Cry of Phoenix: Volume 1 Chapter 86

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Chapter 86: He’s Not Simple

“What exactly are you trying to say?” Ye Junqing always thought that Yao Mowan disliked his loyalty towards the imperial court. However, from the looks of it now, it seemed that it wasn’t the case. He was finding it harder and harder to understand this woman.

“Doesn’t Prince feel that, for the sake of His Majesty, for the sake of great Chu, for the sake of the country that you worked so hard to unite, you should take up the burden of protecting Feng Yihan?” From Yao Mowan’s point of view, Feng Yihan was definitely not a pushover. With his intellect and patience, he’d definitely be able to become the next monarch of Qi! If Ye Junqing used this chance to form a friendship with Feng Yihan, it’d definitely come in useful in the future.

“You sure have high expectations of this prince. Currently, it’s hard for this prince to even protect himself, much less protect someone else?” Despite his reply though, he had already decided to help protect Feng Yihan so that Yao Moxin’s precious country would remain unharmed.

“It’s fine if Prince doesn’t want to. Just give me Liu Sha and I’ll handle protecting Feng Yihan!” Yao Mowan looked towards Ye Junqing in complete earnestness.

“Keep dreaming! Just eat!” When Ye Junqing saw the greed in Yao Mowan’s eyes, he couldn’t help but feel vexed with himself. How did he end up seeing traces of Moxin in this two-faced woman? His vision must have gone bad!

The next day, Yao Mowan lay languidly on the chaise lounge as she considered how to deal with Feng Yihan. As she pondered, she gently stroked Fluffy’s ears. Fluffy indolently enjoyed the petting and meowed from time to time to express her thanks.

“Replying niang niang, Consort Yao just left the palace to head back to Prime Minister Yao’s residence.” Right at this moment, Liu Xing ran in and gave this report.

Upon hearing this, Yao Mowan retrieved her thoughts and hooked her lips in a faint smile. As of now, Yao Suluan was completely on her own. She had definitely gone back to try and persuade Yao Zhenting to support her again. However, this wasn’t a threat. It seemed it had also been some time since she had last gone back. She really couldn’t feel at ease if she didn’t go back to check how Yao Zhenting was doing with his illness.

In Yao Residence, when Yao Tu saw Yao Suluan walk in with a lofty air, he bowed respectfully in greeting.

“This old servant kowtows in greeting to Consort Li niang niang.”

“This consort heard that Yao Yu, that little bastard, turned out not to be Father’s son. Is that true?” Yao Suluan lifted her brows as she looked towards Yao Tu with schadenfreude in her eyes.

“Replying Consort Li niang niang, this servant has already sent people to investigate this matter. Yao Yu truly isn’t the Lord’s biological child,” replied Yao Tu respectfully.

“Father has sure become muddled in his old age, to have raised someone else’s son for so long, and to even have arranged such a grand funeral for him! Perhaps this time he’s been taught a lesson!” Yao Suluan gave a cold humph. He had even abandoned his daughter for that bastard. He was probably regretting it a lot now.

“Due to this matter, Master fell severely ill and has just gotten a little better. If niang niang intends to visit Master, please don’t bring up Yao Yu.” Yao Tu could see Yao Suluan’s contempt and worriedly reminded her of this.

“Don’t worry, in the end, he’s still this consort’s father. No matter what has happened in the past, this consort can smile and let it past. Where’s Father right now?” Yao Suluan sighed. She had come here with a motive after all, she was just venting some of her frustration in front of Yao Tu.

“Replying Consort Li niang niang, Master is currently meeting with a matchmaker in the side hall,” replied Yao Tu.

“I understand. Then take Ming Yu with you to rest, this consort will be heading over to see Father!” After giving this command coldly, Yao Suluan turned and headed towards the side hall.

Ming Yu knew that this meant Yao Suluan still didn’t trust her. However, there was plenty of time to slowly change that.

In the side hall, Yao Zhenting was deep in thought as he looked at the papers he was holding. Each page contained the eight birthdate characters of a different young lady.

