DKC – Chapter 1630

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Chapter 1630 – There was treasure everywhere (9)

“Then….you should properly go gather some moral character.” Su Luo yielded her position, setting aside the best position in the middle for Beichen Ying.

The second time drawing a prize, Beichen Ying was clearly even more nervous than the first time.

Because the first time, the ignorant know no fear. Now, with the pressure of the first time’s ‘thank you for your patronage’, Beichen Ying’s expression was clearly heavier the second time.

“Go, go, go!” Zi Yan waved a fist at him.

“En!” Having Zi Yan’s encouragement, Beichen YIng seriously nodded, his confidence having been restored a bit.

Beichen Ying closed his eyes. He took a deep breath, then heavily pressed down on that confirm button.

“Honk, honk, honk——”

A familiar sound came from the prize-drawing machine, it gave people a nervous and urgent feeling.

“Draw at will, only for an exceeding unlucky fool, otherwise, you can’t possible draw number 99.” Zi Yan said loudly to Beichen Ying. At the same time, she encouragingly patted his shoulder.

“En! My luck can’t be that bad!” Beichen Ying’s gaze focused on the screen. When number 99 flashed by, he suddenly pushed that button!

Look, look, see how low Beichen Ying, this fool’s, requirement was. He only wanted to avoid the number 99, any other number that was given to him would be good enough.

“What…number?” This time, Beichen Ying didn’t close his eyes. He only turned his face away, not daring to look. He only looked at Zi Yan’s expression from the corner of his eyes.

“Pfft!” Seeing the enlarged number that jumped out on the screen, Zi Yan couldn’t hold back and directly puffed out her laugher!

“Dang!” After Su Luo saw the number of the screen, she felt very much surprised.

“In the end, what number ah…” A very bad feeling suddenly rose in Beichen Ying’s heart. His gaze quickly shot to the screen.

F*ck! How was it still the number 99! Why was it still ‘thank you for your patronage’! Why was it like this! Were the heavens playing him?

Beichen Ying used both hands to hold his head. Depressed, he wanted to knock against a wall. He didn’t even know when his luck had degenerated to this stage.

Su Luo comforted him in a deadpan manner: “It’s nothing, nothing. This is what’s called bad things can’t happen three times. How about it, let’s draw again?” In any case, she still had a lot of white stones in her space. Just let Beichen Ying waste it several times to give him more confidence.

“Beichen ah, just now, I said only for the exceedingly unlucky fool, I wasn’t being sincere. How could I have imagined your luck would be so bad ah…” Although Zi Yan’s words were trying to comfort, but it turned into another sharp sword, ruthlessly jabbing again in Beichen Ying’s hurt.

Zi Yan, this girl, was clearly rejoicing in his misfortune!

“This time, you go!” Beichen Ying humphed twice, pushed Zi Yan to the side of the prize-drawing machine and said to Su Luo, “Do you still have some white stones? If you don’t have it, I will call for it first as a debt!”

“Why ask you to be in debt. Luo Luo naturally will give me a chance to draw, right Luo Luo?” Zi Yan didn’t want to be in emotional debt to Beichen Ying.

“The two of you guys ah, really are a quarrelsome loving couple.” Su Luo, resigned, selected one hundred white stones from her space and tossed it into the machine.

“Who is a quarrelsome loving couple with her? Did you make a mistake?” Beichen Ying exaggeratedly made a fuss.

“Humph!” Zi Yan turned her face away in anger, “I will definitely beat you! I won’t draw ‘thank you for your patronage’! Only your kind of idiot would draw ‘thank you for your patronage’ everyday!” Zi Yan made a fist to encourage herself.

“Then wait and see!” Beichen Ying also wasn’t convinced. He felt that the probability of drawing ‘thank you for your patronage’ was very high. Don’t know if it was deliberately set by the white-bearded old grandpa.

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