DKC – Chapter 1674

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Chapter 1674 – Shocking results (6)

“Here is the Secret Roaming Dragon Territory, what do you think?” The white-bearded old grandpa smiled, “You are able to be acquainted with Venerable Divine Dragon, it’s your good fortune. But it’s a pity this jade piece had already been smashed to pieces. Therefore, the spirit strength of a divine dragon has dissipated, it cannot protect you again.”

Su Luo’s brows slightly wrinkled, in her heart, she somewhat understood what little stone had said.

“If she had that jade piece, then her safety wouldn’t be a problem in this Secret Roaming Dragon Territory?” Nangong Liuyun’s good-looking eyebrows wrinkled from displeasure. His gaze had a hidden coldness as he swept Su Luo a glance, but asked this of the old grandpa.

“That is for sure.” The white-bearded old grandpa felt it was rather a pity, “If that jade piece was still not used, in this Secret Roaming Dragon territory, that person would be uninhibited to go everywhere as well, alas, what a pity.”

Su Luo lightly coughed twice: “What’s a pity? Could it be that without the jade piece, I can’t be uninhibited and go everywhere in this Secret Roaming Dragon Territory?”

The white-bearded old grandpa looked at Su Luo, and he suddenly smiled: “Looking at it carefully, this Miss definitely has a linked fate with the dragon race. Even without the jade piece, your body still has a pure breath from the dragon race.”

Su Luo’s heart trembled slightly. She hoped that the white-bearded old grandpa wouldn’t detect the contract she signed with the little divine dragon, otherwise, based on the dragon race’s arrogance, very likely, she would be sent flying by a palm strike. As a result, Su Luo hurriedly changed the subject.,“Old Grandpa, afterwards, what path am I to take in the Secret Roaming Dragon Territory? Still ask you to give a suggestion, would that be okay?”

The white-bearded old grandpa took out a rolled up sheep skin from his sleeves and handed it to Su Luo. He unhappily rolled his eyes at her: “All the treasures were taken away by you, so lacking this map is unnecessary. Take it, with it, at least you will know the road inside the Secret Roaming Dragon Territory.”

The white-bearded old grandpa had given Su Luo a map of the Secret Roaming Dragon territory.

Due to the fact that no one had explored the secret territory before, therefore, Su Luo’s group didn’t have a map. Able to find this place was completely accidental. Now, the white-bearded old grandpa had given her a map, with regards to them, it couldn’t be better.

“There are a total of five challenges in the Secret Roaming Dragon Territory. Now, this place here is the first challenge. Children, the four challenges after this, you guys are on your own.” The white-bearded old grandpa said this while his figure gradually became a shadow.

“Old Grandpa, where did you go?” Su Luo loudly yelled towards the shadow.

“All the treasures are gone, where can I go? In the future, if the Miss has the time to take a trip to the dragon race’s territory, then I may see you again.” He had just finished speaking when the white-bearded old grandpa’s shadow completely disappeared.

After the white-bearded old grandpa disappeared, Zi Yan and Beichen Ying, who had just restrained their excitement, in an instant, it exploded out wildly like lava.

“Luo Luo! So many treasures! We are rich ah!” Zi Yan circled around Su Luo, bouncing and jumping.

Regardless of who, before they couldn’t draw anything, but in the end, even carried away the whole thing, they would be excited and unable to control themselves.

“Luo Luo, I’ll first ask for the high level wind element martial arts. Please don’t give it to someone else ah.” Beichen Ying had already marked that martial arts since earlier, he hurriedly made an agreement with Su Luo in advance.

“I know oh, won’t give you guys less. But these matters must wait until we go out and then talk about it.” This Secret Roaming Dragon Territory was full of danger, who knew what they would encounter. It’s comparably safer to put the stuff in her space.

Let alone to say….suddenly, Dongfang Xuan’s figure appeared in Su Luo’s mind.

Dongfang Xuan didn’t appear in this time’s prize-drawing. Based on his temper, how could he not appear? Something hard to imagine must have happened.

In the end, what happened to him….

Recalling Dongfang Xuan, Su Luo’s heart had a slight not-so-good premonition.

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