DKC – Chapter 1673

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Chapter 1673 – Shocking results (5)

Su Luo swallowed her saliva: “I had thought of this, but how was I to know just casually thinking about it would make my dream possible? Isn’t this a bit too easy ah? If I had said to send me to the 21 century, then the Venerable Divine Dragon would really send me back?”

“Can’t say for sure oh.” The little stone nodded his head.

“Hiccup…” Su Luo was tangled, now, she had someone she was concerned about in this world, really wasn’t as simple as saying she want to go back and she would go back. Now, even if a chance to go back was placed in front of her, she wasn’t sure how she would choose.

Su Luo discarded the messy thoughts in her head, and asked the little stone: “You say…those things on the shelf, I really can take it all away?”

“Won’t you know it if you give it a try?” The little stone spread out both hands, he had always been the type of person to take action first.

“Okay.” Su Luo thought a bit and nodded in agreement.

As a result, she slowly walked towards the shelf, step by step. Seeing her walk over, everyone had already automatically withdrawn three steps back, leaving an empty path for Su Luo to go through.

Su Luo’s white slender hand, trembling, extended towards the first box on the self.

Here was placed the number 1 《Dark Element Rules》 .

Because it was three books, so it looked kind of thick.

Su Luo’s hand extended into the mysterious ice fog without the slightest hindrance. She easily took out that thick book of 《Dark Element Rules》 .

“Oh Heavens! Really can! Really can ah!” Zi Yan saw this, and she was so excited she shouted and jumped around.

Su Luo took a deep breath, her white as jade fingers extended towards the second box on the shelf.

Because having many numbers lit up at the same time had never happened before, so no one knew if the numbers on the prize-drawing machine counted or not. Now, everyone was staring fixedly at Su Luo’s pair of white as jade slender fingers. Their gazes unblinkingly fixed on her hand.

Su Luo’s hand trembled for a split second.

She felt as if a stone was pressed down on the top of her heart, the pressure was very large.

“All of these are yours, take it slowly, don’t need to be anxious.” Nangong Liuyun smilingly soothed her.

“En!” Su Luo nodded seriously, soon after, her fingers became a lot steadier.

Sure enough, as Su Luo expected, she really got the second treasure, then the third one, the fourth one.

Afterwards, under everyone’s dull gazes, Su Luo’s sleeves swept by and immediately that shelf disappeared from in front of everyone.

“Where is the shelf?” Li Aochen’s hand held one hundred white stones and one jade piece, as he asked Su Luo, panting in rage.

Before Su Luo could speak, Zi Yan coldly sneered: “What does the matter of the shelf being there or not have to do with you? All the prizes are gone, you think you can still draw prizes using the prize-drawing machine?”

One sentence almost made Li Aochen faint from being choked by anger.

Zi Yan had the truth and didn’t spare people, and continued to sneer: “Who told you to harbor bad intentions, leaving those white stones, and not drawing? Now, you don’t have any chance to draw, keep these white stones and use it as decorative items when you go home.”

Hearing this, everyone burst out in loud laughter. Li Aochen was so angry that his complexion turned red, he almost became hopping mad.

At this time the white-bearded old grandpa finally returned to his senses. He looked at Su Luo with a serious expression: “That jade piece…”

“Has Old Grandpa seen it before?” Su Luo seriously asked.

“If I didn’t remember it wrongly, on it should be the imprint from the Venerable Divine Dragon right?” The white-bearded old grandpa looked at Su Luo with a complicated expression.

Just now, he was in a half-asleep and half-awake state, he was almost shaken off his bed by that spirit fluctuation specific to the dragon race. Having such a large spirit force movement, if it wasn’t their Venerable Divine Dragon, then who else would it be?

“Does Old Grandpa know Venerable Divine Dragon?” Su Luo unblinkingly stared at the old grandpa.

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