DKC – Chapter 1401

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Chapter 1401 – Getting things done once and for all (7)

“This time you guessed wrong oh.” Zi Yan’s red lips unhappily muttered.

“Oh? How so?” Su Luo was full of interest as she asked.

“Li Aoqiong and Li Aotian are truly talented, but Li Aoqiong only has the strength of a fourth rank now and will be like this for a lifetime. As for Li Aotian, even now, no one has seen him alive, and if dead, no one has seen his body. Everyone thinks he is already dead.” Zi Yan said.

Su Luo nodded: “Li Aotian is indeed dead.”

“You’re sure?” Zi yan cried out in surprise.

“Uhm, very sure.” Su Luo’s smile hid a deep profound meaning.

“So it was you guys….” Zi Yan suddenly felt speechless. There were still bets set up in gambling houses, betting on if Li Aotian was alive or dead, didn’t expect that he was long dead.

Su Luo smiled.

After Zi Yan was done being rueful, she went back to the main subject: “That’s right, we were talking about Li Yaoyao’s family’s third generation, I have no choice but to say that this Li Yaoyuan’s luck is really good! At that time, he had a love child on the outside, but no one expected that this love child was extraordinarily gifted. Even Li Aoqiong and Li Aotian were not good enough to flatter him ah!”

“Oh? A love child?” Su Luo frowned slightly. Li Aoqiong and Li Aotian’s strength was not bad, now, they were not good enough to flatter him, how amazing would he be?

A love child raised outside, should have some contradiction with the family right? Su Luo didn’t think that the love child would have much yearning for Jade Lake’s Li family.

“Moody feelings towards the family can hardly be avoided. However, Jade Lake’s Li family’s third generation either died or were ruined, there’s basically no qualified successor. So this time, Li Yaoyuan put forth huge sincerity to ask this love child to return to Jade Lake Palace.” When Zi Yan said up to here, she sighed with ruefulness.

“So the love child just returned like that?” Su Luo laughed indifferently, ”Is his mother still alive?”

“I just knew you were smart!” Zi Yan giggled, “His mother is still alive, as beautiful as before. That love child wants his mother to become the legal first wife, and wants Li Yaoyuan to make a public announcement.”

“Ah? Then what about Li Yaoyao’s mother?” Su Luo blinked her eyes curiously.

“That lady, I heard, had already entered the family hall of worship.” Zi Yan blinked her eyes while she gossiped, “I heard Li Yaoyao was about to go insane from anger, finally, she cried as if she was about to die. But Palace Master Li ignored her. Alas, who told this lady to have such bad luck. Originally, she gave birth to three kids, the oldest son was a genius, who eventually insulted this person called Su Luo. In the end, they either died or got ruined, none of them had a happy ending.”

“Hey, wait a minute.” Su Luo grasped the important part of this long speech, “Li Yaoyao, you said?”

“Could it be that I haven’t told you?” Zi Yan patted her head in bewilderment.

“You didn’t say anything.” Su Luo patted her shoulder, “Youngster, did you forget some really important news?”

“Li Yaoyao’s cultivation was wasted, moreover, she will never be able to cultivate again, does this count as important news?”

“So that’s how it is…” Su Luo sucked in a cold breath of air.

At that time, she watched as Nangong made the move, she was also puzzled, under these circumstances, how was Li Yaoyao able to escape. It seemed that even though she escaped back then, her body’s functions were all destroyed.

“That’s right, afterwards, Li Yaoyao agreed to making the love child’s mother the legal wife, with one condition.”

“Could it be related to me?” Su Luo pointed at her own nose.

“It really is related to you. Do you know? That love child comes with a mission to kill you, this was Li Yaoyao’s idea.”

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