DKC – Chapter 1598

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Chapter 1598 – To interrogate out the truth (4)

Now, the black-clothed female finally knew, how vicious this extremely beautiful woman in front of her was. She was prepared to ruthlessly trample on her self-esteem.

“Of course, if you answer what I asked, this young lady can let you die with dignity.” Su Luo serenely looked at her.

“I can die right now!” The black-clothed female turned and rushed to knock her head against a pillar.

Su Luo didn’t block her and just like that, with a ghost of smile, looked at her faintly.

Because the black-clothed female lost all her spirit force, her body was completely powerless. She couldn’t even sit still, how could she still have the strength to commit suicide by knocking against a wall?

Su Luo stood up, looking down at her from above, her eyes were full of ice: “I heard the body of a person that just died is still warm. It may be assumed that those beggars under the bridge who haven’t had *** for a long time also wouldn’t ignore it. There aren’t just only one or two beggars over there ah.”

“You! You this devil! Devil! I want to kill you!” The black-clothed female never expected that Su Luo. who was also a girl, could say such things without blushing and gasping for air. Her matter-of-fact tone let her know that Su Luo’s methods were even more cruel than her, this assassin’s.

“I will count from one to three, as to the final result, it just depends on your choice. In any case, you still have two companions that didn’t die.” Su Luo’s mouth hooked into a sinister smile, not giving the black-clothed female time to think, she immediately started to count: “One.”

The black-clothed female sank into despair and sorrow, her expression hesitant.


Su Luo’s mouth hooked into a smile that wasn’t a smile, staring at her with an ice-cold gaze. She actually released a strong powerful pressure.

Now, Su Luo already had the strength of a ninth rank. To the black-clothed female that didn’t have a bit of spirit strength, this pressure was like a mountain, heavily smashing on her back. It crushed her until she almost started to vomit out blood.

She lifted her head and looked at Su Luo’s pair of monochrome eyes that was full of malice.

Su Luo’s red lips opened slightly, however, before she could say anything, the black-clothed female loudly screeched: “I’ll talk! I’ll talk!”

Under Su Luo’s pressure and threat psychology, she nearly collapsed.

If Su Luo sliced her meat and let out her blood, she could face it without a change in expression, dying to defend the secret. But Su Luo actually selected the side she was most frightened of. So she had no choice but to surrender under Su Luo’s tyrannical abuse. In any case, she firmly believed that no matter how talented Su Luo was, even if she knew more, she still couldn’t move a hair’s breadth of her organization.

“You can start talking, but before you say anything, this young lady will first remind you.” Su Luo faintly smiled. “Your other two companions have also been taken away to be interrogated separately. If at that time, it was verified the words you said are false….hehe.”

Su Luo gave the black-clothed female a profoundly mysterious expression.

The black-clothed female’s eyes, in an instant, became stiff. Soon after, she stared at Su Luo coldly: “What do you want to know?”

“Your name?”

“Yi Wuqi (1).”

“Why are you called Yi Wuqi?” An insight flashed through Su Luo’s mind, asking this question, she just wanted to confirm her guess.

“In the organization, I’m ranked at the one hundred and fifty-seven spot.” The black-clothed female’s brows were wrinkled deeply. This wasn’t a secret, saying it shouldn’t be a problem.

When Su Luo heard this, her expression stiffened slightly.

This black-clothed female could fight evenly with Elder Ancestor Mo, and she was actually only ranked at one hundred and fifty-seven in her organization? Wasn’t this a bit too funny? Were there so many strong experts in this world?

Before this female was wasted, her strength was at commander level. That’s to say, in her organization, at least it had one hundred and fifty-seven experts at the commander level? Moreover, this didn’t include those elders and high-ranking personnel.


1) Yi Wuqi – The Chinese is 依舞柒: The words phonetically sounds like the number 1-5-7. The character themselves doesn’t mean 1-5-7 but sounds like the characters for 1-5-7. Now you know why Su Luo asked the question 🙂

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