Sendai Yuusha wa Inkyou Shitai – Chapter 36

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Chapter 36 – The Preceding Hero and the Talk from the Day Before Yesterday 1

The blue sky, white clouds.

It’s the perfect weather for a walk. Being re-summoned to Reynbrook, about one and a half months have passed, but it sure has been a while since the weather has been this good~.


That’s right. It hasn’t even been five days since I’ve come to Lizwadia.

I’m no Bernadette but doing some sightseeing is nice, isn’t it.

In Lizwadia, which developed cheap delicious food for the students, the menus that the food carts brought out were diverse.

Eating and walking while sightseeing is the best, isn’t it~.



「You’re beautiful today as well –desu wa!」

Maybe I should invite Bernadette. When she’s around, the expenses are tremendous, but, well, let’s see a lot today.

The weather is this good, it’d be a loss if we didn’t enjoy it.

「Ladies and gentlemen!! Thank you for waiting! Today’s main event, the magic battle of the Second Department Student 『Princess Knight』 Henrietta de Crestolia and the Temporary Lecturer Yuuya Shirou is about to begin! Guests using the stands, quickly prepare to watch the battle!」

Ahh, I also need to go to the stands………

『Just how long are you going to escape reality, baka Yuu.』

「Man……I still can’t get used to this.」

Suddenly resounding in my head was Alicia’s voice. Experiencing a strange sensation, I touched the silver edged piercing on the emerald gem of my left ear.

「Of course I’ll want to escape reality. ……In the first place, why do I have to do battle in the middle of all of these watching eyes.」

When I look around, the audience seating that looked like Italy’s Coliseum (was it Italy?) had become one color with the ashen robes.

It’s thanks to the full house of seats being sold out. ……Why did it become like this!

The place that I’m in right now, was a circle-shaped arena with a structure that had the audience looking down at me.

The cheers that could even be considered a roar, in response to the young boy announcer’s words, completely covered the arena. Honestly, it’s annoying.

『It’s because that’s just how famous the Crestolia’s Princess Knight-sama is, isn’t it. She’s that kind of girl but in regards to popularity, she’s really high.』

As usual, Alicia’s voice resounded in my head. I’m sure you’ve noticed, but my left ear’s piercing is the source of it.

「That’s an awfully harsh way of talking. Do you not like her using the same second name as Sylvia that much?」

Without being erased in the middle of what was already a roar of cheers rather than being considering a roar, the words that reached me, awfully had some thorns in them.

『Th, that’s not it! Baka Yuu!!』

「Don’t be shy, don’t be shy. You were an Onee-chan’s girl after all~.」

『No I wasn’t! Yuu, you baka!』

Together with a *Butsu* (Bzzt) sound, Alicia’s words stopped.

Th, that girl, she cut of the Maryoku, didn’t she!?

The emerald gem ear piercing used was actually something called a Communication Stone, and by transmitting Maryoku into the paired Communication Stone, it’s possible to carry out a conversation that was close to telepathic communication.

Though, naturally, there are limitations such as it having to be within a set distance and being unusable if Maryoku isn’t transmitted.

Not possessing Maryoku and being unable to neither activate the Communication Stone nor talk back about being called baka, with strengthened eyes, I searched for Alicia who was probably in the audience.

「For having me as an opponent, you sure are composed –desu wa ne」

While being in the middle of cheers, awfully clearly, that frigid voice reached my ears.


Being suddenly greeted, my surprised voice betrayed me.

「If you are thinking that I’m just some student in the end……I believe that it would be best to revise that thought.」

Golden hair and violet eyes that made you believe they were amethyst. With an Ojou-sama type hairstyle, it’s the famous vertical roll, the vertical roll.

But still, even if she is 12, she sure is tall.

While being in the same grade as Alicia and the others, she had a height difference that was about one fist’s worth.

Without being an exception, she was wearing an ashen robe.

「Are you listening to me!?」

「Eh? Ah, sorry, sorry. I heard you.」

「! ……Very well, I shall personally train that body of yours.」

Saying that, Henrietta drew a small sword from inside her robe.

A rapier, huh. ……Moreover, there are several gems on the holding hand. ……Magic stones, huh.

How troublesome. This really is a magician close to Sylvia, a 『Magic Knight』 type of human.

