DKC – Chapter 1553

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Chapter 1553 – Talk about marriage, how to hold the marriage (4)

“Father Emperor?” Su Luo’s rightfully cold gaze swept towards Emperor Jing. A trace of inquiry was in the depths of her eyes.

Emperor Jing rubbed his hand and laughed with a ‘haha’: “Very quickly, I’m going to be your father right? Since you won’t recognize Su Manor, then we won’t recognize them. While your Master is here, you and Nangong should pick a good day to get married.”

Nangong Liuyun had always taken Emperor Jing’s words as farts, but these words went according to his intentions, as a result, he even nodded as if taking everything very seriously.

Su Luo unhappily sent him a glare, immediately after, saying to Emperor Jing: “The matter of getting married is not urgent.”

“What?” Emperor Jing became more anxious after hearing this!

Originally, he really wasn’t anxious ah, even to the point of wanting to break them up. But now, the ten great families had gathered together. Those old family elders looked at Su Luo with eyes shining with light. That meaning clearly was to snatch her home as a daughter-in-law or granddaughter-in-law okay?

Su Luo waved her hand: “This matter, let’s discuss it later.”

Discuss it later? No way! Emperor Jing’s gaze looked towards Nangong Liuyun.

Although his son was very outstanding, but there were plenty of outstanding young masters in this Roaming Dragon List competition. Like Luo Haoming ah, Li Aochen ah, Anye Xin ah, and none of them was married okay?

Su Luo thought about it and still sighed: “Marriage this matter. It’s best that Your Majesty talk directly with my master.”

Emperor Jing, hearing this, his expression became more worried….could it be that in this matter, there would be an unforeseen change?

Su Luo thought a bit, then took an egg that was about the size of a soccer ball from her space and placed it in Emperor Jing’s lap: “Have you seen this before?”

“This is?” Emperor Jing carelessly swept a glance at it. However, the next second, his entire person seem to be in shock.

“This, this, this is a vulture egg!” Emperor Jing was so excited that his face turned red.

Could be considered a little knowledgeable, Su Luo secretly said in her heart. But seeing Emperor Jing’s excited appearance, the hand she was using to fish around in her space stopped. Immediately, she smiled, then took out another one and placed it on the ground.

“You, how can you put it on the ground ah?!” Emperor Jing grumbled and hurriedly picked it up.

This was a vulture egg ah, heaven knows how much a vulture egg was worth. It was simply a high price, but no market to buy it ah. Because the vulture that came out of a vulture egg, after growing up, would be a flying magical beast. If you must know, if Eastern Ling was to have flying magical beast and the other three countries didn’t have it, then wouldn’t the other three countries be stunned?

Flying magical beasts were very difficult to catch, even if you caught one, it was still very difficult to domesticate. Therefore, besides one golden crane in Eastern Jing royal family, there was no other flying magical beasts. But now, Su Luo took out one, then in passing, took out a second one…

Emperor Jing, with one vulture egg in his right hand and another in his left hand, the muscles in his two cheeks trembled excitedly.

But it looked as if Su Luo was performing a magical trick, after, it was another one, then another one….

Watching this, Emperor Jing became completely stupefied.

“These….these….these are all…..” Emperor Jing stammeringly stared at Su Luo, both eyes giving off green lights of greed.

This girl was rather too generous ah? Every one one of these vulture eggs would be invaluable if brought to a market. But stored with her, they were simply like watermelons? Casually, she could fish one out? Emperor Jing used an unprecedented admiring gaze, looking at Su Luo with sincerity.

Su Luo stopped taking them out after fishing ten out, with both hands spread out to say: “For the time being, just this much.”

Emperor Jing looked at the ground full of vulture eggs, his eyes almost dizzy. Su Luo said that ‘for the time being, it’ll be this much’.

What did these words mean? It meant she still had more! These ten eggs weren’t all the ones in her hand.

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