Sendai Yuusha wa Inkyou Shitai – Chapter 32

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Chapter 32 – The Preceding Hero and the Transparent Trap

「I am this Lizwadia’s Headmaster –nano jya. Hoho, let me hear the names of you young ones!」

The Jii-san that sat on top of the desk and looked like a child, looked at us and said that.

……What is it, is being small the default for the old people in this world?

Baba-chan was, the shitty old man was.

Well, let’s put his height aside.

Wearing the wizard characteristic pointed hat and a vivid green robe that was different from the other robes, this elderly man whose characteristic was his greatly stocked Kaiser moustache called himself Lizwadia’s Headmaster.

Certainly, if I were told that this room was the Headmaster’s room, I’d nod my head in agreement.

The chair and the desk, all of the expensive looking wooden goods like the cupboard, on the wall, various paintings were decorated.

Even things like the sofa looked like it would feel great to sit in.

「I have no reluctance in naming myself. ……However, have you not been taught this? ……『If you wish to know the other party’s name, you must first give your own』……is how it goes!

That is what I was taught by the Sister of the church!」

「Why are you so condescending?」

Bernadette pointed her finger at the Headmaster with a snap. Her chest also shook with a *purin* (wobble).

You seem to be somewhat happy, but, since it’s important, I’ll say it again but, why are you so condescending?



The eyes of the charmingly slanted eyed Onee-san that looks like a mirror image of a female teacher have become sharp, you know!? At this rate, even the Headmaster will probably get mad―――

「Ho ho ho. ―――Very well, I shall have you, hear my name!」

…………The Headmaster that cheerfully laughed, then suddenly answering with a threatening voice I heard before, he stood up.

「My name is Rougaron![4] Once the king of the Hobbit tribe that ruled West Orgain, the sole Hobbit that became Lizwadia’s Headmaster in this world! ………Supreme Ruler and King, Rougaron, 73-years-old –jyaaaaa!」

*Dosa!!* (Bam!!) ……Vigorously spreading out his mantle, the Headmaster that named himself with a fierce threatening attitude, or rather, the Supreme Ruler and King, Rougaron.

When the mantle once again hid his tiny body, he began a low laugh going Fu fu fu.

「『Supreme Ruler and King』 Rougaron has informed you…………Young people, let me hear your names!!」

With a *Kah!*, the Supreme Ruler and King Rougaron showed Bernadette a glare that didn’t have any of the cheerfulness that was there up until now.

「……Supreme Ruler and King, Rougaron. I see, a spirit not inferior to the name of 『Supreme Ruler and King』…!

In that case, let me respond. ……An agent belonging to the Holy Ulquiorra Religious Organization, Bernadette the『Gunner』!! ……I’m a spunky 16-years-old!」

Spinning her Magic Guns on her fingers, and while spinning herself, *Pita* (Click), Bernadette struck a pose.





Th, the eyes of the four people other than me were stuck on me!

Bernadette and the Headmaster had eyes of anticipation, Doto-san was surprised, and the charmingly slanted eyed female teacher had criticizing eyes.

「……A, a rootless wanderer that goes from journey to journey. ……I’m Yuu Yashiro the 『Adventurer』, 16-years-old.」

Into the mouth of Bernadette, who pointed a muzzle at me, I threw a candy in by flicking it with the Invisible Eraser trick and prevented her attack while naming myself.

While licking the candy,

Bernadette was a bit condescending, saying「Well, while it was a safe answer, in consideration of the candy, I’ll give it a passing mark」  and looking at me with a satisfied face. While glaring at her with a sidelong glance, I took one step forward.

「This is a bit prompt but, although it is as a temporary one, is it really alright if I become a lecturer with Doto-san’s recommendation alone?」

The problem that came up here, was 『whether it was alright for me to become a temporary lecturer or not』.

If it were Japan’s schools, it would probably undeniably unjustified. But however, for Doto-san, there was a reason that he needed me to be a temporary lecturer.

Actually, though he changed my Magic Gun to a cylinder magazine, the great person that reached a single completed form of it, was in fact Doto-san.

Despite his unskillful appearance, he was one of ten magic researchers in the world requested by the academic conference for a thesis related to Magic Guns, which for some reason seem to become an ancient craft that was discovered in the past few years even though I was the one who should have designed it, and to the innovative magic theory 『Magic Clad』 which had become something that the religious organization had disseminated.

The Lizwadia Academy had of course tried to assist him, but the students wouldn’t allow it.

Because of his strangely thick popularity, the students had resigned from being taught by anyone but him, no, any teacher that had a lower ability than him.

As for the actual circumstances, teacher bullying had begun.

Though Doto-san stood in a heavy position, because there were several superior students, like fools, starting from pointing out spell mistakes, they’d stuff frogs in his desk or expose his embarrassing past, and all of that made him have to take a break.

