DKC – Chapter 1569

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Chapter 1569 – Master instructs (4)

Just when Luo Haoming’s feet were about to land heavily, Su Luo gathered all her spirit strength in her body and a Nothingness of Space enveloped Luo Haoming’s body. At the same time, she controlled the speed in her own Nothingness of Space!

Luo Haoming was stupefied by the Nothingness of Space that suddenly arose for a bit. Taking advantage of his short period of being distracted, Suo Luo did a flip and landed on Luo Haoming’s back. The dagger in her hand ruthlessly slid across his neck.

Su Luo’s speed exploded to her fastest, but what made Su Luo depressed was that when she cut at Luo Haoming’s neck, she couldn’t break his defense.

At this moment, there wasn’t even a trace on Luo Haoming’s neck.

Luo Haoming very quickly returned to his senses. He laughed sinsterly, his hand reaching back and grabbing Su Luo before she had time to dodge.

Luo Haoming’s hand was like an iron plier, strong and powerful, almost making Su Luo cry out in pain from being gripped.

The bones in her wrist almost broke into pieces from being gripped.

Just at this moment, the most miserable thing happened to Su Luo.

One only saw Luo Haoming use both hands to grab Su Luo on his back and give Su Luo a fierce toss forward!


A violent noise sounded, and Su Luo’s entire person was smashed in front of Luo Haoming, tossed to the ground like a sandbag.

But how strong was Luo Haoming’s strength? Although Su Luo’s Nothingness of Space slowed down his speed by a bit, but it had no way to decrease his strength ah.

Now, Su Luo was so ruthlessly smashed to the ground. Her five viscera and six bowels almost shifted. Her whole body seemed to have been broken into tiny pieces.

Su Luo was in so much pain that her vision blurred. With great difficulty and pain, she half-opened her eyes. At this moment, Luo Haoming’s figure blurred in front of her eyes, unable to be seen clearly.

“So painful…” Su Luo groaned repeatedly.

Luo Haoming slowly walked towards Su Luo, approaching step by step.

Sensing danger approaching, subconsciously, Su Luo wanted to shift backwards. But what made her depressed until she cried was that she simply could not control her own body.

Although she subconsciously wanted to dodge, but she was in so much pain that she couldn’t move.

Luo Haoming laughed sinisterly and crazily, looking like a bloodthirsty lunatic. His gaze was like an ice sword, staring fixedly at Su Luo. Finally, he shouted: “Loathsome girl, go die!”

Soon after, Luo Haoming lifted his foot up high, not showing mercy for the fairer sex——

Master, if you don’t make a move soon, your disciple will be stamped to death! Su Luo cried out in her heart, wanting to cry but lacking the tears.

It’s not that she didn’t want to dodge, but rather that she just couldn’t control her own body.

Just at this time, suddenly, Su Luo felt her gaze blur. The foot that was about to step on her belly suddenly disappeared.

Su Luo half-opened her eyes and discovered that the scene had already changed in front of her.

“Master…” Su Luo called with a trace of faint blame.

Such a ruthless master ah, sitting there so calmly. While leisurely drinking tea on the side, watching her being fiercely beaten.

Grandmaster Rong Yun helplessly looked at Su Luo and took a deep breath. Then, he tossed her a pill for injuries: “Eat it.”

“Oh.” Su Luo took that very pretty medicinal pill. She took a glance and discovered that she didn’t recognize it. Then, without thinking, she swallowed it.

The medicinal pill entered her stomach, and a warm aura slowly rose from her dantain. Soon after, with the speed the eye could see, it traveled all through her body like a water snake, with a speed that astonished people.

In less than one hour, just now, Su Luo who was on her last breath and about to die, suddenly could jump up. Once again, her body was restored to its original strong state.

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  1. MarkofWisdom says:

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