DKC – Chapter 1400

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Chapter 1400 – Getting things done once and for all (6)

After knowing Ancestor Mo was protecting Su Luo, Su Zian was very unresigned.

He looked at Madam Su and Su Jingyu who were laying on the bed, and his eyes shone with sinister light! No matter what, they were all living in the same manor before, now, Su Luo’s blood could save them, she wouldn’t refuse right?

Therefore, Su Zian made another trip to the Southern Mountains.

But this time, not only didn’t he get to see Su Luo, he was even scolded by the gatekeeper, and ended up getting nothing.

Su Zian was unreconciled, he shouted and yelled outside the gates, cursing Su Luo as cruel and unscrupulous. How could she watch her own mother and older brother die and not save them, it was only a drop of blood, what was so hard about that?

His Highness Prince Jin instructed one sentence, and immediately, Su Zian was tossed down the mountain.

“If you don’t want to live, just say it directly, don’t be so reserved.” This was what Housekeeper Li had told Su Zian at that time.

Su Zian was so angry, his anger almost soared to the sky!

Su Luo’s blood and bones were all given by him, now, he just wanted one drop of her blood and it was this difficult!

Su Zian’s heart was full of a towering rage, but recalling that at Su Luo’s side was Ancestor Mo and His Highness Prince Jin, these two great buddhas to protect her, he could only grit his teeth and swallow this resentment.

He could only look forward to this time’s Roaming Dragon list competition and Su Luo going to fiercely take a tumble. Falling to the point of being half-dead, then his anger would have been vented.

However, don’t know how Su Zian did it, at the least, he spread the fact that she didn’t even give a drop of blood to save her own dying mother and older brother to be known to everyone.

Southern Mountains.

Zi Yan ran over in a rage.

“Su Zian is simply courting death! He actually slandered you like this!” Zi Yan waved her long sword, with one swing of her sword, suddenly, the rock garden ahead, with a loud rumble, collapsed.

In the gallery, Su Luo calmly held a cup of tea. Her right hand used the lid to push away the tea leaves, not even lifting her eyelids.

“You are not even a bit angry?” After Zi Yan was done venting, she ran up to Su Luo and asked in a fuming manner.

“Aren’t you being angry for me?” Su Luo said with a face full of puzzlement.

“Alas, I say, how can you be so calm? You don’t know how bad the rumors about you have reached outside. “ Zi Yan was stamping her feet from anger. Just now, she was so unbearably angry, with a swing of her sword, she chopped off the waistbands of all those who were talking nonsense. Those guys were too busy protecting their bodies below that they dared not talk nonsense anymore.

“You have a mouth, besides eating, it’s for talking as well. Can you really stop it?”

“But you should not tolerate them spouting nonsense, ah!”

“In fact, I really am watching them die, not saving them.” Su Luo spread open her hands, and said as if it didn’t matter.

“But Su ZIan is not your real dad, those damned not-wanting-to-live people before were always thinking of ways to scheme against you! Now, Su Zian is using public opinion to pressure you!”

Su Luo placed the teacup down leisurely and, with a ghost of a smile, said: “How is it that I smell Li Yaoyao’s scent?”

“Li Yaoyao?” Mentioning Li Yaoyao, Zi Yan was so angry that she shook all over.

Su Luo had to face so many dangers on the way, weren’t they all caused by Li Yaoyao, that slut? If she hadn’t spread the news that Su Luo had spirit blood, they wouldn’t have these problems now. Speaking of this, Li Yaoyao was the main culprit.

“Yes, Li Yaoyao.” Su Zian might want to do it, but the Su family didn’t have this kind of strength, this matter had Jade Lake’s Li family’s mark all over it.

“This time’s Roaming Dragon list competition, the Jade Lake’s Li family doesn’t have any participants right?” Su Luo’s eyebrows rose with her smile.

Li Aoqiong and Li Aotian both perished in her hands, the Jade Lake’s Li family’s future was very bleak ah.

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