……How should I say this, how I was amazed from hearing how low the level of bullying was is a secret.

At this rate, he wouldn’t be able to submit his thesis to the academic conference. However, he couldn’t just ignore the students and concentrate on the thesis with his personality as it was.

There, speaking fluently in the Alexelia language which was a magic language, and a deep knowledge of the Magic Gun that he himself had remade the plans. A man that happened to have both of those appeared.

That’s right, it was me.

It seems that he thought that if it were me, I would be enough to be a teacher while he himself was out.

Incidentally, it seems that although Doto-san had requested Ossan, being the Elf he was, to do it before, he was refused.

「As for me, I don’t mind. In fact, as a gentleman of the same tastes, it’s enough that I want to help out for Dotorangé-san’s sake.」

I am by no means doing it for the sake of the schoolgirls, you know?

「……uUugh, Yashiro-san…っ. Thank you very much!」

Doto-san became overcome with emotion at my words and started crying.

Th, these feelings of guilt aren’t half-assed…ッ.

「Certainly, a notification saying that this time, as an exception, the academic conference has also respected Dotorangé-sensei’s intentions. ………But, as I thought, having a person of doubtful origin from who knows where together with an unknown comrade, even as a temporary one, be a lecturer, I oppose it, Headmaster.」

The charmingly slanted eyed female teacher took a step forward.

While her words were towards the Headmaster, only her eyes went deeply through me.

「……Sensei’s name is?」

Since charmingly slanted eyed female teacher is, as you’d expect, too long, when I asked, the charmingly slanted eyed female teacher turned around towards me.

「…Excuse my impoliteness. ………I am, Lizwadia Headmaster Rougaron’s exclusive secretary. Concurrently, I am called the 『Seiten (Equaling Heaven) Magician』 Zelga Ul Helcrozé Largruka Felcasio Clarturé.」

That was long.

Amazing, among the names that I’ve heard until now, that’s the second longest name I’ve heard!

By the way, the number one is the rakugo and well-known Jugem.

Rather, this Zelga-sensei, she unexpectedly goes with the flow easily.

Matching Bernadette and the Headmaster, she even introduced herself with her second name.

……I only stated my occupation.

But still, Seiten Magician? ……I wonder what letters you right that with……

As I was thinking such things, Bernadette got in front of me…actually, more like stood in front of Zelga-sensei.

「Y, you are the highest authority of 『Summoners』, the one who is said to have obtained the divine protection of the Spirit King and is said to be allowed to call themselves the Equaling Heaven Magician, that Clarturé!?」

「……Yes, while there are others that possess the name Clarturé other than me, there is no one other than me that can name themselves the Equaling Heaven Magician. ……And so, Headmaster――」

「Amazing, amazing! Yashiro-san, this is so amazing, it’s the Equaling Heaven Magician!

The magician said to possess enough ability that there are none in every branch of magic that can rival her…! The world’s highest point, it’s the Equaling Heaven Magician~!!

Such a, great person, is before my eyes!!」

「Be quiet for a bit.」

I ignored the Bernadette that became timid in the corner of my eye.


Zelga-sensei turned around to the Headmaster and pressed for a vote.

Receiving that, the Headmaster turned his eyes towards me.

「Umu. ……Yashiro, is what you said, right.」


Though not as much as the overblown situation from a little while ago, the Headmaster released an characteristic of overbearing of one that stood above others.

Both of his sharply shining eyes focusing on me and blinking several times, the Headmaster’s mouth opened.

「You pass, jya. After this, it would probably be best if you get the introductions with the students without delay –jyarou.」

「……Ha, eh? ……Is it alright?」

Being settled without any particular test, it was a light anticlimax.

「Umu. Rather, by all means, I would like to ask you to do it. ……Now then, Dotorangé-kun, go take him there.」


Doto-san nodded, and stood on top of the transference formation that was engraved in the floor.

「Now then, let’s go!」

While being the usual shadow of death, Doto-san, who gained a few feature of vigor on his face, activated the transference formation, and we once again came to the clock tower’s hall. With there being a feeling of a moment of floating, I can’t help but be reminded of an elevator.

「……Upuh…I can’t get used to this.」

「What the heck, weren’t you fine just a little while ago?」

As the light of the time of transference settled down, Bernadette, who was holding her mouth, separated from the transference formation while bending over.

That time we reached the Headmaster’s room, she wasn’t that sick, but………

「Earlier, to meet with what was technically this country’s…no, town’s chief, I held it back, but………I’m terribly sorry, since I’m feeling a bit sick, I’m going to waste some time outside.」

So was that was the tension of a human that was holding back their sickness at the time.

But…well, it certainly does look like she’s feeling sick.

