DKC – Chapter 1573

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Chapter 1573 – Master instructs (8)

Su Luo’s body was like an electrical network, and these electrical current criss-crossed and tried to roam all over her body.

“F*ck!” Su Luo cursed darkly.

Just this word and Su Luo still trembled uncontrollably before being able to curse it out.

Because right now, Su Luo’s whole person was curled up together, shuddering uncontrollably all over her body. She gritted her teeth and unwaveringly endured.

Now, Su Luo’s forehead was dripping with cold sweat. Her breathing was weak, as if she was about to pass out.

Su Luo had Celestial Spirit Water in her space, as long as she was willing, she could wash clean this layer of dirty Burning Blood Medicine on her body. But Su Luo did her best to restrain this thought.

She could faintly feel that this Burning Blood Medicine wasn’t just an ordinary medicine. It ought to be very rare, otherwise, Master wouldn’t wait until now to take it out for her to use.

Hurting until the end. Su Luo’s pair of eyes closed, sinking into a thick mud like darkness.

Su Luo didn’t know when she woke up, but when she woke up, the sky outside had gradually started to get brighter.

Through the window, she could see the orange color of the dawn, bringing about the endless vitality of the sunlight.

“Huh?” Su Luo returned to her senses and looked at her own body in amazement.

She remembered that before, the pain had made her nerves go numb. In the end, she had passed out from the pain. But now, after waking up, Su Luo discovered that her body didn’t have a trace of pain. On the contrary, she felt light and a lot better than before. Such a strange feeling.

Moreover, Su Luo discovered that the Burning Blood Medicine that she had smeared on her body and caused her so much pain as to hover between life and death, was now like oil paint that automatically peeled off.

Very quickly, under the medicinal cauldron, was soon a floor full of pieces of Burning Blood Medicine. On Su Luo’s body, it looked like an egg that had just been peeled. It was really clean, sparkling and translucent, a pure white lustre floating around her.

Just when Su Luo was puzzled and at a loss, a voice came from her mind.

“You can come out now.”

This pure and cold tone, besides Su Luo’s Master, who else could it be?

After Su Luo finished dressing, with quick steps, she ran out.

When she ran out, Su Luo could clearly feel the changes on her body. This change made her feel really mystified.

“Master?” Turning around a corner, she saw Master idly sunbathing.

“En.” Grandmaster Rong Yun looked at the sky with sunlight faintly peeking through, he answered faintly.

“Master, it’s a really mystifying feeling. How is it that I feel that my body has become a lot lighter?” Su Luo’s heart was full of curiosity, now, she had completely forgotten the bitter pain she suffered last night.

Grandmaster Rong Yun retrieved his gaze, and cast it on Su Luo’s body. After aiming a glance at her, he turned his head away.

“How is it? Master, how is it?” Su Luo swayed Grandmaster Rong Yun’s arm.

Only Su Luo could get within a ten meter range of Grandmaster Rong Yun and still dare to have no qualms of swaying his arms in a spoiling manner.

“Barely passable.” Grandmaster Rong Yun’s brows wrinkled.

“Barely passable ah? Now, is the foundation of my body still at second rank?” Su Luo’s gaze sank down, her mood turning bad in an instant.

“Second rank? You think the effect of Master’s Burning Blood medicine is garbage?” Grandmaster Rong Yun poked Su Luo’s head in displeasure, “This time, you advanced by two levels, so barely passable”

“Two levels? Su Luo’s eyes instantly shone!

From the beginning till yesterday, she was only merely at second rank. Now, she rose two levels in succession, then isn’t the foundation of her body at the fourth rank? The more she advanced, the harder it was to get promoted right?

It could be seen that it’s not that she didn’t advance a lot. Rather, her Master’s requirement was too harsh.

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