DKC – Chapter 1633

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Chapter 1633 – Luck that defied nature (3)

Su Luo grabbed her hair from being depressed. Looking towards Nangong Liuyun with a ‘requesting for help’ gaze.

Nangong Liuyun’s handsome face spread out into a gentle smile as warm as sunlight. In a soft and kind voice, he said: “Continue to draw, in any case, we have the spiders.”

The implication being that as long as Su Luo liked it, he would unconditionally help her go kill the Hidden-eyed Purple Spiders to get the white stones and let her draw prizes for fun.

With Nangong Liuyun’s encouragement, Su Luo’s confidence immediately increased by a lot. She rubbed her hand as if she wanted to rub off all the bad luck on it. Soon after, Su Luo’s eyes closed and suddenly pressed the stop button.

“What did I draw?” Su Luo discovered that it was quiet all around her, and asked with some unease.

“Hiccup…”Zi Yan mumbled, unable to say anything.

“Alas…” Beichen Ying slowly sighed and didn’t have the heart to look at Su Luo again.

“Pff, hahaha——” Dongfang Xuan laughed louder than anyone else. His tone revealed an endless elation.

Su Luo’s heart sank, and she gloomily opened her eyes.

As expected.

On the screen, the number 99 strikingly appeared in her eyes. Flickering with endless mockery and poking fun at her.

“Oh, really thought your luck was really good, drawing ‘thank you for your patronage’ three times in a row, hahahahah——” Luo Haoming and Li Aochen exchanged a glance, then the two of them burst out into loud laughter.

“Snatched our white stones, looks like this is Heaven’s retribution to you!” Dongfang Xuan’s ruthless gaze stared at Su Luo. A sinister and cold light flashed in his eyes.

“Really? I just don’t believe it.” Su Luo coldly smiled, following which her hand lifted, and a white light flashed by. One only heard the ‘ding dong’ sound resonating endlessly.

Originally, Su Luo had tossed a majority of the white stones she had into the prize-drawing machine. This time, she decided to gamble big.

“No matter how many times you draw, it’s useless!” Dongfang Xuan repeatedly sneered. His eyes flickering with a mockingly cold light.

“Really? Then try it and see.” Su Luo hedged, “At least I still have hope, you guys don’t even have hope.”

Hearing this, Dongfang Xuan was so enraged that smoke almost came out of all seven orifices on his face.

Su Luo coldly retracted her gaze, and turned all her concentration to the prize-drawing machine in front.

Drawing three times in a row and getting nothing, this made Su Luo, whose luck had always defied nature, doubt herself in her heart. Fortunately, her temperament had always been tough. She thought a bit of it and then it passed. Very quickly, she was full of confidence and in high spirits again.

But don’t know if it was because this time, Su Luo offended the Gods, or if the Gods were too busy playing mahjong and didn’t have time to look after her. In any case, the Su Luo at this moment could be described as completely out of luck.

“Ding——” A noise came from the prize-drawing machine.

‘It’s ‘thank you for your patronage’ again. Hahahaha——” Dongfang Xuan held his belly, laughing until he almost fell to the ground and rolled about.

“Ding——” Another sound echoed, this indicated that Su Luo pushed the stop button once again.

“Pfff, hahahahha, actually another ‘thank you for your patronage’. My god ah, you this elder is simply too cute!” Dongfang Xuan was so excited that he almost kneeled. How could the Gods be so cute? He hated that he wasn’t sensible when young. At that time, he pointed at the heavens and cursed out the gods, he had really offended.

“Ding——” Su Luo angrily slapped her palm down. As a result, the number came out once again.

“‘Thank you for your patronage’, hahahaha——” Dongfang Xuan exploded out ecstatically. He almost rolled on the ground from laughter.

“There’re still the last three chances.” Nangong Liuyun smiled and patted Su Luo on the shoulder, “It’s nothing, continue.”

“En.” Su Luo took a deep breath and ordered herself to calm down.

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