DKC – Chapter 1672

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Chapter 1672 – Shocking results (4)

Because Nangong Liuyun sent a sentence that was light as a feather to Li Aochen: “Come and see.”

Li Aochen didn’t understand, so he glanced suspiciously at Nangong Liuyun, then step by step, moved closer to the screen of the prize-drawing machine.

At this moment, everyone had surrounded the screen of the prize-drawing machine. Their faces looked as if they had been struck by lightning. They were dumbstruck, rooted to the spot. If an enemy was to arrive now, it would be easy to kill everyone one by one, with one knife cut each.

”This, this, how is this possible…..” Zi Yan muttered to herself, apparently still hadn’t woken up from the dream.

“Isn’t this, isn’t this too fortunate?” Beichen Ying’s eyes were sluggish, for a long time, it was difficult for him to return to his senses.

Even Su Luo was rooted to the spot, foolishly staring at the numbers on the screen, her whole person was dumbfounded: “This… seems… something…. Went wrong somewhere?”

Then, she looked up with an inquiring expression towards the white-bearded old grandpa.

At this time, even the white-bearded old grandpa was stupefied. He rubbed his eyes, then rubbed them again, but the numbers on the screen were still lit up. There wasn’t any indication it was about to switch off.

“What the hell did you do, in the end?” The white-bearded old grandpa speechlessly looked at Su Luo.

Su Luo spread out her hands: “I didn’t ah, whatever I did, didn’t you, Old Grandpa, see it?”

“Then, how, how is it that all the numbers here have lit up! Besides the more than ten numbers that were already drawn away, the rest of the numbers are all lit up! ” The old grandpa had lived for a lifetime, and had never seen such an outrageous thing!

Clearly, in the beginning, only number 1 lit up, but then, number 2, number 3, number 4…” As long as the items had not previously been drawn, as long as the physical objects were still on the shelf, all of them lit up! What did this mean? In the end, what did this mean?

The white-bearded old grandpa found himself powerless from being angered. This represented that all the good things on the shelf ah, wait no, even the entire shelf, would be directly carried away by Su Luo.

When Li Aochen saw this fact, he suddenly became rigid from being dumbstruck. Until this moment, he finally understood what Nangong Liuyun’s words meant. All the treasures were drawn by Su Luo, all the numbers had lit up. Then, what was there for him to draw? What was the use of him having foolishly saved a hundred white stones? These stones, when taken outside, were the same as stepping stones on the roadside!

“No! This is not real! This is definitely not real! There must be a problem with the prize-drawing machine!” Li Aochen muttered to himself, still in disbelief.

Su Luo originally didn’t believe it either, because happiness came too abruptly, so abruptly that even she couldn’t react.

Before, time and time again, it was number 99. Time and time again, it was ‘thank you for your patronage’, this kind of drawing almost made her vexed to death. But the last prize-drawing told her that all the treasures on this shelf were hers, isn’t this too blessed? People with poor psychological qualities would directly faint okay?

Fortunately, Su Luo’s psychological quality was strong enough. Besides a slight change in her expression, everything else about her seemed normal.

At the moment, Su Luo was communicating with the little stone in her mind: “What the hell is going on? Wasn’t it only number 1?”

The little stone unhappily slanted Su Luo a glance: “What did you wish for when you made the wish just now?”

Su Luo grabbed her hair and silently recalled: “I wished that I could get all that I want…”

“Isn’t this just it? You must have thought about carrying away the entire shelf.” The little stone responded decisively.

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