DKC – Chapter 1631

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Chapter 1631 – Luck that defies nature (1)

“Then that will depend on if you have this kind of luck or not.” Beichen Ying’s muttering clearly was waiting to watch Zi Yan becoming a joke.

“Wait and see.” Zi Yan rolled her eyes at him, turned her body and efficiently pressed the start button.

As a result, countless numbers very quickly rolled before Zi Yan’s eyes.

These numbers didn’t have any order, from 0 to 99, the numbers continuously changed. Even if someone wanted to predict it, it would be difficult.

“Can only stake on a person’s character.” Su Luo spread out her hands towards Zi Yan.

“Luo Luo, your hand.” Zi Yan extended her right hand to Su Luo.

Su Luo felt this was ridiculous, and helplessly shook her head. Then, she extended her right hand and linked it together with Zi Yan’s, and laughingly said: “Must you be so superstitious?”

“You don’t need to say it, you can’t not believe in it. In fact, it’s just that strange.” After Zi Yan’s hand rubbed Su Luo’s little red hand ,after with a ‘pow’ sound, she directly pushed down the stop button.

“Whoosh——” The continuously flickering numbers stopped.

“Ah, ah, ah, ahhhhhh!!!! Number 77! Number 77!!!” Zi Yan wasn’t like Beichen Ying who didn’t dare look, so she immediately saw the result of her draw. When she saw the number 77, she immediately jumped up to cheer repeatedly.

“Wow, wow, wow!!! Luo Luo, your little red hand is too cute! Boo hoo! Love it to death!” Zi Yan expressed her mood outwardly, she was endlessly excited.

Su Luo also felt very surprised. She didn’t expect that after Beichen Ying’s twice in a row of bad luck, things would change for the better for Zi Yan. Su Luo lowered her head to look at her own hand. This little hand wasn’t really the legendary little red hand right?

Only now did Zi Yan’s gaze sweep to the dumbfounded Beichen Ying on the side.

Zi Yan, in a very big sister-like manner, patted the lifeless Beichen Ying. Proudly, she said with eyes full of spirit: “How about it? Convinced now?”

Beichen Ying’s pitch-black eyes silently looked at her, then turned his face away. In his heart, he irritably roasted: Horse’s tail, he got ‘thank you for your patronage’ twice. Horse’s hair, horse’s hair, horse’s hair!!! The Gods were really too unfair!!!

But when his head turned back, it was full of a faint smile. “Number 77 ah. Don’t know what kind of stuff is number 77. Maybe it’s not much better than ‘thank you for your patronage’.”

“Beichen Ying, you just continue to be jealous.” Zi Yan complacently walked to the front of that shelf. She mumbled: “Number 77, what kind of thing will number 77 be….”

“Number 77 is here!” Zi Yan’s eyes lit up, so excited that she almost pounced up.

“Pfff!” Seeing the thing in box number 77, Beichen Ying couldn’t hold back and directly spurted out a laugh. Soon after, he proudly looked at Zi Yan, “It seems your luck isn’t that good either.”

Number 77, Grandmaster level Spirit Restoration Pill.

Seeing this medicinal pill, Zi Yan’s expression was complicated.

Originally speaking, a Grandmaster level Spirit Restoration Pill was a very rare medicinal pill. If Zi Yan saw it before, she would be extremely excited. But now, she was stunned foolish by Su Luo once in a while tossing out a Emperor level Medicinal Pill. So, this Grandmaster level Spirit Restoration Pill already couldn’t invoke Zi Yan’s excitement.

“Grandmaster level Spirit Restoration Pill is very good ah. I’m very satisfied.” Zi Yan forced herself to catch that Grandmaster level Spirit Restoration Pill that automatically popped out of a mysterious ice fog.

Beichen Ying had both hands on his hips as he howled with laughter on the side. He had a feeling of winning back a game.

Su Luo unhappily slanted a glance at him, coldly tossing out a sentence: “Looks like in the future, Little Shadow won’t need to take medicinal pills from me.”

Beichen Ying, hearing this, his face changed faster than the sky. Immediately, he headed towards Su Luo in a kissing up manner.

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