DKC – Chapter 1653

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Chapter 1653 – Break up (4)

Luo Haoming, at the most critical time, you actually hit a person while they were down! I, Dongfang Xuan, will remember you! Dongfang Xuan’s sinister gaze stared at Luo Haoming, soon after, his gaze shifted to Li Aochen’s face.

Li Aochen very innocently spread out his hands, a very simple sentence actually made Dongfang Xuan’s face blush.

Because Li Aochen said: “Brother Dongfang, you can’t even beat your Third Junior Brother, then what qualifications do you have for us to follow you?”

“Good, very good, you guys, each and every one….” Dongfang Xuan’s finger pointed at everyone at the scene. Because of rage, his fingertips trembled non-stop, “You guys remember this for I your daddy! If this hatred isn’t avenged, then I this daddy vows I’m not human!”

Finished saying this, Dongfang Xuan’s figure became a black dot in the horizon. It finally quickly disappeared into the vast desert.

Once Dongfang Xuan left, all around immediately became quiet.

Su Luo silently sized up Luo Haoming and Li Aochen. These two defecting was outside of her expectations. But them breaking up with Dongfang Xuan was a good thing for them.

Luo Haoming cupped his fist towards Nangong Liuyun: “Just now, the matter of intercepting things, we already offered up all the Hidden-eyed Purple Spiders. Brother Nangong is generous and should be magnanimous. Still hope you will forgive.”

Although Li Aochen didn’t get along with Su Luo, but now, he also accompanied with a smiling expression. He respectfully made his salutations to Nangong Liuyun.

Nangong Liuyun’s eyes had a trace of ridicule as he casually waved his hand: “You guys can go.”

Luo Haoming and Li Aochen exchanged a glance, finally, Luo Haoming said: “Even though the two of us’s cultivation is on the high side, but we still have to ask, don’t know if we could…”

Who knew that before Luo Haoming could mention his request, Nangong Liuyun had already rejected it: “No.”

This word couldn’t be more blunt, not giving even a bit of leeway. It could be seen there was no margin for discussion.

It was hard to cover the disappointment in Luo Haoming’s eyes.

This team not only had Nangong Liuyun, this kind of expert at the absolute top, moreover, it had a cute little fox that could attract the Hidden-eyed Purple Spiders. After having the little fox, the mission to kill Hidden-eyed Purple Spiders became very easy. So, Luo Haoming originally thought of following this team to muddle along. But he never expected Nangong Liuyun would refuse him so bluntly.

“Since it’s already like this, then we…” Before Luo Haoming could finish speaking, Nangong Liuyun slanted him a cold glance.

Luo Haoming could only sigh helplessly: “Then this person will leave in advance.”

Luo Haoming, who still had a thread of arrogance, turned and left.

Li Aochen saw even Luo Haoming was refused, and he was probably even going to be treated less well. Without mentioning other matters, just the hatred between Jade Lake’s Li family and Su Luo, that wasn’t something that could easily be defused by several sentences. That was a hatred that only blood would resolve.

Li Aochen saw this and felt regret in his heart. He had no choice but to follow Luo Haoming’s footsteps to leave.

“Help? How could the two of them be as awesome as Elder Ancestor Mo?” Beichen Ying had both hands at his hips as he disdainfully sneered, “Able to betray Dongfang Xuan, how could they not betray us? Let alone to say, if they stayed behind, then Elder Ancestor Mo wouldn’t be able to come out. Then at that time, we would have lost big time.”

Right now, Elder Ancestor Mo’s strength was at the summit of commander level. Luo Haoming, added together with them, wasn’t enough for Elder Ancestor Mo to kill. If they let Luo Haoming remain, then Elder Ancestor Mo simply couldn’t come out to help.

At this moment, Su Luo was treating the little fox’s injury.

On the outside, the little fox’s injury was a ghastly sight, but in fact it could be considered pretty good. The injury didn’t reach the muscle and bones, it was merely a superficial wound. The thing Su Luo lacked the least was top-notch medicinal pills, so in order to reward the little fox, Su Luo straightforwardly took out an Emperor level Medicinal Pill.

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