“Prime Minister da ren, you really have great judgement. These ladies are all from well-known literary families. They are all well-educated, good-looking, and bright…”

“This old man just wants someone that can give birth to a son!” There was no a trace of warmth in Yao Zhenting’s voice. In his opinion, the greatest worth of a woman was their ability to give birth to sons. Whether they came from a good family or were educated didn’t matter to him.

“Ah… Haha, these ladies all have features of good fortune and will naturally be able to add a son to the family for Prime Minister!” said the matchmaker with a fawning smile.

“Then she’ll do!” Yao Zhenting chose one of the papers and handed it to the matchmaker with a grim look on his face.

“This is the Li family’s second miss. The person is obviously a good choice, but their demands for the bride price is a bit high…” The matchmaker slowly started speaking.

“Does the Prime Minister Residence look like it lacks money! As long as she gives birth to this old man’s son, this old man will provide for all three generations of her Li family!”

Da ren, don’t worry, this common woman will arrange this right away!” Upon hearing this, the matchmaker immediately nodded servilely.

Just as the matchmaker left, Yao Suluan walked in.

“I heard that Father had been bedridden with illness. It’s a surprise to hear that you’re still in the mood for these matters. Hopefully that miss from the Li family would be able to fulfill Father’s wish and give this consort a younger brother.” Although Yao Suluan had come back to make up with Yao Zhenting, she still carried herself haughtily. She knew her father’s personality too well. Daughters really didn’t matter to him, so if she acted weak to try to get pity, he would only find her worthless. If she wanted him to value her, she had to show him how important she was.

“This old man kowtows in greeting to Consort Li.” Yao Zhenting was a little surprised to see Yao Suluan.

“There’s no one else here, so Father doesn’t need to be so polite.” Yao Suluan slowly walked over to sit down in the main seat, then waved to indicate for Yao Zhenting to rise.

“May I ask what Consort Yao has come to the Yao Residence for? If there are no pressing matters, this old man isn’t feeling well and probably won’t be able to keep you company.” After saying this coldly, Yao Zhenting turned to leave, but Yao Suluan called him back.

“Must Father keep this consort at such a distance? Could it be that Father feels that bastard Yao Yu shouldn’t have died?” Yao Suluan’s voice was filled with indignance.

“If he hadn’t drowned, this old man would’ve personally strangled him!” When Yao Yu was brought up, Yao Zhenting’s eyes filled with cold light.

“Exactly. In reality, this consort has always had the same views on matters as Father. Perhaps this consort has put some things too harshly, but it’s hard not to say things impulsively out of anger. I hope Father won’t hold a grudge due to those thoughtlessly spoken words?” Yao Suluan purposefully tried to soothe the atmosphere of the room.

“This old man only knows that sometimes things said out of anger are also heartfelt words. Consort Li, please make yourself at home. This old man won’t be keeping you company.” Yao Zhenting didn’t accept her attempt to make peace at all. Just as he was about to walk out of the room, he heard Yao Suluan’s cold laugh.

“Ha. Father must be thinking that Yao Mowan, that fool, is currently more favored and easier to control than this consort, right?” Yao Suluan angrily stomped towards the doors and slammed them shut before turning around to look straight at Yao Zhenting.

“This old man doesn’t know what you’re talking about.” The animal that he had raised from infanthood was actually turning around to bite him. Ever since Yao Suluan had threatened him at Jade Lake, he had given up on keeping her as a chess piece.

“You don’t know? Then this consort will tell you! You think Yao Mowan is a fool? After being the prime minister for so long and dealing with so many schemes, could it be that you still don’t have the ability to notice that there’s something off about all of this!? Not only is Yao Mowan not a fool, she’s extremely crafty! She had admitted with her own mouth that she was the one that framed Gao momo and seduced His Majesty. Even Mother’s death and Yao Yu’s disappearance in the lake were schemes set by her! We’ve all been tricked by her! She’s pretending to be a fool for the sake of getting revenge! She wants to get revenge on you! On this consort!” Yao Suluan’s eyes were bloodshot as she shouted all of this. Every time she recalled all the little things that Yao Mowan had done to her, she would itch to rip her apart.

Yao Zhenting looked at Yao Suluan coldly without saying a word.


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