DKC – Chapter 1399

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Chapter 1399 – Getting things done once and for all (5)

“Central Palace’s Elder Ancestor’s name seems to be Mo Changliu……” One of them cried out in alarm.

Once these words came out, everyone was completely shocked still!

“Can’t be, right? Central Palace’s Elder Ancestor is following Su Luo at her side to protect her?” This fact really made people despair.

“Protecting? You wish it was that good. For certain, he fancies Su Luo’s blood, raising her. Otherwise, you think the grand Central Palace’s Elder Ancestor would stoop below his exalted status and stay by a little fifth rank’s side?”

“Then regardless, Su Luo’s blood, all of us won’t have a chance at all, right?”

“Even all of us combined aren’t enough for him to kill with one move, wouldn’t you say?”

“Let’s leave, let’s leave.”

“Disperse, disperse.”

Thus, from this day on, the news that Elder Ancestor Mo was at Su Luo’s side spread through the entire capital.

Thus, from this day forward, no one dared to brazenly stop Su Luo, wanting her blood, again.

Because the solitary guest Li Qiuran, the Li Qiuran who was second place on the bounty list, didn’t get past one move from Ancestor Mo. Those who do not want to live can go try it.

Ever since Central Palace got this news, Palace Master Mo was so happy that he grinned from ear to ear all day long. So pleased that he played Go with First Elder every day.

Elder Ancestor Mo’s mind had already recovered, moreover, it seemed his strength also had huge progress, how could he not be happy? But recalling everything related to Central Palace being destroyed, Palace Master Mo gnashed his teeth in rage!

If he was to know who stole the Mysterious Spirit Fruit and who robbed the Treasure Storage Pavilion, he definitely would exterminate the other side’s entire clan and make them forever unable to change their fates!

How could the pitiful Palace Master Mo know, the person who stole the Mysterious Spirit Fruit and robbed the Treasure Storage Pavilion was simply the same person. Moreover, this person not only stole the Mysterious Spirit Fruit and robbed the Treasure Storage Pavilion, she also made him lose his dad……

Su Luo.

The Dragon Scaled Horse, carried the party of people and left.

He hadn’t gone a hundred meters when the little stone’s body swayed.

Su Luo immediately inquired with deep concern: “What happened? It wouldn’t be that something went wrong right?”

“Humph humph, your grandpa stone could have something go wrong? Worried for nothing.” The little stone carelessly waved his hands.

“But you’re bleeding.” Su Luo pointed at the corner of his mouth.

Just now, she saw the little stone win so easily ah, with one move, Li Qiuran was exterminated. But now, it seemed that it might not have been that easy.

“Too much supplements okay?” The little stone indifferently wiped away the blood at the corner of his mouth.

The corner of Su Luo’s lips twitched speechlessly. At that time, Elder Ancestor Mo drank so much of her blood and it wasn’t too much supplement, now, how could it be too much supplement? Clearly, he still hadn’t broken in this body properly, just now, that move of his was too sudden.

Su Luo did not wait for him to speak, she directly waved her hand and placed Little Stone into her space. The spirit aura in her space was rich and a big help to cultivation. After the Variant Red Acacia Tree turned into a Spirit Gathering Tree, the spirit aura became increasingly pure and concentrated. Only, it’s a pity that apart from the spirit pets and spirit plants that were contracted to her, other people couldn’t enter.

After Su Luo placed the little stone in, the little stone also didn’t protest, he only grumbled a few times and then returned to his old chassis, sat cross-legged and continued to break in this body.

In fact, Su Luo hadn’t guessed wrongly, the little stone had really overdone it, almost making his soul fly out. Fortunately, he was more scared than hurt and was finally able to forcibly suppressed it.

The little stone gloomily swatted his own head, talking to himself. “You’re not a child, to get so excited over personally going to fight. Don’t even understand to have a little bit of control.”

Finished mumbling these sentences, the little stone shook his head and immediately closed his eyes, entering into deep cultivation.

Don’t know which day he would awaken.

Su Luo and Nangong Liuyun returned to Southern Mountains, unimpeded and with no obstruction the whole journey long.

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