Cry of Phoenix: Volume 1 Chapter 64

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Chapter 64: Won’t Be Repaying With Her Life If You Get Angered To Death

“Replying Consort Yao, this servant had been transferred to Pure Flowers Palace just recently.” Ming Yu didn’t dare to look up as she replied humbly.

“Ming Yu, there’s no need for you right now, withdraw.” Cai Ying definitely wouldn’t have been so respectful towards this fool. As Yao Suluan took in Ming Yu’s groveling manner, she really started to miss Cai Ying. After Ming Yue left, Yao Suluan glanced at Yao Mowan coldly. Even though her rank was now lower than Yao Mowan’s, it was hard to change a long-time habit. It was lucky for her that this wasn’t something Yao Mowan cared about.

“What did you come here for?” Had Yao Mowan not been a fool, Yao Suluan definitely would have thought that she was here to take joy in her misfortune. Yao Suluan slowly sat down next to the table and looked towards Yao Mowan with an indifferent expression. Her looks weren’t bad, but she was still an imbecile. She seriously could not understand how His Majesty became so captivated by her. This situation was truly abnormal.

“Mowan came to see Second Older Sister ah. The little baby and Cai Ying have left to a far away place, Second Older Sister must be very lonely!” Yao Mowan gracefully walked over and sat down opposite Yao Suluan.

Yao Suluan lifted a cup of tea without a word and didn’t even bother to look at Yao Mowan.

“But Second Older Sister doesn’t need to worry, Wan er knows someone that can bring them back! Just like the way he found Wan er‘s mother!” Yao Mowan put on a mysterious expression as she looked towards Yao Suluan with her water-crystal-like eyes that seemed completely harmless and innocent. Yao Suluan was shocked to hear those words and her gaze darted towards Yao Mowan as confusion flashed through her eyes.

Niang niang, you can’t casually make things up!” Ting Yue immediately walked over to Yao Mowan’s side and gave her a light shove.

“Who’s making things up? Daoist Priest Bai Mei found Mother for Wan er, didn’t he!?” Yao Mowan refuted earnestly.

“You… what did you say?” Yao Suluan’s heart abruptly skipped a beat and her eyes immediately turned deadly cold.

Niang niang, you promised this servant that you wouldn’t tell!” Ting Yue’s expression changed rapidly to being filled with anxiety as she looked towards Yao Mowan.

“But Second Older Sister isn’t a stranger ah!” argued Yao Mowan.

“Ting Yue, shut up. Yao Mowan, you were talking about Bai Mei? You know Daoist Priest Bai Mei?” Suspicion was arising in Yao Suluan’s heart. Bai Mei was someone that isolated himself from worldly matters that Cai Ying had specially invited, so how could it be possible for Yao Mowan to know him?

“That’s right ah, of course Wan er knows Daoist Priest Bai Mei; he even helped Wan er find Mother!” said Yao Mowan while nodding firmly.

“How’s that possible?” For some reason, Yao Suluan was starting to have a bad feeling that made her unexplainably vexed, even a little panicked.

“Why can’t it be possible? I saw it with my own eyes! Mother’s soul turned into a burst of dust and rushed into Fluffy’s stomach. Daoist Priest Bai Mei told Wan er that Mother had reincarnated into Fluffy’s stomach! After one more month, Wan er will be able to see Mother! Wan er‘s so happy! Second Older Sister, why don’t I help you invite Daoist Priest Bai Mei one of these days so that he can help the little baby and Cai Ying’s soul reincarnate too? It’s best if they are sent into Fluffy’s stomach as well. The imperial physician had said so, that Fluffy is pregnant with several little kittens!” As Yao Mowan spun these lies, she felt a little apologetic towards her mother.

“Daoist Priest Bai Mei… A bunch of ashes…” Yao Suluan’s looked alarmed as the scene of what occured in the side room flashed through her mind. Meanwhile, Ting Yue hastily walked to Yao Suluan’s side.

“Consort Yao, don’t listen my niang niang‘s nonsense. That Bai Mei is famous on the Jianghu for being a swindler. The servants only found him to cheer Master up a little in order to stop her from moaning about Second Madam everyday. As for that deceptive act, it’s nothing but cheap tricks. Master tends to talk about it from time to time, so niang niang should just treat it as gossip and should not take it seriously,” said Ting Yue carefully before retreating back to Yao Mowan’s side.

“If he’s a swindler… then… that’s not possible! He can’t be a swindler!” Yao Suluan abruptly stood up. Her cold eyes were like those of a ravenous wolf and glintted with cold light as she glowered at Ting Yue.

