DKC – Chapter 1670

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Chapter 1670 – Shocking results (2)

“Old grandpa, your number one prize simply has no plan on being drawn out at all! Was it purposefully made to be very hard?” Su Luo unhappily asked.

The white-bearded old grandpa actually answered: “You finally realized it?”

“What?” Su Luo opened her eyes wide.

“There is a probability of 99 percent to draw the number 99, and the probability to draw number 1 is one in ten thousand, ha ha ha… “ Old grandpa very happily wiggled his eyebrows at Su Luo.

“What?” Su Luo was simply speechless, “How could it be so unfair!”

“Unfair? These are the rules of the game.” The white-bearded old grandpa said matter-of-factly, “Since it was other people that set the rules of the game, took out prizes, then no matter how the game is played, the other side has the final say. Little girl, wouldn’t you say so?”

“Humph.” Although Su Luo agreed with the white-bearded old grandpa’s words in her heart, she still felt annoyed as she thought about it. A one-in-ten thousand chance, how would she draw the number one prize? Now, she had only four more chances remaining.

“Does not matter, keep calm.” Nangong Liuyun comforted Su Luo in a soft tone.

“En!” Su Luo took a deep breath, as she stared gravely at the screen.

Her luck had always been good, it could always turn things around at the critical moment, but what about this time? If she had the little divine dragon here, would her luck be better?

While Su Luo was thinking of this, she started to draw prizes.

Afterwards, the result was still not satisfactory.

Ninety-seventh time… Thank you for your patronage.

Ninety-eighth time… Thank you for your patronage.

Su Luo’s face was ashen, her eyes were blood red, she was glaring deathly at the screen, both of her hands were shaking, she didn’t dare press down the stop button.

Nangong Liuyun pulled Su Luo’s hand to press down on the button.

Ninety-ninth time…

Still was ‘thank you for your patronage’.

Su Luo heavily gasped for breath, she only had one last chance! What to do!

At this time, a familiar voice appeared in Su Luo’s mind: “Do you really want to draw number one?”

“En!” Su Luo nodded her head seriously. Nangong Liuyun had done so much for her, she wanted to give him a special gift. Now, this one-of-a-kind《Dark Element Rules》 was the perfect gift.

“Even if it may endanger your life, you won’t regret it?” Little Stone’s voice echoed like a metal drum, full of an ice-cold feeling.

“Even if it may endanger my life, I won’t regret it.” Su Luo’s voice was exceptionally firm, unprecedentedly persistent.

The two people were talking telepathically, so other people thought Su Luo was just staring blankly, they would never have thought she was talking to Little Stone.

The little stone paused, only after a while did he say: “Since it’s like this, then take out the jade piece the Venerable Divine Dragon gave you.”

Jade piece? Su Luo was at loss for a moment, then obediently took out the jade piece, and asked in a low voice: “What relationship does it have to do with the jade piece?”

“Here is the Secret Roaming Dragon Territory, you say, what relationship does it have with the Venerable Divine Dragon?” The little stone speechlessly curled his lips.

“Oh?” Su Luo blinked. Could it be that this Secret Roaming Dragon Territory was originally left behind by the Venerable Divine Dragon?

The little stone didn’t wait until Su Luo’s imagination ran wild, before faintly saying: “Pinch the jade piece into pieces, than toss it into the opening of the machine, then make a wish.”

Only til now did Su Luo understand what Little Stone meant by saying ‘even if it may endanger your life, you won’t regret it?’ It turned out that this didn’t mean she would encounter danger, rather, after breaking the jade piece, the agreement that the Venerable Divine Dragon would save her once would be canceled.

Compared to the 《Dark Element Rules》, what would saving her life once be regarded as?

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