DKC – Chapter 1599

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Chapter 1599 – To interrogate out the truth (5)

Su Luo’s mouth was very dry, with great difficulty, she swallowed a mouthful of saliva. To say truthfully, the normally calm her was still stunned by this truth.

At least in her understanding, every powerful head of the top ten family was merely at the commander rank. Those elder ancestors were only at the saint rank ah.

“In your organization, how many people are at or above the saint level?” Su Luo concealed the shock in her eyes and indifferently asked.

“Fifty people are above.” The black-clothed female’s mouth hooked into a proud smile, “Therefore, even if you know the organization’s information, it’s still useless. In this world, you guys simply can’t contend against the organization!”

Fifty….people? Also above? Su Luo had an urge to face the heavens and spit out blood.

That was to say, there were at least fifty people at the level of Elder Ancestor Mo, this expert at the summit. Su Luo took a deep breath and suppressed down this news that would shock people. The corner of her mouth slowly hooked into a cold mocking smile: “If you dare to tell a lie, you know the consequences.”

“Sneer, believe it or not, it’s up to you.” The black-clothed female’s gaze was ice-cold, “If you dare to dishonor me, the organization absolutely won’t let you off!”

“Does your organization have a name?” Su Luo noncommittally raised an eyebrow.

“Gui Ci.” When the black-clothed female mentioned these two words, her eyes gave off light. It was very clear that she was sincerely proud of this name.

When Su Luo heard these two words, her heart suddenly was jolted.

Although she already thought of this possibility, when this young lady said the truth out loud, it still stunned her.

Gui Ci, Gui Ci….

This name wasn’t the first time Su Luo heard it being mentioned.

At that time in Western Jin, the words the old emperor said to her were still vivid in her mind. When mentioning these two words, he, as the monarch who ruled over the people, was so nervous, furtive, afraid and frightened.

He said Northern Mo’s royal family was annihilated in one night by Gui Ci, to disappear in history.

Master said, the prince of Northern Mo’s royal family took liberties with her mother and someone undertook the task to annihilate Northern Mo royal family in one night.

That was to say, at that time, the people that annihilated Northern Mo’s royal family was Gui Ci, this organization.

Gui Ci…such a terrifying existence.

“Why kill me?” Su Luo stared at the black-clothed female indifferently. Her gaze flashed with a cold light, like two ice-cold and deeply chilly sharp knives that were ruthlessly tossed towards the black-clothed female.

The black-clothed female bit her lip and turned her face away.

“Don’t want to say it?” Su Luo squatted down, the dagger waving over the black-clothed female’s face, “Then I want to dig out your eyes, cut off your nose, chop off your ears. Then maybe you’ll talk right?”

“You want to kill, then kill! Why waste words?” The black-clothed female, panting in rage, glared at Su Luo.

“Want to infuriate me so I can kill you with one blow, so death solves all problems? I think you probably forgot those beggars are very interested in ***. Moreover, even if I dig out your eyes, cut off your nose, chop off your ears, I would still toss you for the beggars to use.” Su Luo’s words very ruthlessly pinched out the black-clothed female’s hope.


“Talk.” Su Luo calmly sat on the chair, unhurriedly raising her chin, watching her with a ghost of a smile.

“Talk, then talk!” The black-clothed female gave a cold humph, “Because of Su Qing.”

“Su Qing?” Su Luo frowned deeply, “What does this have to do with Su Qing?”

Last time, when she and Su Qing had that life and death duel, she was still at fifth rank. But this time’s meeting, Su Luo had exploded up to ninth rank. This was a very astonishing matter. Could it be that the first time Su Qing disappeared had something to do with Gui Ci, this organization?

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