DKC – Chapter 1656

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Chapter 1656 – Break up (7)

When Su Luo and Zi Yan saw Beichen Ying’s butt, the two immediately burst into loud laughter. In the end, they almost sat down on the yellow sand from laughing too much.

Beichen Ying felt extremely embarrassed. He unhappily glared at the two of them: “What are you laughing at? Why haven’t you guys made preparations to fight?” He was nearly hounded to death okay? They actually still laughed at him, these two heartless women!

Zi Yan laughed so much she simply couldn’t stop, tears almost came out. Her tone when speaking was even more disjointed: “Your….butt….what happened? Hahaha——”

Beichen Ying’s handsome and sunny face, at this moment, had a seldom seen stiffness. He gloomily sat down on the ground hatefully grinded his teeth: “I fell.”

“Pff!” Su Luo didn’t give him face and laughed out loud.

Before, when Beichen Ying left, Su Luo gave him a pot of Celestial Spirit Water. Let him use it according to the situation. But no one told him to pour the Celestial Spirit Water on his butt ah! Look at the cloth on Beichen Ying’s butt, it had almost been scratched into pieces by the Hidden-eyed Purple Spiders. So tattered and hanging on his body, cutting a sorry figure but was laughable at the same time.

“Beichen Ying, you this fool!” Zi Yan stopped laughing with great difficulty, “Why didn’t you change into a new clothing?”

“That is…didn’t bring ah…” Even Beichen Ying felt like blushing.

With the space bag from Su Luo, but he forgot to bring clothing for himself. This was simply a pig’s brain ah. Beichen Ying had some doubt about his own IQ.

Zi Yan laughed with ‘haha’ sounds: “Just knew you didn’t bring it. Here, take it!”

Sometimes, Zi Yan would dress like a man. The clothes she brought would all be very loose. So, she tossed Beichen Ying two sets of her male clothing. It was a dark blue robe with a simple pattern, but the texture was very good.

“Thanks oh!” Beichen Ying caught the clothes immediately and was all smiles. Fortunately, he had Zi Yan’s assistance, otherwise, when they started to battle, he would be battling with his naked butt sticking out.

After finished changing clothes, Beichen Ying’s entire person looked completely new.

At this time, the Variant Acacia Tree had already fenced in all the Hidden-eyed Purple Spiders.

“Fight!” Su Luo’s hand waved and Nothingness of Space enveloped the left side group of spiders. Thus, this small team once again started to use flashy moves to kill.

Luo Haoming and Li Aochen stood on the hillside far away. Watching the scene of the battle in full swing far away, both of their eyes flashed with complicated lights.

“High Grade Celestial Spirit wasted just like this, really a pity ah.” Li Aochen shook his head. He scoffed at Su Luo’s practice.

But Luo Haoming was considering another problem: “Why does their High Grade Celestial Spirit Water seem to be inexhaustible? What’s going on?”

The direction of Luo Haoming’s suspcions was correct, but no matter how much he thought, he couldn’t understand what’s going on. He would never have imagined that Su Luo had space with her. Moreover, her High Grade Celestial Spirit Water really was inexhaustible, so much so that she could use it to bath or water the plants.

“Their way of fighting is truly what’s called killing, very straightforward.” Li Aochen rarely admitted to the true feelings in his heart.

“I always thought that being Nangong Liuyun’s enemy would be a terrifying matter. But now, I finally understand that to be enemies with Su Luo is really what’s considered terrifying.” Luo Haoming’s eyes were half-narrowed as he serenely looked at the lively scene in the distance,and said this magnanimously.

“Really?” Li Aochen somewhat didn’t believe it. The hatred between Jade Lake’s Li family and Su Luo could only be dissolved by blood or death.

“If it is possible, it’s best to kill your family’s Li Yaoyao.” Luo Haoming rarely discovered his conscience to warn people, “Otherwise, the date for the destruction of Jade Lake’s Li family isn’t far away.”

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