“Second Older Sister, no one said that he was a swindler ah! Right?” Yao Mowan looked towards Ting Yue in an innocent manner.

“That’s right, Daoist Priest Bai Mei wouldn’t swindle anyone. Niang niang, Fluffy’s probably about to wake up now, so shall this servant help you back?” When Ting Yue sensed Yao Suluan’s fury, she subconsciously walked to Yao Mowan’s side in seek of protection.

“That’s right, we can’t let Fluffy be hungry, otherwise Mother will suffer! Second Older Sister, Mowan is leaving now. Mowan will visit again in a couple days! Oh, and if Second Older Sister finishes deciding on where to let the little baby and Cai Ying reincarnate to, you can have Ting Yue call for Daoist Priest Bai Mei. He’s really amazing!” Yao Mowan didn’t forget to give Yao Suluan a last jab before leaving.

Niang niang, let’s go. Fluffy won’t be able to wait any longer.” When Ting Yue sensed that the surrounding temperature had dropped to being near freezing, she hastily pulled Yao Mowan and left Pure Flowers Palace.

Right after Yao Mowan stepped out of Pure Flowers Palace, a mournful scream came from behind them.

Niang niang?” Ting Yue subconsciously looked towards Yao Mowan only to see that her eyes were clear as water and her lips were hooked in a slight, barely perceptible smile. Yao Suluan, this was only the beginning, so you had better hold on! Yao Mowan suddenly felt that the air was extremely refreshing, so she took a deep breath, then started walking back to Guan Osprey Palace.

Inside Pure Flowers Palace, Yao Suluan was shoving the square table to the ground manically. Her eyes were red and filled with intense burning flames as if she wanted to burn all of this to the ground.

“Why!? Heavens, why did you treat ben gong this way!? Cai Ying, you don’t even deserve pity for your death! Not even death can wipe out your crimes! You actually found a swindler to trick ben gong! Child! This consort mother has let you down! Let you down ah! Aaah…” Yao Suluan’s heart felt as if it was being scorched by unbearable heat!

What reincarnation? It was all lies! She actually killed her own flesh and blood with her own hands! This cruel reality thoroughly broke Yao Suluan. By the time Ming Yu returned to Pure Flowers Palace, the sight that greeted her was the mess covering the ground and Yao Suluan standing in the corner like a corpse – her gaze hollow, her face streaked with tears.

Before even entering Pure Flowers Palace, Yao Mowan saw that Ye Junqing was holding Fluffy and sleeping with her on the chaise lounge. His tranquil features were distinct as careful engravings, and the perfect exquisite outline didn’t have a single flaw. Even if there was no expression on his face, the moving beauty still caused people to sigh uncontrollably, especially when it was contrasted with Fluffy’s snow-colored fur. Currently, Ye Junqing seemed like a high-ranking celestial, beautiful to an unreal degree.

Niang niang!” Right at this moment, Liu Xing ran in from outside. Yao Mowan lifted her finger and said ‘shhh’ quietly, then led Liu Xing to the stone steps outside of Guan Osprey Palace.

“What is it?” Yao Mowan sat down on the swing and her delicate shoes that were embroidered with gold thread slowly left the ground. A gentle breeze blew by and her light pink skirt fluttered slightly as her hair drew a graceful arc in the wind, making her look like a celestial.

“Replying niang niang, this servant discovered the secret relationship between Third Madam and Doctor Zhou Chengwu of Village Mark Pharmacy. They had been childhood sweethearts long before Third Madam entered Prime Minister Yao’s residence. Later, Master married Third Madam and arranged for her to stay in Su Residence. Zhou Chengwu has always been in charge of looking after Third Madam’s health during her pregnancy. It’s just that…” Liu Xing hesitated.

“Speak.” Yao Mowan swung on the swing. Her beautiful features seemed to carry a gentle smile, yet in the warm temperature of the summer’s beginning, that smile seemed extremely cold.

“This servant questioned several sources and learned that Zhou Chengwu and Third Madam had illicit relationships before Master had married Third Madam… And it wasn’t only once, so… this servant suspects… that little Young Master might not be Master’s flesh and blood,” reported Liu Xing awkwardly in trepidation. After all, this was related to the big matter of the Yao family’s descendents, so he didn’t dare to be certain.

“What ben gong needs is conclusive evidence.” Yao Mowan lowered the tips of her feet to the ground as a soft light filled her deep eyes. What was she thinking? Just that this was to be expected. After all, how could a sanctimonious hypocrite like Yao Zhenting possibly have a son?


Credits: Translated by Chiyomira

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