Sendai Yuusha wa Inkyou Shitai – Chapter 33

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Chapter 33 – The Preceding Hero and the Precocious Princess

This is a bit sudden, but, one week of this other world of Reynbrook has seven days.

In other words, it’s the same as the current Japan, but, I, for three days of the week, have come to teach magic linguistics.

It seems that Doto-san will do his best for everything else.

Having finished my debut with the students, I handed my schedule to Doto-san.

I told him beforehand that I’d be staying for two weeks and since I told him beforehand, it seems that he made a schedule that totaled up to six days of lessons.

“Is only six days going to be alright?” is probably what you thought. I also asked that.

But Doto-san replied by silently nodding at my words.

Safely finishing the self-introductions, after that I was called to the staff room by Doto-san and at a turning corner of the school building, I received a violent attack from behind.

「Guh………You little, you’re power is going up!」

When I turn to look at the sudden impact that attacked my lower back, what was there was a young girl whose silver hair looked like it shined.


*Nihera* (Coy smile). While having a smile rise on her face, the one clinging on to my lower back was Alicia Lark Sheriotto Leezelion.

「Alicia, you waited until you came into my blind spot, didn’t you?」

When I look around, there aren’t many signs of life. A princess of a whole country clinging to a man who you could say is nameless (publicly)………I guess it’s probably to not cause such a scandal.

「What is with that way of talking. Are those the words you say to your wife that you haven’t seen in three years?」

While her face somewhat swelled, she fired off such a bombshell announcement without any hesitation. ……Good grief, she hasn’t changed on the inside.

「Just who is whose wife. ……It’s been a while, hasn’t it, Alicia. For a second, I didn’t know who you were, you know?」

Since she had a side tail three years ago, and maybe because of her growth, things didn’t match up inside my head.

「Nfufu! I’ve become a charming woman, haven’t I?」

Separating from me, she, *kururi* (spin), did a turn and did a “Hi-pose”.

Doing a wink with a pose that made her look like an idol, Alicia certainly did become charming.

Three years have passed after all……so right now she’s 12, huh. If it were the me from three years ago, that child-like position might have bothered me, but………

Fu, in the end, she’s just a little kid. If you’re going to be my wife, you’ll need to go and increase your age another 10.

「Ah~……yes, yes, Alicia-chan is a charming girl, isn’t she~.」

「Mu~! ……Fufu~n. Even my chest has gotten bigger, you know!」

Saying that, Alicia opened her robe, and, on top of her turtleneck-style dress, showed a valley she made by bringing together her chest, but, that swelling…swelling? ……Is that the clothes’ creases?

「You sisters are just fundamentally small breasted, aren’t you.」

「Mu~! I’m different –mon. They’re just well-shaped breasts –da mon!」

As if. These sisters are extremely alike, other than their personalities.

Especially their chests.

「That aside, since Yuu suddenly appeared, I was surprised.」

Clinging to my arm, Alicia smiled.

「I was asked to do it by Dotorangé-sensei. ……It will only be for a short time but please take care of me.」

「Nfufu. Leave it to me. Supporting the husband is the wife’s duty –da mon ne!

……A devoted wife for the sake of her husband, how’s that? ……Have you fallen for me again?」

「Those lines just now, in this situation, if you were big breasted, I would have become your slave of love.」

If she said “Have you fallen for me again?” while pressing big breasts against me, there’s no mistake that on that day, it would have turned into a “bring her to bed”-like development………If she were big breasted.

「Mu~. ……As usual, Yuu is a big breasted boobs maniac.」

Alicia pouted. Ah, her mood has gone bad.

「Well, it’s that. Since there seem to be people with unusual tastes that say small is good, don’t worry about it. It’s unfortunate but I just can’t bring myself to see small breasts as precious. Being big breasted itself is a status.」

「Hu~n……Then, you won’t get aroused with my chest.」

At my words, Alicia showed an imp-like smile and asked. Ah, she’s come up with some kind of plan.

「Before big breasts and small breasts, it’s because you’re a child. ……No, well, no matter the reason, there are exceptions but. ……It is Alicia’s chest, after all.」

In my mind, imagining Mana’s chest, which boasted a size that you could recognize it from above the robe, I immediately erase that and look at Alicia’s small boobs.

Even from above the dress which was probably made of thin material, for the most part, I can’t see her boobs.

Swelling, huh?

「…………Fine-by-me. ‘Cause I’m definitely going to get Yuu aroused for me!」

Saying that, Alicia went around to my back.

「Come on, sit!」

「Yeah, yeah.」

This isn’t the first time I’ve had to deal with the princess’s selfishness.

Besides……having disappeared involuntarily, I didn’t even properly say my farewell to her.

It’s been a while since we met. If it’s something like this, I’ll listen to her as much as she li―――――、


*Funi* (Squish)


Wh……what is that?…………A, Alicia, from behind me……embraced me.

Yeah, I get that. I really get that.

I can feel the weight on my back, and above all, Alicia’s hands are, from behind me, extending to my chest.