「Haa……Why did it turn out like this?」

That question, it vanished in the cheers.

It’s about the day before yesterday.

It was the day after self-introductions were made, in order to immediately perform my lessons, I left the Kitten a bit ahead of time and headed towards the academy.

Even though it was early in the morning (for me), the town was overflowing with energy, and the robe wearing, student-looking boys and girls were walking towards the academy.

Even in a different world, the way to school looks the same, doesn’t it~, is what I was thinking at the time.



An impact that came to my waist from behind. I immediately knew. It was Alicia’s assault.

「Itsutsu……Alicia, do you understand what your own position is?」

When I turn around, there was the figure of Alicia who had a hairstyle that gathered her silver hair onto her left side, a so-called side tail.

Even while having a few happy thoughts about having seen Alicia’s side tail after so long, my tone strengthened.

「I have Recognition Obstruction and Silent parallel invocations so there aren’t many people that will notice~.」

While saying that, Alicia clung to me with all her might.

It was because of that that I noticed but, the hustle and bustle around us vanished, and the people, as if we were something like a telephone pole, avoided us as something to avoid.

The way she plays around hasn’t changed from three years ago.

By the way, about the vocabulary of Parallel Invocations that was casually said. It has the meaning of several magics being “simultaneously” invoked but, this is also difficult to do. That doesn’t mean that one can’t do it. Depending on the training, it seems that almost anyone can do it but, originally, magics were not supposed to be used simultaneously, and if the simultaneously used magics increased, the difficulty increased as well. Even for Leezelion’s monster Imperial Court Magicians, the limit seems to be four of them.

Even if it was just two, Alicia did it so easily.

「Jeez, this princess……」

Even though she’s 12 years old, she’s a genius that possesses a magic sense that surpasses Baba-chan.

「Ah, that’s right. I have a present for Yuu!」

Alicia pulled out a small box from inside her robe. A so-called jewelry box, was that what it was called?

When I opened that small box, what was there was two emerald gem piercings.

「He~h……They sure are pretty.」

「Fufun! I’ll put it on you. Come on, squat down!」

「No, I’m on the faction that doesn’t put on piercings.」

「You’ll become manly and be popular with the girls.」

Certainly, the riajuus generally did wear one.

「Hoi, don’t, ow!?」

Since there was no point in arguing about my ear being punctured, it went through with a needle.

「Ouch, piercings sure do hurt.」

「Jeez~, you’re a boy so you can’t go crying. ……Well, that kind of Yuu is also cute and I like it though.」

Don’t put out a voluptuous feeling even though you’re a kid!

「Well, thank you. Come on, isn’t it about time we go?」

The feeling of having a piercing being strangely ticklish, I lightly touched the piercing while saying my thanks.

「Fufun. Your welcome.」

Smiling with a *Nikori*, Alicia fixed her posture in the next moment and changed her facial expression to one that didn’t suit a child.

「Good morning Yuu-sensei. Today is Sensei’s first lesson……I, am looking forward to it.」

I could hear the vanished hustle and bustle as if it had revived.

It looks like she cancelled the Recognition Obstruction and Silent.

「Ah, yeah.」

Alicia was the one said to have been the best at feigning innocence among the sisters.

If a man that didn’t know her true nature were to be deceived, it probably would have been done easily.

I don’t know why she abruptly undid the magic but, thinking that it would be strange to deeply pursue it, I decided to agree to it.

It was probably to say that from here on out that we should have a student and teacher relationship.

However, I just now thought of this but, does that mean I’ll be teaching Alicia? If so, then isn’t it utterly pointless?

The things that I know regarding magic, all of that is known by Alicia and everything that Alicia knows is stuff that I don’t know………It’s something like that. There is my ideas being praised but, that stuff is just at the level of breaking down my Chuunibyou.

Well, I’m not only teaching Alicia. I have my worries about someone of my level being able to teach, but I’ll do my best with all my migh―――

「Ara? ……Crestolia-sama. Good morning. Let’s go our best together today as well.」


Since Alicia was looking behind me, when I turned around, what was there was a blonde roll girl pointing her finger this way with her face all red.

「H…H, how shameless!!」

It would seem that Alicia’s magic didn’t work on her.

…………Though I have no idea why, this is shameless.

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