DKC – Chapter 1634

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Chapter 1634 – Marvelous counterattack (1)

These white stones were merely picked up from the side of the road. Able to get a price was best, but there was no loss from not getting a price. So, she simply didn’t need to worry so much about gains and losses.

Thinking up to here, Su Luo glared in annoyance at Dongfang Xuan who was laughing like a lunatic. Then, she once again started to draw the last three chances.

Due to more than ten times before when she failed, so, everyone used a complicated expression to look at Su Luo.

Zi Yan and Beichen Ying maintained their full of sympathy and consoling expression. But Dongfang Xuan’s group was definitely taking joy in other’s misfortunes, sneering and mocking.

“There’re only the last three chances. You still think it’s possible?” Dongfang Xuan cast sideway glances at Su Luo from a high vantage point. His chin was lifted high, disdainfully sneering viciously.

“Whether it’s possible for me or not, what does it have to do with you? You are merely an observer, really have the nerve to criticise the main master?” Su Luo gave a disdainful snort, and returned his glare, full of vigor.

Dongfang Xuan was choked off again.

“Want to make a bet? I bet this time you still won’t draw anything! What? Do you dare to bet?” Dongfang Xuan proudly fished out a purple crystal stone and placed it in front of Su Luo, “If you win, this purple crystal will belong to you, how about it?”

Purple crystal stones had a huge attractiveness to Su Luo, because once you reach ninth and tenth level, ordinary crystal stones didn’t have enough spirit force for them to use. So, they needed this kind of superior crystal stones. A pity that purple-colored crystal stones were extremely rare in this world, very few were ever seen.

“What about after?” Su Luo’s eyes half-narrowed, acting as if she was seriously considering it as she cast him a glance.

“If you lose, then give me the last two chances!” Dongfang Xuan’s tone was cold, not allowing any disagreement, “How about it? Dare to bet or not?”

Faced with Dongfang Xuan’s passive aggressive way of getting what he wanted, Su Luo smiled faintly: “Since you want to deliver this purple-colored crystal stone to this lady, if I don’t accept it, then it’ll be a waste.”

“Really big tone, just afraid you will suffer a double loss oh.” Dongfang Xuan coldly laughed repeatedly, “Just your kind of bad luck, giving you the last remaining three chances is a waste. It’s better to step aside and give me the chances.”

“Then just wait and see.” The corner of Su Luo’s mouth hooked up slightly.

“Luo Luo…” Zi Yan pulled at Su Luo’s sleeve, her expression somewhat hesitant, “Really want to bet ah?”

Hearing this, Su Luo smiled: “Could this be faked?”

“Do you need me to try it for you?” Zi Yan thoroughly lacked confidence in Su Luo’s luck today. More than ten times black hand in a row, this probability was lower than the eighteenth hell. How could she bet with Dongfang Xuan?

“Let me try it first, in any case, even if I lose, there’s no damage.” Su Luo’s smile was full of confidence.

As a result, under everyone’s gaze, Su Luo closed her eyes. Numbers continuously appeared in her mind, suddenly, Su Luo’s finger moved slightly.

“Honk——” sounded out, then the prize-drawing stopped.

“89…56…34….12….wow, it stopped, it stopped. It’s number 12!!!!” Zi Yan excitedly shrieked. So excited that she almost jumped.

Beichen Ying was also excited: “Hey, things have changed for the better ah Luo Luo. This time, it finally wasn’t ‘thank you for your patronage’!”

Now, Dongfang Xuan’s face changed between a burst of red then white. Not long after, it became blue-green. In short, it changed erratically, so people couldn’t figure out the pattern.

Su Luo, smiling happily, took a glance at him. Soon after, as if it was proper, she took that purple-colored crystal stone. Then, she carelessly asked: “Still want to bet?”

When Su Luo said these three words, her tone was very annoying. She used that kind of ‘looking down in schadenfreude’ tone, hearing it would make a person’s heart felt provoked.

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