Sendai Yuusha wa Inkyou Shitai – Chapter 35

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Chapter 35 – The Enemy of Women and the Persuasion Method

「While saying all that stuff about not having interest in me, to think you’d try to lay a hand on me, Yashiro-san really is a pervert!」

「Iya~, I’m not that much of one.」

「I’m not praising you, you know!?」

Right now, I am being scolded by Bernadette while being in a seiza position on the floor.

The Despicable Boobs Rubbing Attempt Incident.

Having tried to touch the sleeping Bernadette’s boobs, I was blown away together with the inn’s room by Bernadette who as actually awake, and after I promised to Ossan that I’d hand over the repair costs, I received the scolding that Bernadette had started.

Once again, since the talk changes every time, I couldn’t stand to listen to it.

But, it looks like this is also going to finally finish. Bernadette, who was in a state where the sound effect *Punsuka* would fit her, made a deep sigh while putting her hand on her waist.

「Jeez………If you valued the atmosphere at b-bit more……And here I thought it would fine if it was only for a b-bit too…」

Oya? ………Perhaps, this has a pulse to it?

It was hard to catch since she was mumbling, but I definitely heard it. If only for a bit, she said.

「Because I’ll be valuing the atmosphere, please let me rub them.」

「Haven’t you already destroyed it!」

A-Atmosphere, huh……This is difficult.

「B, besides, why did you hear that! I, I said it in a small voice……」

「It’s troubling if you treat me the same as those thickheaded type pretty boy protagonists out there. I’m greedy like a hyena after all.」

Becoming the bearer of the Sacred Sword and having my body strengthened to something like a monster, my hearing ability also became higher. Is something I can’t say.

「So you’re a beast, are you. I understand now.」

「For you to be calling animal with reason a beast is――」

「Can you say that those actions from before were actions with reason?」

「No I cannot.」

Damn it all, I lost to Bernadette in an argument.

――Title 『Enemy of Women』 has been acquired――

――Title changed from 『Preceding Hero』 to 『Enemy of Women』――

「So, ‘Enemy of Women’-san, you returned pretty late, didn’t you. What were you doing? Were you hitting on women?」

Nn? ……That was a pretty thorny way of saying it.

It looks like her mood has gotten worse. This seems like it would be better to say what really happened rather than strangely avoiding it.

「No, I went and commenced a raid on the Headmaster’s room.」

「J, just what the heck are you doing!?」

Ah, somehow, I’m being scolded relatively seriously, aren’t I?

「It, it was a joke, a joke. I just went to have a small talk regarding Lizwadia’s uniform.」


Bernadette tilted her head.

When she lined up how I talked in the Headmaster’s room and the reason why I recommended uniforms, Bernadette made a huge sigh.

「I’m in admiration at how you have the nerve to match up to someone of such a position.」

「You liar, you’re completely amazed by it.」

It’s kind of like, Bernadette didn’t want to turn a 『this guy is no good』-like glance at me.

This damned no good Sister!

「But still, putting your real intentions aside, if it were me, I’d approve the uniform idea. Because everyone in this town is wearing the same ashen robe as everyone else, it’s enough to make me consider that they might be a gathering of heretics that revere an evil god.」

That approval reason is dangerous!

「No, no, isn’t it more……like you want to see them wear cute clothes?」

At the very least, something like the ashen robes aren’t cute! is the approval reason that I wanted.

「? Cute clothes………In other words, something like the vestments that I’m wearing now? ……That is wonderful. By all means, let’s have them make the Ulquiorra Faith’s vestments the academy’s uniform!」

That aesthetic sense is dangerous!

「Calm down, dumbass. Because that will absolutely turn into a troublesome talk about things like religion and so on and tribes and whatnot, that’s rejected. And also, I have no idea on what part of that is cute.」

「Wha!? Is, is it not, cute!?」

As if she had just heard a shocking truth, Bernadette was surprised.

Still, something like a vestment being cute, no way.

「Well, for now, because we talked about such things, this became late. I’m sorry, Bernadette.」

When I lightly bowed my head, Bernadette made a face that looked like she’d feel bad to punish me at that moment, and corrected her posture.

「………S, same here, I’m terribly sorry. Having my mood go bad on my own, and, halfway through, just as if I had an outburst of anger, I said words that had made a low opinion of you……」

While apologizing, Bernadette went and felt sad enough that it was visible.

「Thinking about it, I mistook you for God’s enemy, had you treat me to a meal……While receiving Yashiro-san’s kindness, I haven’t given you anything in return. ……Even thinking about it now, if you would be satisfied just something like my breasts, wouldn’t having you touch them be returning the favor for your kindness………」

While saying all of that, Bernadette was steadily hanging her head in shame, and a gloomy aura started to float from her.

Uwah, so she was the type whose high tension and low tension was terribly different. ……It was something that I thought from the beginning but, she really is troublesome.


「In that case, could you show me you wearing the prototype uniforms next time.」


The thing I thought at the beginning, the feeling of not wanting to get involved with her, was no longer within me.

「It’s because Bernadette has an extremely high level of appearance. Those various things about God’s enemy and food and stuff, it would help if you just call them a modelling fee and make it even.」


I lightly brushed the black hair that was rare in this world.

For something like a sad child, just by kindly and gently patting them, it will take them out.

It makes them happy in one shot.

「Fufu. ……I, really feel glad from the bottom of my heart, that Yashiro-san isn’t the Preceding Hero.」

Seeing her sweetly smile just like a child, my feelings of guilt, while being modest, greatly ached.

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