Sendai Yuusha wa Inkyou Shitai – Chapter 20

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Chapter 20 – The Hero Appears

Everyone, there exists bitter memories within people.

“I don’t want to remember it”, that kind of memory should exist.

I also have one. ……Three years ago, before I was summoned to this world, I also……….

Once, I was a composing member of a Resistance, the “Sword of Twilight” that fought against an “organization” that tried to control the world that used ability-users.

From the organization’s ability-users aiming for my life, my ability awakened and I was picked up by “Sword of Twilight”.

Around the time I was genuinely fighting against the organization as a member of the “Sword of Twilight”, he appeared.

Wearing a black overcoat furnished with a hood, the completely black clothed man whose hood concealed his eyes,

“Darkness Executioner”

Fighting with the man who was called the organization’s strongest slaughterer, although I was able to repel him, I then teetered between life and death.

After safely returning alive, our countless battles continued, and at the time of our final conclusive battle, I discovered his identity.

He, had the same face as me.

He was my lifelong separated younger twin brother.

He and I were family that was made to have a death match.

However, it was already too late to save him. Because he had tied with me countless times, he was judged to be insufficient and there was a plot to strengthen him with the use of a strong drug.

Due to the medicine, he……no, my younger brother’s life couldn’t be saved.

However, the little brother made me, his brother, inherit his own power and, right there, his breathe died out.

「With this……I’ll always be with, Nii-san…」

Holding him who muttered that in his death in my arms, I swore.

I wouldn’t forgive the organization that gave birth to such a tragedy……――――

That was the setting.

If it were back in those days it would’ve been better, but for the me right now, they are severely embarrassing memories.

Wearing my self-made black coat, in the middle of make-believing being the Darkness Executioner (alone), I was summoned to this other world. I didn’t want to remember that.

That’s right, to me, Darkness Executioner is a synonym to Chuuni, a legacy of dark history, a trauma of the past.

And yet, that damned Baba-chan………For her to perfectly remember the setting I reminisced……っ!

On the Darkness Executioner’s overcoat, starting with the sleeves, there were red flames drawn on several places.

In the setting, it was because I was supposed to use flames but……regretfully, these flames are just another concern that doubles the pitifulness.

Even the hood was just an assassin-like garment that I thought was cool and that I liked in those days.

Jeez, just about everything is coming and mentally killing me.

I never thought that I would be tried to be killed by my past self.

If you’re wondering why I’m wearing this despite that, it’s to defend myself from being discovered by the Six Blade Generals and the guys that would try to utilize the Preceding Hero.

There is a Recognition Obstruction cast on this robe, so as long nothing considerably big happens, it seems that no one will recognize that it’s me.

That’s why,

「Uhahahaha! A pretty interesting guy has appeared! Let me see, you, would you have a death match with me? 」

the Ossan Terakio right in front of me doesn’t realize that it’s me.

To be honest, I don’t have any big outer appearance-like characteristics. At most, it would be something like my peculiar hair that is called bed hair.

Since that is also covered by the hood, I won’t get found out.

Therefore, so long as I don’t demonstrate the stupidly strong power from wielding the Sacred Sword, strangers shouldn’t be able to recognize me, but………

*Chira* (Glance),


This girl, this Imperial Princess-sama that had tears accumulating in her eyes from seeing me and looked like she would start crying at any time now was that, wasn’t she, she definitely recognized me, didn’t she?

「……W, why…are you…」

She did notice after all.

「……To come running when the princess is in a pinch is what Heroes do, right?」

Turning to face Sylvia, I raised my hood a bit and showed her my face. It’s a bit embarrassing.

「!……Yuu…! 」

When I did, from her beautiful eyes, tears overflowed.

Ah~, she started crying. …How should I say this…it’s awkward.

But still, she sure has become an amazing beauty.

No, she was pretty since long ago but now it’s, how should I put it, the seductiveness of an adult? She’s become that kind of beauty.

…………With this, my motivation suddenly went up!!

「War General of the Rock Hammer, Terakio……」

I draw the two Magic Swords hanging from my waist.

Since I’d be revealed if I used the Sacred Sword, the weapons I got to replace the Sacred Sword were forged by Jii-san. The raw materials were the excess raw materials of the Basilisks.

「I’ll cut you to pieces!」

Waving the pitiful overcoat, Darkness Executioner=me began to run.

Hello everyone. This is your Chuuni aching

Flame Enchanter,

Sword of Sacrifice,

Darkness Executioner, Yashiro Yuu –degozaimasu!!

Forcibly raising the originally declining tension, I appear!!

「You son of a bitch!!」

「Nuu, for violence!!」

I made a continuous attack of sorrow with twin swords that looked like they were jade green and indigo blue crystals made into long swords.

Though Terakio’s attack was heavy, overall it was slow.

