DKC – Chapter 1637

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Chapter 1637 – Marvelous counterattack (4)

Zi Yan made a face at the ashen-faced Dongfang Xuan. Soon after, she started to help massage and knead Su Luo’s shoulders: “Tired? How about you rest a bit then draw again?”

“That won’t do, now, my luck just so happens to be good, who knows if my luck will run out after a rest right?” Su Luo smiled in a half-joking manner, “Besides, I already agreed with Dongfang Xuan’s bet, it’s best to complete it as early as possible.”

Saying this, Su Luo once again returned to the prize-drawing machine.

“Do you want to change the bet?” Su Luo gave Dongfang Xuan a final chance to change.

“If you lose, I don’t want your crystal stone, just give me the last chance to draw a prize!” Dongfang Xuan, sure enough, was Dongfang Xuan. Now, he really did change his mind.

“Okay.” Su Luo agreed.

As a result, Su Luo started to draw again.

Dongfang Xuan stared fixedly at her hand. He unblinkingly stared at her, as if he could use his thoughts to affect the results of Su Luo’s prize-drawing attempt.

Su Luo unhurriedly glanced at him, the corner of her mouth hooking into a faint sneer. Finally, she pushed the stop button.

The speed of the rolling numbers gradually slowed down. In the end, it stopped at the number 7.

“Number 7!” Zi Yan and Beichen Ying cried out in excitement. They almost tightly embraced each other.

“Luo Luo won. Hahahaha… Not only is it the number 7, she also got a purple-colored crystal stone. Really great!” Zi Yan cheered loudly, and she even applauded enthusiastically.

In contrast, Dongfang Xuan’s face looked like it had been fiercely slapped by someone. A burst of green and a burst of red, embarrassed and wrathful.

“Dongfang Xuan, this piece of purple-colored crystal stone, this person will kindly accept.” Su Luo raised an eyebrow. Then, she rightfully put away the purple-colored crystal stone that Dongfang Xuan had taken out.

The bet she won, naturally she would put it away confidently.

“Number 7, number 7, come, let us have a look. What kind of treasure is the legendary number 7 ah.” Zi Yan happily skipped over to the shelf as she mumbled this.

“Here!” Suddenly, her eyes lit up as she pointed excitedly at a place near the center.

“What is it?” Su Luo walked forward and carefully examined it.

“It seems to be a piece of jade.” Su Luo’s expression was like water as she faintly said. But her heart suddenly lit up.

At that time, the Venerable Divine Dragon had given her a piece of jade. After finding it was engraved with the Great Dimensional Imprint, by now, she had finished learning all three levels and mastered all its secrets thoroughly. That was to say, at that time, the piece of jade the Venerable Divine Dragon gave her was now not of much use to her. Of course, she had already finished studying it, so Su Luo believed that as long as she pinched the jade piece into powder, the Venerable Divine Dragon would appear.

Now, this jade piece laid still in Su Luo’s hand, it had a penetrating green color, seemingly full of water.

“Just such a simple piece of jade?” Dongfang Xuan disdainfully sneered.

Su Luo was not affected by him, she put a thread of her spirit power inside. Because when Su Luo held this jade piece in her hand, she discovered that this jade piece was definitely not that simple!

In the wake of that thread of spirit force going in, soon after, a delighted expression flashed through Su Luo’s eyes.

Oh heavens!

Before, the more than ten times of bad luck, could it have existed just so she could reap the current rewards? If it was really like this, then Su Luo was really thankful to the Gods.

《First half of Light Element Law》!

Ever since Su Luo activated her light element, she had run over to ask for a book of martial arts on it from Master. But Master told her that he did indeed have light element martial arts, but only the middle book. He didn’t have the first half that taught the foundation.

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