Sendai Yuusha wa Inkyou Shitai – Chapter 34

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Chapter 34 – The Preceding Hero is the Enemy of Women?

「U, uniform? ……Are you not talking about the robe?」

「As if I would beeee! The thing called a school uniform, is not something that monotonous!」

Seeing Yuu fall to his knees and start sobbing, the Headmaster and Zelga understood why he had invaded by smashing through the window pane.

Vaguely, but.

「For our school robe, it means we are within the same organization……In other words, in order to make people strongly aware that they are a comrade of Lizwadia, it brings forth a feeling of solidarity. Moreover, for the school provided robe, it also excellently had magical resistance in――」

「For barrier piercing type magic, it’s no different from paper, isn’t it~!」

Yuu had for some reason felt something like his heart dancing for the robe that had become tattered, but now wasn’t the time to be facing his awareness for such a thing.

「Moreover, you said a feeling of solidarity, but I think that is a mistake.」

「What was that?」

Zelga’s slanted eyes became even thinner, and glared at Yuu. And yet, taking that look, Yuu’s mouth didn’t stop.

「The robe is something that you wear on top of clothes. ……Then, what about the clothes under that robe?」


At the small movement of facial expression that Zelga had shown, Yuu carried confidence that he had hit the mark.

「The clothes under the robes, should have birthed an extreme difference between the nobles and the commoners. That difference, it should have given birth to a huge ripple.」

Nobles wore gorgeous and showy clothes that minded things like their prestige or their fashion sense.

Commoners didn’t have the financial flexibility to worry about such things and so they had simple clothing.

Allowing entry with being a noble or commoner having no part in it, Lizwadia expressed that they were equals, but, despite this, the students still looked down upon those that were born inferior to themselves, and despised them. Although it had not become a huge problem, it certainly had become a problem.

「……However, if you cast aside the robes and exchange them for uniforms, the discrimination problem caused from the difference of birth, can greatly be cancelled!」

While raising his fist overhead, having stood up, Yuu’s eyes glittered with hope and eros.


The Headmaster nodded that Yuu’s words did have reason to them. And then, having seen through the true nature that dwelled within his eyes, Rougaron raised his lips.

「And what are your real intentions –jya?」

「I want to see girls wear cute clothes.」

It was a motive that blew off the serious conversation that was there just a little while ago, but Rougaron acquired those words, and laughed.

「Hoho! Very well, Yashiro-kun. Your said uniform system, let us try to discuss it.」

「But, Headmaster!?」

Zelga was astonished by Rougaron’s decision. To think, for an idea that tries to break a long withstanding tradition to be approved, in regards to Zelga, who was especially strict even among the teachers of Lizwadia Academy, she felt enough of an astonishment that it could be called a bolt out of the blue.

Zelga drew close to Rougaron.

「Please reconsider this, Headmaster! Our Lizwadia is a Magic Academy that has last for about more than a millennium! And you are saying to abolish the school robes which have been a tradition ever since it was decided from the beginning!?」

「Tradition. ……Fumu, it sounds nice. However, I think of that as an evil custom.」


Having tradition be called evil, Zelga was speechless.

「What he has said certainly turned into a problem and continued. If it really can more or less reduce that, wouldn’t there be value in trying it –jyaro?」

「How, however…! He has the wicked intention of wanting to see young girls wearing those uniforms―――」

「I do also want to see cute schoolgirls.」


Everything before Zelga’s eyes became completely white.

「So, specifically, what kind of uniform are you going to make it –no jya? As you would expect, something like boobs being in plain sight, as a clergyman, is something I cannot permit, you know?」

「What custom is that.」

The idea was obviously that of a dirty old man.

However, it’s just as the Headmaster said, things not appropriate at the academy, being the educational institution that it is, it probably can’t be permitted.

But, in this world, erotic equipment is typical.

It is because they understand that it is not for indecent purposes.

Since the order is for something school-like, on top of that, it needs to be a slightly erotic uniform on a level that doesn’t make one think that it’s erotic.

Well, we should be able to manage something about this part. We should leave this to a pro.

「Since I have an Arachne acquaintance, we can prepare them while consulting that person. ……If they have a week, I think they can prepare several peoples’ worth of them.」

「Goodness! So you have a personal connection among the Arachne!? In, in that case, can we make them see-through!?」

Because the Arachne once had a disgraceful period of having a slave social class, it seems that there were many of them that terribly hated humans.

I heard it from my Arachne acquaintance.

By the way, a clergyman shouldn’t be saying see-through.

「It’s not like it can’t be done, but wouldn’t that be out as an educational institution?」

「I, I see………That is a disappointment –jya no.」

I’m not one to be saying this but the disappointing one is you.

