closer and closer to its range.”

“You are saying right now, we haven’t walked within the range of the lava?” Su Luo wiped away the fine sweat on her forehead and asked in a low voice.

“It’s still too far to be in range.” Nangong Liuyun’s brows wrinkled slightly. Because with regards to them, this couldn’t be considered good news.

“Haven’t entered the range of the lava and it’s this hot. What’s to be done when we really enter its range?” Su Luo started to worry.

Everyone had already walked forward for several thousands of meters after entering this passageway to the belly of the mountain. All around, it had gradually become wider. From originally only fitting two people shoulder to shoulder, now, four to five people could walk together without a problem.

Zi Yan hurriedly walked up and asked in a low voice: “What happened? How is it that you guys’ expression isn’t so good?”

“Don’t you feel hot?” Su Luo smiled faintly.

“Not bad, not that hot.” Zi Yan told the truth.

Su Luo spread out both hands: “I forgot you are both wind and ice attribute, definitely won’t feel hot.”

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