DKC – Chapter 1654

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Chapter 1654 – Break up (5)

When Su Luo poured out a translucent and pure medicinal pill, that rich fragrance suddenly spread in all directions. At this moment, the little fox was in Su Luo’s arms, its pair of eyes was opened very wide, staring at that pill in a dim-witted manner. Based on her instinct as a Nine-tailed Spirit Fox, she knew this absolutely was a top quality medicinal pill. It had great benefit to her.

Not waiting for Su Luo to feed her, the little fox’s brilliant red tongue rolled out, in an instant, she swallowed the medicinal pill.

“You ah, why in such a rush? In any case, this pill is all yours.” Su Luo patted the little fox’s head in exasperation. Then, she placed the little fox in her space to let her recuperate properly.

Having just finished putting the little fox into space, Su Luo never expected that at this moment, some strange change occurred on the little fox’s body…

Beichen Ying saw Su Luo put the little fox back, and with some regret, he said: “Without the little fox, our efficiency will slow by a lot.”

“You’re certain?” The corner of Su Luo’s mouth hooked up.

“So it’s not like that?” Beichen Ying scratched the back of his head. Without the lively and frisky little fox, could it be there is another thing to replace it?

“Beichen Ying, are you stupid? Don’t we still have you ah?” Zi Yan’s eyes flashed with light, the more she thought about it, the more she loved this idea, “Right! It has to be you! You are very suitable, really! Luo Luo, what do you guys think?”

Su Luo never expected that Zi Yan could pull the topic onto Beichen Ying’s body. Originally, she had another candidate in her heart, but since….

As a result, Su Luo had one finger under her chin, unhurriedly walked around Beichen Ying in circles while carefully sizing him up. She also nodded her head as she sized him up: “If Zi Yan didn’t say anything, then I might not have noticed, since she said this, the idea is pretty good.”

“Can’t be! Use me as bait?” Beichen Ying’s pair of eyes opened wide in disbelief. Soon after, he cried out loudly without tears: “Can I not do it! This is too embarrassing right?”

When Beichen Ying thought his head would be poured a bag of water, then running forward as if his life depended on it while behind him chased a countless number of densely packed Hidden-eyed Purple Spiders, even thinking about this scene, he felt it was embarrassing.

“Then how about the two of us draw lots? Whoever draws the lot will go become bait, how about it?” Zi Yan very kindly proposed.

“You are not afraid?” Beichen Ying weakly asked.

“It’s only natural I’m not afraid. Can it be you are afraid?” Zi Yan opened her eyes wide.

Even a weak female said she wasn’t afraid, then he as a stately macho man, would be afraid? Beichen Ying stuck out his neck and raised his chin to firmly shake his head: “Draw lots, then just draw lots. Who’s afraid of whom?”

As a result, a contest started and the judge was Su Luo.

The way to draw lots was very simple. Su Luo took out pen and paper from space and tore the paper. Then, she said to the two of them, “Between these two pieces of paper, one of them has a circle drawn on it. The one who draws that circle will go become bait. Understand?”

“This rule is very simple.” Beichen Ying was somewhat disdainful of Su Luo’s IQ.

“That’s right, it’s very simple. The odds are fifty percent. Beichen Ying, you must grasp it very carefully oh.” A crafty smile flashed through Su Luo’s eyes. A pity Beichen Ying didn’t catch it, to the extent that, in the end, he was endlessly annoyed.

“Okay, can start now.” Beichen Ying continuously urged.

As a result, Su Luo rolled the two pieces of paper into balls, then spread out the center of her palm. Her gaze swept back and forth between their faces: “The two of you, who wants to draw first?”

“It’s only natural the female goes first. Little Shadow, you say, am I right?” Zi Yan smilingly looked at him. Her beautiful eyes were full of smiles, that smile was brilliant and moving.

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