「That so. ……If anything happens, return to the Kitten. Since I already paid extra, if you ask them, you could probably get them to make you a meal, and they’ll also probably get you a room.」

「……For Yashiro-san to be so kind to me……For some reason, I feel a conspiracy. Kindly getting close to a woman in a hopeless mental state, then, a complete change, is it. As expected of Yashiro-san.」

The subject was something that made me want to hit her, but, completely not feeling the drive to do so, for some reason, I became worried about her.

「Stop saying such stupid stuff. There’s no way I’d lay a hand on a disappointing girl whose chest and appearance is the only splendid content. Come back in another five years for that.」

「Having those real numbers is conversely scary. ugh………I’m terribly sorry, I’ll be taking Yashiro-san’s kind offer.」

Saying that, Bernadette walked towards the Kitten still bending over.

「Those who aren’t used to the transference formation do start to feel bad, after all. ……Is Yashiro-san alright?」

「Nn? ……Yeah, I’m fine.」

If it’s shaking at the level of an elevator, I won’t feel sick.

「Well then, this way. The school building is the East building’s second floor.」

The blackboard eraser trap.

It’s probably something that everyone’s done once.

Regardless of whether it’s a sliding type or an open and shutting type (the sliding type is a bit cliché), you insert the blackboard eraser in the gap of the door, the blackboard eraser will fall on the head of the person that opens the door, and receiving the chalk powder smeared blackboard eraser, their hair becomes white………

This trap is mainly aimed for new teachers.

…………I didn’t think that it would happen even in another world………

Heading towards the school building from the clock tower, it was the time we stood in front of a certain classroom on the second floor.

From the walls to the doors, even though their appearance was greatly different from the ones of the schools of Japan, with just the blackboard eraser being stuck in the gap of the door, I felt nostalgic for my elementary school days.

At that time, anything and everything was fun………。

「Ah, ahaha. ……I’m sorry, it’s always like this……」

Doto-san laughed with a cracked voice (this is Doto-san’s default laugh), and he extended a hand to remove the blackboard eraser.

「……Don’t, Dotorangé-sensei.」

「Eh? ……Why not?」

I grasped Doto-san’s extended hand.

「This is a challenge. ……If you fall for a trap of this level, you’re that level of a teacher. If you violently get angry from a trap of this level, you’re that level of a human. ……This is, a measure of the teacher’s character, it’s a challenge from the students!」

At the very least, when I argued for argument’s sake like that, I got scolded by the teacher.

「Is, is that how it was………」

「Yeah. That is why, please entrust me with the matter of dealing with this blackboard eraser!」

「……I understand. Yashiro-san, no, Yashiro-sensei, I leave this to you!」

Now then, with this, the preparations are in order.

With the blackboard eraser trap, which is one of the big three traps in the Japanese school system, right in front of me, my Japanese spirit burned intensely.

What “this is a challenge from the students”. ……This is already nothing like a challenge. I have received the proclamation of war to me from you punks!!

While I opened the door with the blackboard eraser inserted in it, my foot walked in to the classroom.

*Bofu* (Puff).

A soft object collided with my head, and a white smoke occurred.

And then cheers occurred, laughter.

Sneering at me, it was the laughter of children delighted at the success.

That classroom where all that laughter took place, I calmly swaggered into it.


「N, no way……」

A number of the students noticed, and the laughter rapidly vanished.

That’s right.

What the students desired was, the figure of a teacher feeling bitter about receiving the blackboard eraser, or even anger and disperse a shout.

Paying no attention to their prank, not even perceiving into consideration……… giving the blackboard eraser a ride on his head as if it were a crown, majestically heading towards the teacher’s desk, such a……kingly entrance was something they probably could never have wanted.

……By no means.

While I bask myself in the eyes of the dumbfounded students, I stood in front of the teacher’s desk, and I struck it with my palm with all my strength.

「You’re too naïve.

Don’t get satisfied with just one trap.

To measure others with just the blackboard eraser trap is sheer stupidity.

Next time, prepare a bucket go along with it.」

*Shin* (Silence). In the classroom that had fallen silent, my words reverberated.

「Let’s perform the self-introductions. Everyone, take your seats.」

The students that had been in revelry just a little while ago, became gloomy as if they had stayed up all night.


Among them, three girls had stopped in front of their own desks.

No, they probably stood up from them. *Gatan* (Clatter). I heard the sound of three chairs falling.

That’s……Mana Lurie and Eri Trestoria!

I see, the two of them were Lizwadia’s students. To be getting their class is an amazing coincidence.

And then, about the remaining one………who is it?

I kind of feel like I’ve met her somewhere.

……Lengthily grown out silver hair and emerald eyes.

Nn~, where have I seen her before…hn?


Sylvia, from three years ago? …………No, that’s not it, it’s because she’s let her hair down that I didn’t recognize her.

She is Sylvia’s younger sister and Leezelion’s Third Imperial Princess.

Alicia Lark Sheriotto Leezelion.

She’s my, Shishou in magic knowledge

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