DKC – Chapter 1657

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Chapter 1657 – Break up (8)

Li Aochen opened his eyes wide in disbelief. “Just based on her Su Luo?”

“It really is based on that loathsome girl.” Although Luo Haoming wasn’t willing, he still said it, “Don’t just look at her as a ninth rank. Have you ever thought about how long she spent to become ninth rank?”

Li Aochen recalled the information on her records, and his gaze gradually became grave.

“Three years! In less than three years’ time, from zero to ninth rank. That is to say, on average, she was promoted three ranks per year. This kind of promotion speed, can you and I do it? Placed in the entire world, besides her, who can do it? Don’t let the hot-headed youthful feeling take over. I believe that not long from now, this loathsome girl’s brilliant amazing colors will astonish the entire world.” Luo Haoming’s eyes flashed with light.

Li Aochen felt this was inconceivable: “Normally, you don’t like Su Luo, how is it that now, you continuously say good things about her?”

Luo Haoming helplessly sighed: “The circumstances are stronger than the person. Can it be you still can’t see the situation clearly? We do not need to talk about her talent. Now, behind her stand Nangong Liuyun and Grandmaster Rong Yun, these two great Buddhas. In the future, to what degree Nangong Liuyun will develop, you and me are both well aware of. How biased Grandmaster Rong Yun is towards that girl, we don’t need to continue deceiving ourselves. Just say it like this, if you dare to hit that girl, Grandmaster Rong Yun will definitely destroy your family and your family’s eighteen generations’ grave. Do you believe it or not?”

“Oh——” Li Aochen wanted to refute, but felt his refutation was powerless. As a result, he straightforwardly didn’t say anything.

“Moreover….” Luo Haoming paused. His secretive gaze flashed slightly.

“Moreover what?” Li Aochen curiously asked.

“Moreover before, did you not discover? When Dongfang Xuan mentioned the master of Purgatory City, how Nangong Liuyun’s expression was full of confidence in his backing? I have a feeling that Su Luo’s relationship with the master of Purgatory City is certainly not common.” Regarding this point, Luo Haoming was also guessing.

“Why do you say this? How is it that I don’t know?” Li Aochen was curious, the master of Purgatory City? Su Luo that girl’s luck couldn’t be so good to this degree right? First it was Nangong Liuyun, then Grandmaster Rong Yun, until the end came the master of Purgatory City?

Luo Haoming frowned: “Back then, my Luo family had an uncle in Purgatory City. He had the fortune of seeing the master of Purgatory City walking side by side with a devastatingly beautiful woman. And the master of Purgatory City’s face that was built from millennium old ice revealed a rare smile.”

“Oh?” The legendary master of Purgatory City could actually smile? Li Aochen felt this was unbelievable, “But what relationship does this have to do with Su Luo, that loathsome girl? At that time, she still hadn’t been born yet right?”

“But that woman looked a lot like Su Luo.” Luo Haoming gave a long sigh.

“What?” Li Aochen cried out in surprise.

“Yes, it is said they look alike. So Su Luo and that devastatingly beautiful woman must have a deep relationship. As for the master of Purgatory City over there….” Luo Haoming felt an extreme headache, come on, these old men, all of them were biased and overprotective to an unreasonable degree. They simply didn’t act as an example to people.

“Therefore, you felt that when Dongfang Xuan used the master of Purgatory City to threaten Nangong Liuyun, the reason why Nangong Liuyun was secure in his backing was because of Su Luo?” Li Aochen felt he had an extremely bad headache.

“Yes.” Luo Haoming didn’t conceal it.

Jade Lake’s Palace and Luoyu Palace had always been interdependent and mutually helpful to each other. They had the firmest alliance. If something bad happened to Jade Lake’s Li family, Luoyu palace wouldn’t be much better off. So, Luo Haoming would sincerely confide all the secret information in his heart to Li Aochen.

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