DKC – Chapter 13

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Chapter 13 – Her heart went ba-thump ba-thump

Su Luo wanted to retract her hand but Nangong Liuyun was far too strong. The more she struggled, the stronger he gripped her hands.

“What do you want?” Su Luo exasperatingly asked. In this contest of strength, she could only helplessly admit defeat.

“I’m here to collect on the bet. Girl, are you conveniently pretending to be forgetful?”

“What bet?” Su Luo’s eyes glazed over and looked slightly confused.

“Girl, are you deliberately lying to me, what about this afternoon’s bet?” Nangong Liuyun said in an indulgent tone.

Su Luo coldly threw him a glance, and lightly said: “Su Wan was discovered while Su Xi safely escaped detection, so in regards to this afternoon’s bet, there is no winner or loser. We are even.”

Who knew that Nangong Liuyun would stick out his slender forefinger, and started to firmly shake it in front of Su Luo’s eyes while laughing evilly. “No, it’s more correct to say that you beat this king and this king beat you.” After saying this he indulgently rubbed her hair.

“You are purposefully being unreasonable. No one would interpret the result of the bet that way.” Su Luo angrily responded.

“In the beginning, you didn’t say that we can’t interpret the result of the bet this way.” In actuality, the one being unreasonable really was Prince Jin.

Su Luo tried to suppress her anger. This ruthlessly cunning fox, if he was living in modern era, how many people would be trapped by him?

“Be good, come here.” Prince Jin beckoned with his elegant slender fingers.

She wasn’t a little dog! Su Luo calmly crossed her chest, as her lips began to curve up into a faint smile.

As Prince Jin watched her actions, he raised his beautiful eyebrows. A pair of dark eyes like a bottomless lake fervently gazed at Su Luo.

Just when Su Luo was about to frown, she suddenly felt dizzy. When she opened her eyes again, she found that she had already dropped into his arms. Her eyes lifted upwards and was caught by his pair of alluring eyes.

When she meet that pair of outrageously gorgeous eyes, her heart suddenly started to skip in ba-thump ba-thumps.

That pair of outrageously gorgeous eyes, was unbelievably calm and even more unspeakable intense.

It was as if the gaze held in for 10,000 years.

Su Luo’s throat seem to be blocked; it seemed as if she couldn’t say a single word.

It took her a while to gather her bearings and she secretly warned herself about it in her heart.

Prince Jin leaned forward. His hot breath lingered around her sensitive earlobe as his pair of cold falcon-like eyes that contained a hint of mystery, started to shine with a dazzling and beautiful light.

“What…” before Su Luo could finish saying ‘what are you about to do’, Su Luo felt a shadow move toward her lips. It was aggressive, fast and unstoppable.

“Uu——” Her lips had been seized by a hot and soft sensation. Su Luo’s could only feel her mind going blank, followed by a dizziness….

In front of her eyes was a magnified face. This outrageously handsome man was uninhibitedly kissing her with his eyes closed.

His strong and overbearing kiss was like an attacking thunderstorm that plundered her mouth.

Su Luo tried to resist by attempting to remove his hands, but she was unable to do so. Instead, the opposite occurred. Prince Jin’s steel-like grip become even tighter that she almost cried out in pain.

The fervent kiss was earth-shattering, overbearing, and intense, but was at the same time, tender and gentle.

Su Luo almost lost herself for a moment when she melted into his gentle, yet passionate embrace.

The lack of oxygen forced her lips open as she gasped for breath. Her eyes were hazy from intoxication… When she finally recovered her mind, the light in her eyes sharpened!

“Slap——” She heavily slapped him across the face.

This guy, who does he think he is, how could he forcefully kiss her like this?

An angry aura that filled the air came from someplace hidden nearby. But with a casual wave of Prince Jin’s hand, the outrage in the air became tranquil.

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