DKC – Chapter 1636

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Chapter 1636 – Marvelous counterattack (3)

“I’ll take out five pieces of purple-colored crystal stones!” Li Aochen yelled loudly.

Dongfang Xuan angrily slanted a glance at Li Aochen. Immediately, he loudly yelled again: “I’ll take out six pieces!”

“Seven pieces!”

“Ten pieces!”


Momentarily, the situation was very lively.

And Su Luo, who held the phantom footwork in her palms, was puzzled and asked Nangong Liuyun at her side: “Is Phantom Footsteps really this valuable?”

“I heard that after cultivating its essence, a person’s speed would be almost as fast as teleport.” Nangong Liuyun replied practically.

“Oh~!” Teleport ah? This wasn’t very attractive to Su Luo, because she knew how to teleport. This was the fusion of space laws and Spirit Dance Steps that turned into real teleport.

“Su Luo, in the end, how many pieces of purple-colored crystal stones would you be willing to sell it for?” Dongfang Xuan angrily asked. He really needed this martial arts. His cultivation had been at a bottleneck for a long time, he only needed a little bit of an opportunity before he could break through.

But Su Luo only sent a faint glance at him, indifferently saying a sentence: “Sell? Why should I sell it?”

At the same time, Su Luo stopped pouring her spirit force into the crystal ball. This crystal ball then slowly turned dark, finally restoring to its original state.

“You!” Dongfang Xuan was angered half to death.

They were arguing, bidding, striving for it until they were flushed with excitement. The result was that the owner said a sentence that she wasn’t selling it. Really made them feel sullen to death.

Luo Haoming and Li Aochen were also suffocating in anger. They glared at Su Luo, panting in a rage.

Su Luo’s gaze swept by Beichen Ying and Zi Yan.

She and Nangong Liuyun both didn’t have a problem with speed. So, they simply didn’t need this Phantom Footsteps. But Beichen Ying and Zi Yan just so happened to need this. Then, who should she give this to?

In the end, Su Luo still decided to give it to Zi Yan.

“You are really giving it to me?” Zi Yan gazed at Su Luo in disbelief. So excited that her fingers trembled slightly.

“Of course I’m giving it to you. Otherwise, don’t tell me I need to sell it?” Su Luo unhappily patted her jadelike white hands, “As for you, put it away carefully and slowly study it. By all means, don’t let others snatch it away.”

“En!” Zi Yan seriously nodded, in a treasuring manner, she put it into her space bag.

Dongfang Xuan’s group was all stupefied from watching.

Was this a mistake?!

Su Luo, this loathsome girl, wouldn’t sell it for the heavenly price of ten pieces of purple-colored crystal stones, but in the end, she carelessly gave it to Zi Yan. Had Su Luo’s brain been smashed by a door? Dongfang Xuan tried to endure and, in the end, couldn’t, so he tauntingly said: “Loathsome girl, you think that Phantom Footsteps is like a chinese cabbage? To so carelessly gift it to someone, you are simply the number one spendthrift in the world!”

Su Luo calmly and unhurriedly glanced at him: “My stuff, who I want to give it to, is who I can give to. Who are you ah? Sir, aren’t you too widely controlling things?”

“I’m just reminding you in case you regret it later!” Dongfang Xuan was extremely unreconciled.

“Isn’t it just Phantom Footsteps ah, what’s so amazing about it. My master has a lot at his place.” Su Luo gave a light snort.

Dongfang Xuan sent an angry glare at Su Luo, there was mad jealousy in his eyes.

As Grandmaster Rong Yun’s disciple, was the happiest person in the world, there was no other that could compare.

Don’t need to say how powerful, two-faced, partial and overprotective Grandmaster Rong Yun as an Emperor level Apothecary. As his disciple, not only could she get Emperor level medical pills and eat it as if they were just candy, in addition, Grandmaster Rong Yun’s custom of exchanging treatment for illness with martial arts books, the number of martial arts in his hands must be too numerous to count.

Su Luo, as his most beloved last disciple, naturally would let her choose at will ah. In contrast to this, although the master of Purgatory City’s strength was similarly strong, but he had a lot of disciples under him. How could their treatment be compared to Su Luo’s treatment.

Thinking of this, Dongfang Xuan almost went crazy from being jealous of Su Luo.

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