This, squishy sensation……what is it?

It, it’s as if, from my throat, I’m thinking that even if I put my hand out, I’ll rub it and want to embrace it……That, pair of hills!?

It can’t be! There’s no way it should be!

I know what Alicia’s boobs are at most! A chopping board, a cliff!

And yet…and yet, just why are they like thisss!!?

「Fufu……How is it? Feels good, right? It’s because, even my chest, is perfectly soft!」

While whispering closely, wriggling her body, Alicia pressed her chest on my back.

Kuh, damn…It shouldn’t, be like this………

「With something like a…k, kid’s boobs.」

「*Hamu* (Glomp)」


「Fufu. …Your body is also as honest as ever, isn’t it.」

Play-biting my ear, I let out a strange voice.

N, no way…At, this rate……―――

「But, I won’t give in to something like small boobs!」

「H~n, really. ……Then I’ll do it even mo~re intensely!」

*Funifunifunifunifuni!* (Squish, squish, squish, squish, squish)

「Sh, shtoooppp!」

I couldn’t win against her boobs………―――。

Damn…It’s no good, I’m going to fall………I’m going to degrade into a loliconnnn!

*Boto* (Plop),

「Ah, they dropped.」

「Boobs are things that can drop!?」

When I thought that the sensation from my back had disappeared, the real truth came to light.

【Quick Announcement】 Women’s breasts are detachable.


「S, Slime!?」

When I turn around to look, a slime the size of a child’s palm jumped onto Alicia’s arm.

So that pleasant feeling sensation on my back was……the sensation of this, slime!!

「A~rara, you found out.」

「Y, you…Doing that to a man’s pure heart, how dare you……」

Please forgive me for almost degrading into a lolicon, Sherry-san……and also Mareeda-san. I am earnestly an Onee-san type!!

「Even like this, I am a maiden, you know? Being outside where you never know if someone might come by, there’s no way I’d do such indecent behavior.」


Sticking out her nonexistent chest, Alicia smiled with a smirk.

Damn it, I’m vexed at how for some reason I thought that it was a disappointment!

And then, I looked at that Alicia, and

「……Oi, wait, Alicia.」

Unexpectedly, I thought, something was wrong.

「Eh?……Wh, what is it…It wasn’t something to get that mad about, right.」

「I’m not mad. ……It’s just, there’s one thing that I want to ask.」

And then, that thought getting stronger, then instantly noticing it, then being ashamed of myself for not noticing it, I got mad at my past self, saying “Why didn’t you notice it”.


*Koten* (Tilt). Alicia tilted her head. Only a bit at the robe, I peek at the “dress” under the robe.

「You, where’s your uniform for school?」

「Ha? ………There isn’t anything like a uniform in school, you know? If anything, it would be this robe, I guess?」

Saying that, Alicia displayed the ashen robe.

The brooch fitted with a crimson jewel at the base of her neck, shined with a twinkle.

「……There aren’t any, uniforms?」


「Hohoh, Zelga-kun. It looked like you were pretty angry about the decision from earlier –jya na.」

「……Not at all. More than my opinion, being the Headmaster, as well as the chief of the Lizwadia Guild, the Guild Master, your opinion is the correct one in this Lizwadia. Do not mind mine.」

「I see, in that case, Zelga-kun. If I thought that I wanted you to wear a nurse outfit, would you respect my opinion?」



She had intended to imply with sarcasm that it was fine in Lizwadia but that it would be out in other places, but this Headmaster lightly parried Zelga’s words and returned it in double.

「Moreover, about my opinion on how it is also correct for to not do my Guild work -jya―――」

「If you were to do that, I would have you resign from your seat as Headmaster.」

「It, it was a joke –jya yo.」

The Headmaster and Zelga inhaled a deep breath right there, and Zelga broke the ice.

「Why did you make him……the adventurer, Yuu Yashiro, a lecturer? …Can I have you tell me that?」


At the words of his serious subordinate, Rougaron deeply nodded.

「Did you, feel his Maryoku wh――」

Bari~n!! (Crash!!)

All of a sudden, the window of the Headmaster’s room, which was on the top floor of the clock tower, made a sound and broke to pieces, and from there, something came jumping out.


What appeared from the window was, his clouded with anger, a black haired man that looked as if he had been taken by darkness.

It was Yashiro Yuu.

「Ju……Just what in the world are you doing! ………M, moreover, how did you get here, the top floor of the clock tower, without the transference formation…!」

At Yashiro Yuu, who was getting closer while stepping on the scattered glass in the room, Zelga pointed her staff.

「…………Why don’t I have you tell me.」

「……About what –jya?」

At the man that carried madness in his eyes, even Rougaron was embraced in fear.

Eyes hiding this much hatred in them, it was something he had never seen.

Persuasion is inadvisable. Immediately discerning that, Rougaron, without any opposition, asked for Yashiro Yuu’s intentions.

Those eyes dyed in despair, shook.

「Why, aren’t there any school appointed uniforms!!」

His roar that came from the soul, resounded in the Headmaster’s room.

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