DKC – Chapter 1632

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Chapter 1632 – Luck that defied nature (2)

“Stop.” Su Luo waved her hand hinting for them to stop. Following she walked over to draw a prize.

“Luo Luo, draw a great prize! You guys look carefully!” Zi Yan waved her fist to encourage Su Luo.

Just now, she borrowed Su Luo’s luck, and didn’t she draw a reward? Now, Su Luo personally went to battle, how could it be worse than her? This was absolutely impossible.

Therefore, Zi Yan had full confidence in Su Luo, with firm incomparable faith.

Dongfang Xuan stood behind Su Luo, the gaze they used to look at her was full of envy and resentment.

Based on their estimate, Su Luo had enough Hidden-eyed Purple Spiders to draw at least twenty times! And based on her luck…wouldn’t all the treasures be drawn by her? The more they thought of this, the more jealous they became and the uglier their expressions were.

“Thank you for your patronage, thank you for your patronage, thank you for your patronage…” After Su Luo pressed the button to begin, these three people silently mouthed these words, as if like this, they could disrupt Su Luo’s luck.

“Bang.” Su Luo pressed down on the stop key.

“How is it, how is it, let me see.” Zi Yan moved to the front, and she stared tightly at those slowly stopping numbers.

“75, 62, 87…about to stop, about to stop….99….” When it finally settled, this nightmare number of 99 appeared, not only Su Luo, but the rest of the people were also stunned.

Soon after, a burst of uproarious laughter came from among the crowd, this sound came from the three people behind Su Luo.

“Ouch, thought you had a lot of luck, isn’t it just ‘thank you for your patronage’?”

“That’s right. Look at your posture, thought you had gotten a pair of purple wings.”

“Even getting a high level martial arts is considered getting rich too ah, but the result actually was…hehe. That’s to say, to covet other people’s things will bring retribution.”

These three normally would be considered to have a proud and icily arrogant temper, but now, they were the embodiment of gossipy woman. Grumbling and speaking there non-stop.

Zi Yan couldn’t endure listening to it anymore with both hands at her hips. She fiercely and coldly glared at them: “Hey, are you guys finished? Isn’t it just ‘thank you for your patronage’? What’s to be concerned about? We have plenty of white stones, if we didn’t draw anything, then we’ll draw again. Unlike you three, besides taunting other people, if you guys have the ability, then come up and draw ah. Three grown men, ordinarily with aloof and remote expressions, really didn’t expect to be so petty. Simply too ridiculous!”

Zi Yan’s words showered down on them, almost choking those three to death.

Dongfang Xuan very fiercely glared at Zi Yan. This stinky girl that ate inside and kissed up to outsiders. Before, she was still afraid of him, but now, getting together with Su Luo, her courage had grown very fat.

Su Luo looked at the number 99, and was depressed for a bit. But she wasn’t discouraged, soon, after she placed another hundred white stones inside.

Wait until the stop button was pushed….

“It’s 99 again!” Dongfang Xuan immediately laughed, “Ha, just this luck, just now, who said this was a little red hand? Isn’t that an insult to little red hand?”

Zi Yan coldly glared at Dongfang Xuan, then comforted Su Luo: “No big deal, no big deal. Bad things won’t happen three times in a row. In any case, we have plenty of white stones.”

Because Beichen Ying found another person at the bottom, he became happier. As a result, he also entered the ranks to comfort Su Luo:“You see, didn’t I also draw ‘thank you for your patronage’ two times in a row? Rest assured, this third time, you definitely won’t lose.”

Beichen Ying was also secretly doubtful. Hadn’t Luo Luo’s luck always been too good, how was it that now, it wasn’t reliable ah?”

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