DKC – Chapter 1652

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Chapter 1652 – Break up (3)

Therefore, without thinking, Nangong Liuyun directly pulled Su Luo behind him, so even if the Spirit Pinball did explode, she would still be safe within his own protection.

Dongfang Xuan saw a trace of worry in Nangong Liuyun’s eyes, and his lips couldn’t help but hook up as he laughed sinisterly: “It seems that your memory is not bad, Third Junior Brother.”

“What do you want do?” Nangong Liuyun’s eyes narrowed dangerously, a cold light flashing within them.

“Return the white stones to me!” Dongfang Xuan laughed sinisterly repeatedly, his cold tone saying his unreasonable request.

Su Luo naturally wasn’t willing. She waved her hand, and the white stones which were originally in Nangong Liuyun’s hands had already gone into her space.

Looking at Nangong Liuyun’s empty palm, Dongfang Xuan was dumbfounded. After coming to his senses, he became even angrier: “Where are the white stones?!”

“The white stones can’t be given to you, this point, you should also understand.” Nangong Liuyun’s indifferent tone sounded at Dongfang Xuan’s ear, “But it can leave you a life.”

“You!” Dongfang Xuan almost collapsed from anger.

“You ought to know that I originally wanted to end your life.”Nangong Liuyun’s beautiful eyes were shining with light like frost, “But now, you can live for a few more days.”

Dongfang Xuan angrily glared at Nangong Liuyun. He knew that Nangong Liuyun was telling the truth. If Nangong Liuyun really wanted to kill him, he would die certainly within three moves. But now, Nangong Liuyun was wary of the Spirit Pinball, so he let him go.

Should I continue to bargain? Dongfang Xuan secretly pondered in his heart.

“Hehe, so it turned out that now, First Senior Brother can’t block even one of Third Senior Brother’s moves. Isn’t First Senior Brother too embarrassing? Shame, shame, shame.” Zi Yan laughingly circled around Dongfang Xuan.

Hearing this, a burst of hot blood rushed up Dongfang Xuan’s brain again.

Hateful!!! Dongfang Xuan’s hands clenched into fists, and his sinister and fierce gaze swept Nangong Liuyun and Su Luo’s bodies very ruthlessly: “Okay, here belongs to you guys! Let’s go!”

Dongfang Xuan took large strides away.

But the two figures behind him did not follow as he expected.

Luo Haoming smiled coldly and silently stood in place.

Li Aochen saw that Luo Haoming didn’t move, and at this time, his heart had been thoroughly disappointed with Dongfang Xuan. So, he also stood in place, smiling coldly at Dongfang Xuan’s back, not following him.

This temporarily formed team was now in danger of disbanding.

Dongfang Xuan quickly walked a few steps, and saw that the two people did not follow. The rage in his heart burst out like an oil field. He turned around, and stared at Luo Haoming with bloodthirsty eyes, stressing each word: “You, won’t, go?”

Luo Haoming had his arms crossed over his chest, he arrogantly raised his chin and smiled coldly: “Why should I go?”

Luo Haoming was also an arrogant young master, moreover, he was the previous champion of the Roaming Dragon list. But now, he had become Dongfang Xuan’s follower, he was already dissatisfied with this result, and Dongfang Xuan had let him down again and again.

“Luo Haoming, even you want to defect? Hehehe!” Dongfang Xuan sneered repeatedly, “Good, very good!”

“Defect?” Luo Haoming frowned as if deeply pondering matters. But very quickly, he lifted up his eyes, a ridiculing smile flashing through them, “When did I become your follower? Where did this defection come from?”

Dongfang Xuan did not expect that this time, Luo Haoming would make such a clean break. He only felt the blood rolling in his chest, as if it was about to blow up his whole chest .

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