DKC – Chapter 1671

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Chapter 1671 – Shocking results (3)

Thinking of this, a smiling expression appeared at the corner of Su Luo’s mouth.

She had already finished studying the three stages of the Great Dimensional Imprint in this jade piece. So, it was very easy for Su Luo to break it into pieces by pinching it.

“What are you doing…” Everyone saw Su Luo pinching the jade piece then tossing the powder into the entrance of the machine, each and every one of them opened their eyes wide. Even the carefree white-bearded old grandpa with his eyes half-closed also opened his eyes wide. He stared fixedly at the jade piece in Su Luo’s hand.

“Blessing myself to have good luck ah.” After Su Luo tossed the powder in, she patted her hand, smilingly looking at everyone.

“After pinching the jade piece into powder, you can get good luck? Who are you trying to fool?” Li Aochen coldly sneered, clearly not believing her.

“Say a few words less.” Luo Haoming frowned, sweeping a displeased glance at Li Aochen. He had already analyzed the situation thoroughly for him, but Li Aochen would rather die than change. Then, his hands were tied.

Li Aochen recalled Luo Haoming’s words, he coldly humphed and turned his face away.

Su Luo smilingly said to Zi Yan: “Believe it or not, that this time my hand will directly get number 1?”

“Don’t believe.” Zi Yan very reasonably shook her head. There was no reason that the first 99 times in front, she couldn’t draw it, and the last chance she would draw number 1.

“Do you believe it or not?” Su Luo high-spiritedly asked Beichen Ying.

“Absolutely don’t believe.” Beichen Ying firmly shook his head.

“Fine, then I’ll let you guys see what’s called real luck!” Su Luo’s hand moved, with a ‘bang’, she pressed the start key. Afterwards, she had her hands together in prayer.

Don’t know how long had passed before Su Luo slowly opened her eyes. Her gaze swept by everyone’s face once, then——

Slowly pressed the stop key.

The numbers start to stop rolling.

“Oh heavens! Number 1, really is number 1….”

Seeing the numbers that completely stopped, Zi Yan shrieked out loud. Her entire person was scared foolish!

What’s going on? Su Luo said number 1, actually really got number 1? Was there really such a miraculous thing?

Momentarily, everyone’s gaze focused on Su Luo’s body. Everyone all looked at her with a dim-witted gaze, not knowing what to say.

Su Luo smilingly said: “Just now, didn’t I say so. After pinching the jade piece into powder, it would bring me good luck. But you guys just wouldn’t believe it. Then, I can only benefit from this for myself.”

Su Luo’s expression was all’ having gotten an advantage and still flaunting’.

Li Aochen’s brows pursed deeply, a suspicious gaze sweeping back and forth on Su Luo’s face…

He took out one hundred white-colored stones and a jade piece….

“Li Aochen, you actually kept one hundred white stones in hand?” Luo Haoming’s ice-cold tone sounded.” The two of them had formed a group to accomplish tasks, and the white stones they got were split evenly. Now, Luo Haoming didn’t have any, but Li Aochen actually had one hundred white stones? Moreover, what did it mean for him to take out a jade piece. He also wanted to pinch the jade piece to increase his luck?

Li Aochen smiled coldly: “These were ones I privately got after risking my life. Don’t tell me you want to snatch it from me?”

Luo Haoming disheartenedly turned his face away, he became more disappointed in Li Aochen.

Just when Li Aochen wanted to walk to the front of the prize-drawing machine, he was stopped by Nangong Liuyun.

“Slow.” Nangong Liuyun’s words were brief but wouldn’t allow dissent, his incomparably strong aura of an expert made Li Aochen automatically stop.

“What? Still won’t let others draw?” The corner of Li Aochen’s mouth slowly hooked into a sneer.

Su Luo, this idiot, did she really believe no one else had any white stones. So, she very magnanimously told everyone the secret to drawing a prize. But she would never have thought, he had the last chance in his hand!

But what Nangong Liuyun said after this made Li Aochen despair thoroughly, moreover, jealous till he was crazy.

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