DKC – Chapter 1402

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Chapter 1402 – Getting things done once and for all (8)

Zi Yan was completely speechless, “On the fighting stage, with swords flying around, life and death are ruled by fate. So, it’s the perfect justified opportunity to kill you. Luo Luo, that love child is really strong, maybe you ought to think about withdrawing from the competition?”

Withdraw from the competition? She, Su Luo, would really go do something so embarrassing? Su Luo didn’t consider this at all. Instead, she curiously asked, “After talking for so long, what is that love child called?”

“Li Aochen.” Zi Yan sighed, and said faintly.

Su Luo frowned: “It seems as if I haven’t heard about a man called that among the cultivators on the continent.”

“Yes, but Beichen has already gone to probe him. Even he couldn’t beat this Li Aochen. Beichen did his best and still wasn’t able to get him to use his special skills.” Zi Yan looked at Su Luo’s eyes, and said in an extremely serious manner.

After Beichen Ying learned about Li Aochen’s existence, he went there on the spot. A pity that he had to return after such a crushing defeat, but he brought back a lot of valuable information.

“Sorry to have bothered Beichen, this child, alas.” Su Luo was very clear of his thoughts. However, she only could pray Beichen Ying wouldn’t be so good to her, and quickly shift his gaze to this miss that was in front of her eyes.

“So, you really won’t consider withdrawing from the competition?” Zi Yan asked seriously for the last time.

“No matter how amazing Li Aochen is, could he be as strong as Ancestor Mo?” Su Luo smiled calmly, her eyes carrying an arrogant disdain for the world, “Really need to compare to the end… Humph, humph!”

“Pffft.” Zi Yan suddenly laughed out loud, “if you let Ancestor Mo come out on the battle stage, at that time, Central Palace might go insane.”

Letting Ancestor Mo out would mean that Ancestor Mo had already become Su Luo’s puppet, it’d be strange if Central Palace didn’t go after Su Luo at all costs.

“We’ll talk about it when the time comes.” Su Luo smiled faintly, but she had already remembered a name by heart.

His name was Li Aochen.

Don’t know if he would follow in Li Aoqiong and Li Aotian’s footsteps…. Su Luo was full of expectations.

Time passed, little by little.

If one was to asked what was the hottest topic in the imperial capital right now, a lot of people would blurt out: Roaming Dragon list competition.

That’s right, Roaming Dragon list competition.

The Roaming Dragon list ranking competition happened only every ten years, the entire capital was full of excitement.

This year just so happened to be Eastern Ling’s turn to host it.

Compared to the liveliness outside, Eastern Ling’s imperial palace was shrouded in a layer of shadows.

Emperor Jing had his hands behind his back, anxiously pacing back and forth in a side palace hall. At this time, the imperial study was being repaired, so Emperor Jing’s work was moved to a side hall.

“There’s still no news about Grandmaster Rong Yun?” Emperor Jing walked around agitated, and raised his head to bellow.

A few capable attendants were kneeling in front of him.

These people were dressed in black, they were all shadow guards trained in secret by the imperial family, specifically to protect the emperor, as well as running errands and taking care of the emperor’s personal matters.

Seeing that the competition was about to start soon, yet there was no trace of Grandmaster Rong Yun, Emperor Jing’s heart was very anxious ah. Where was the logic in having a competition begin and the head judge hadn’t arrived yet? Wasn’t this the rhythm of opening the window to find that the inside was empty?

Emperor Jing couldn’t find the powerful forces within his court, so he simply just sent out his shadow guards. However, the shadow guards also returned in low spirits without any success.

“Did the people sent to the Southern Mountains returned?” Emperor Jing asked in annoyance.

“Replying to your Majesty, Miss Su didn’t say anything. She only said that when the time comes, her master will return.” The shadow guard said in a low voice.

“What else did she say?” Emperor Jing impatiently grunted .

“She also said…. If he didn’t return, you could only delay the event. Because the place where her master went, even if we know where it is, it is not a place us common people can go.”

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