「And so, the problem is the amount of money –jya. The current robes are something that is provided at the time of their enrollment. We can provide new uniforms to students in the whole school and have them wear it, but what you were talking about possesses abilities higher than the current robes –jya ro? Naturally, that part of the uniforms’ cost will be high. ……Where will those funds come from?」

That’s right. One of the realistic obstacles that stood right before our eyes was the funding.

The first several peoples’ worth of uniforms will of course be from me, but if it’s going to be installed, naturally, the school side that is going to be providing them is going to be burdened.

To give the students in the whole school something with obviously better quality than the robes that made one thing it was shabby……That will take up money.

「It will be completely charged by the academy………is that something we can’t do?」

「It depends.」

I see, even if they do it, it’s only after the actual goods are shown…so that’s the case. If it’s absurdly expensive, as expected, it would be unreasonable……

「In that case, why don’t we go with making its debut in the academy a week from now.」

「Hoho, I will be keeping my expectations for it.」

While touching his handlebar moustache, the Headmaster nodded.

Lightly bowing to that Headmaster, I jumped down from the window that I came entering from.

Kuu~h! This has gotten really fun~!



Around the time the sky turned dark red, having reached the Kitten’s Purr, I was overlooking Bernadette who was making gentle sleeping breaths on a certain room’s bed.


Bernadette breathed with a constant sensation.

Every time she inhaled, her chest moved, and shook with a *Purun* (Wobble).

With a *Purun*. It shook with a *Purun*.

「I, I can’t get enough.」

Defenselessly sleeping deeply, without the usual annoyingness, the beautifulness of that appearance was prominent.

Even though she’s a beauty if she stays quiet……I finally understand those words.

It’s kind of like, the chattering Bernadette made me not consider her as the opposite sex way too much, but seeing her now lying in bed, I completely see her as someone of the opposite sex.

Bernadette was at the boundary of pretty and cute. Such a beauty is sleeping right before my eyes.

…………N, no, I can’t, I can’t! This girl is that Bernadette. No matter how big breasted she is, this girl is the hungry assassin that tried to kill me!

Feeling the wolf inside of me start to come up, I thought this is something I shouldn’t do and started to wake Bernadette up.

As long as Bernadette wakes up, I’ll feel “although she’s cute, she’s annoying”.

Thinking that, I shook Bernadette’s shoulder.

「O~i, Bernadette. Are you still feeling ba………っ!?」

And then, I regretted it.

Shaking her shoulder. ……In other words, due to shaking her shoulders, the rest of her body also shook.

That was, something that I really shouldn’t have done right now.

*Purun purun!* (Wobble, wobble!)


Lying down, her rocket boobs that forced up her vestment, shook with a *yussa yussa* (sway, sway).

「A woman’s advances, to not take it is a man’s shame……っ!」

I can’t. If I do something ecchi here, that will invariably stand the flag of me getting exposed!

If you rub them right here and now, you won’t be able to keep on living as a human, but as a pervert, you know!? But even so, are you fine with that!!

The palm of my hand that tried to rub Bernadette’s chest was raised over my head and, shaking like my swaying heart, didn’t move.

I want to rub them, but, I don’t want to be treated like a pervert.

I want to be popular with the ladies. I want to be pampered by them. And I want to make a harem where even if I do something a bit ecchi, it will end with a “Iya~n, ecchi~”.

By no means, do I want to be treated as a pervert by the ladies.

I remember it. When I was treated like a pervert, that time―――.

Three years ago, at a time when I was traveling with Sylvia and the others, there were lucky pervert developments. However, every time, while getting a gaze from Sylvia as if she were looking at trash, I’d get scolded.

I remember that felt a bit good.

―――It felt, good?

「――I see……I was already a pervert.」

Because I’m not popular, just by taking a girl’s scolding, I was delighted by the perk, remember that time.

I, was a pervert ever since that time.

Because I was made into something like Hero and saved the world, the passion of those days I had forgotten, I felt them, reviving.

「I won’t waver, anymore. My true nature is a pervert. In that case, its fine for me stay as a pervert.」

The trembling of my hands, disappeared.


Together with my roar, the hand that dropped down towards Bernadette’s chest was, *Pachi* (Smack), repelled by Bernadette’s hand and danced in the air.


Because I had turned my senses to her chest way too much, seeming to have not noticed it, when I slowly raised my head, Bernadette, with tears accumulating in her eyes and her face turning completely red, glared at me.

「……I properly understand, that y-you aren’t God’s enemy.」

While her body was trembling all over, Bernadette slowly got up on top of the bed.

「Is, is that so? That’s gre――」

Bernadette pulled out her guns from her skirt with a speed that the eyes couldn’t follow (I saw them).

That alignment had, without a tiny bit of deviation, turned towards me.

「You’re the enemy of women!」

Together with Bernadette’s scream, the Kitten’s single room and I were blown away.

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