DKC – Chapter 1600

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Chapter 1600 – To interrogate out the truth (6)

“Su Qing had another name called Wu Baer (1).” The black-clothed female proudly and provocatively slanted a glance at Su Luo.

Wu Baer? Five hundred and eighty-two? Could it be that Su Qing, in Gui Ci, this organization, was only ranked at five hundred and eighty-two? Su Luo was almost shocked until she became stupid from the truth that came in succession.

Su Qing’s strength wasn’t bad. If during the Roaming Dragon List competition, her luck wasn’t so bad as to encounter her, Su Luo, Su Qing could steadily enter the top ten. But when she entered Gui Ci, this organization, she was only ranked at five hundred and eighty-two? This…

“Su Qing’s innate talent was very lacking, and was promoted to ninth rank by force in order to kill you. It’s a pity she failed.” The black-clothed female said as she smiled coldly.

“Only to avenge Su Qing, you guys would dispatch five commander-ranked assassins?” In any case, Su Luo didn’t believe it.

“Anyway, it’s just like this.” The black-clothed female bit her teeth and refused to say more.

“Then that’s to say, the target of you guys’ assassination this time is me right?” Su Luo’s eyes were a remote and deep cold.

“Without a doubt, that’s right.”

“No one purchased your services to kill people?”


“Is your head male or female?” In the end, Su Luo asked a question that didn’t seem to have any relationship to anything but was a very important question to her.

At that time on the battle stage, why would that person save Su Qing? Even the black-clothed female looked down on Su Qing’s talent. In Gui Ci, who would attach much importance to Su Qing?

Then thinking in another direction, if the person who saved Su Qing’s goal wasn’t Su Luo, but rather it was her…Su Luo’s brows furrowed deeply, because the more she thought, the more she felt this had a greater probability.

But Su Luo once again sank into deep doubt and unresolved puzzle.

According to Western Jin older emperor’s account, at that time, didn’t that mysterious male have a good relationship with mother? Why would the current Gui Ci have her as a target of assassination?

Moreover, at that time, Master placed her as an infant to be raised in Su Manor. He also used ‘alter the appearance to change the reflection’ technique on her. Did this have an inseparable relationship with the Gui Ci organization?

If the leader behind the scenes of Gui Ci now is a woman….then this scene of targeting her for assassination would be very easy to explain.

But the black-clothed female’s replay made Su Luo lose hope.

“How could it be a woman? Are you insulting Gui Ci?” The black-clothed female glowered at her until her eyes were round.

It’s a male? Was it still the mysterious male from back then? It didn’t seem like it ah….at that time, those males that liked Mother, such as master, such as Purgatory City master, all took very good care of her. How could he dispatch people to come kill her?

Su Luo remained puzzled after much thought.

“Finished asking?” The black-clothed female’s cold voice came.

Su Luo gloomily glared at this female. She might as well have not asked. The news that she interrogated out were all extremely bad news to her, there was no good news.

Su Luo lifted her head, lifted up the black-clothed female and placed her back in the original place.

But Su Luo had just walked by the corner when she saw Nangong Liuyun reclining against a deep red pilar. He gazed deeply at her.

Under the moonlight, his extremely handsome face became even more alluring and demonically charming, giving off an attractive force that made people suffocate. That pair of beautiful eyes were deep as the vast sea, profoundly mysterious, unable to see clearly into the depths.

Very clearly, he had heard everything of her and the black-clothed female’s conversation.

Su Luo originally didn’t feel it would matter. But Su Luo suddenly recalled her using Li Yaoyao’s matter to threaten the black-clothed female, her heart couldn’t help but tighten.

Li Yaoyao had that kind of ending, only had herself to blame. She didn’t do anything, but…Su Luo lifted her eyes to look at Nangong Liuyun and wanted to say something, but found that her throat was pinched. She couldn’t say a word.


1) Wu Baer – Yep you guys guessed it although the Chinese characters is not the same for 5-8-2 but phonically it sounds like 582.

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