DKC – Chapter 1597

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Chapter 1597 – To interrogate out the truth (3)

That pair of monochrome eyes flickered with strict light. Very quickly, a hidden and sly dagger appeared in her hand. The dagger gave off an ice-cold light.

“Quickly kill me!” The black-clothed female stuck out her neck and chest with her head raised. Her face was full of arrogance.

“Is this called fervent to meet death?” Su Luo was all smiles as she lifted a brow, “You want to die straightforwardly, but this young lady won’t allow you to get your wish.”

“What do you want to do?” The black-clothed female arrogantly humphed. She used a despising and looking down expression to look at Su Luo.

“Reduced to a prisoner of someone below but still so arrogant, this isn’t right oh.” Su Luo’s dagger streaked across her face. Suddenly, the black cloth on her face came off.

This was an ice-cold beautiful face.

A delicate and goose egg shape face, skin was white and fine as beautiful china. Eyebrows were long like calm autumn waters. The eyes were clear and crystalline, like water that gleamed with reflected light, and with specks like the stars.

But Su Luo was very certain this was the first time she saw this face.

“Who are you guys in the end?” Su Luo’s dagger waved in front of her snow-white delicate neck very calmly.

“Humph!” The black-clothed female stick out her neck, eyes closed, fervent to meet death. She didn’t make a second choice.

“Just want to die so much?” Su Luo taunted and laughed lightly several times.

She knew that if she wanted to get something from asking this black-clothed female, first, she must break her arrogance and self-esteem.

“There once was a delicate and beautiful girl like you, but she was very unfortunate in offending me.” Su Luo’s ice-cold dagger stuck to the black-clothed female’s cheek. Her tone was soft and cheerful as she said. “You know, under the bridges inside the city, what it doesn’t lack the most are dirty and ugly beggars.”

The black-clothed woman was still like a rooster with her chest stuck out valiantly and full of spirit. There wasn’t a bit of change in her expression, as if the story Su Luo was speaking of didn’t attract a person’s attention at all.

“Afterwards, one night, on a street corner, staged a scene of a beggar raping the young lady.” Su Luo’s voice was soft, light as if like cotton or a willow fluttering about in the air. In the dark night, it gave off an indescribable, deeply cold strangeness.

“Sneer.” That black-clothed female coldly laughed, she felt this was simply impossible.

“How can it be impossible?” Su Luo calmly told her the truth, “Your intelligence report certainly told you Jade Lake’s Li family’s fairy is pregnant right?”

“You——” The black-clothed female’s eyes shrank in in an instant. Staring fixedly at Su Luo in the night, it burst out with a gloomy and cold light.

“Looks like you guessed it. That’s right. The baby in Li Yaoyao’s belly is the spawn of the ugly, nauseating beggar that hadn’t bathed once in ten years, with maggots crawling on his body.” Su Luo’s mouth hooked up, revealing a row of white teeth. But in the black-clothed female’s eyes, it’s as if she had seen a ghost. Her body subconsciously shuddered.

Li Yaoyao…how could….

“Then now, do you want to be the same as Li Yaoyao?” Su Luo unhurriedly pulled over a stool and gracefully sat down in front of her. Fiddling with her dagger in a bored manner.

“This….is impossible!” The black-clothed female finally admitted she was scared!

“Young lady, if you don’t believe me, then I have no way.” Su Luo smiled faintly, “Li Yaoyao only suffered one night of dishonor. But if you don’t spit out the truth, you would suffer this torment every day and every night. How about letting us have you try it?”

“No! You this fiend! Fiend!” The black-clothed female curled up and crawl backwards.

She never imagined this young lady would be so vicious. She believed that this young lady would definitely do what she said.

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