Probably because it abandoned its attack and defense status too much, so long as it doesn’t hit, it’s nothing worth mentioning.

Therefore, I won’t let him attack.

In the moment he makes the motion to attack, I’ll commence the attack to his vitals, and make him shift from offense to defense.

(If I could complete the aria while defending against the rock hammer’s handle――――)、

「Uhahahaha! Splendid. You have come to a splendid idea! But, in the end, it is just speed!!」

(……So he figured it out!)

*Giin!* (Clang!)

When the swung down sword struck Terakio, as if I had just tried to cut steel, it was repelled.

……But, because I, who could cut steel even without the Sacred Sword, was repelled, it means that he was even harder than steel.

「Hardening, huh…ッ」

He truly is like a rock. Now that it’s come to this situation, my attack with the plain sword has become useless. Strikes and magic attacks would be more effective than cutting but, since I don’t have any Maryoku, I can’t use most of the attack type magic.

Which would mean, that I’ve ended up with striking him, but………

「Uhahahaha! As expected, you cannot cut me! The only one to have cut me down while in this state, was the sole Preceding Hero! Uhahahahahahahaha!!」

He probably has a great amount of self-confidence. While Terakio showed off his side chest, he sultrily laughed. Actually, stop posing!

The only one to cut him was me, huh. ……Haha, sorry Terakio, the me right now is the Sword of Sacrifice!!

See ya setting that I thought up in the past, I’ll cut off anything! From today on, I’ll be casting aside that title!

「In these twin crystal swords, “Crystal Venom”, there exists two forms……」

Kukekeke, just burn already, burn. It’s already been foreseen that it would end up like this anyhow. In that case, I’ll just become Baba-chan’s toy right to the end, damn it~!!

「Putting emphasis in the attack speed, these twin blades. ……And then, putting emphasis on a single strike, an extending blade! 」

When the pommels of the two colored twin swords were joined together and twisted, a *Gachi* (Click) sound rang, and they meshed together to become a single weapon. As they did, both the different colored left and right swords, as if they were absorbing blood,

dyed red.

「This was the only one that I had decided that I should definitely not use, however, ………This is relatively urgent. ……Serpent Linked Twin Swords “Carbunculus”!!」

A crystal sword dyed red like a ruby. The two golden jewels embedded in the sword guard looked as if it were glaring at the opponent just like a Basilisk would.

「This serpent sword that united them, sharpens the blade, and bisects all of creation―――」

……Though I say that, this time, since this sword was handed to me as a test, I don’t know how much power it has.

Since this was also the first time that they were linked together, I tried out the swinging sensation of it while it made a *Vwun vwun* sound.

But, swinging it a few times, I understood. As expected of Jii-san, he’s got splendid skill.

―――But man, a double bladed sword is……really cool, isn’t it………――


Wh, what did I just say………Guh, something inside of me is starting to rage…!!

「I, I won’t hang on much longer…We’re commencing the attack, Darkness Fairyon!」


At this rate, my undesired memories will revive, and I’ll become who I once was. ………Before that, before I become a prisoner of madness, I’ll defeat him!!

And though the speech in my mind had also become Chuuni, I called out to Lililuri who I had burdened on my “back”.

「It was slow at first, but it will rapidly become faster! “Slow Starter”! 」

Lililuri, who wore the same overcoat as me, held her hand out to the sky.

Ironically, the stupidly long aria was saved by the Chuuni-like explanation and Terakio Ossan’s posing, but………Well, let’s leave it at that.

Now then………the preparations to bring him down are arranged.

「Battle, commence…―――」

Yashiro Yuu’s lowering of his stance in order to start running and Terakio’s materialization and raising of a rock hammer in front of Yuu, was almost simultaneous.

Yuu was evaluated to be slow-witted but, that speed, in regards to ordinary people, was no different from teleportation.

In the instant that Terakio vanished from his vision, he was about to be smashed by the rock hammer.

In contrast to that, Yuu coped with slow movements that were enough to be a huge level down from Terakio’s.

Catching the large rock hammer’s attack and not cutting it by subtly averting it, he daringly countered with a strike.

Every time he struck, pain would run through his right arm.

That was how it should be. He was receiving with “one hand” an attack that would easily smash and scatter a single person.

「Uhahahaha! Bisect all of creation is what you said but it would seem that it was just random nonsense! 」


Even as Terakio, who did not notice that, laughed, Yuu didn’t reply at all.

In order to make sure he didn’t miss the “chance”, he simply, repeated the sword play.


Feeling the strangeness of that, Terakio frowned.

The pair of eyes that peeked out from the hood, did not overlook Terakio’s slightest actions, and made one think they were the eyes of a hawk.

Several seconds after Yuu continued to receive them with the dual blade sword, he didn’t receive them, he began avoiding Terakio’s attacks.

Seeing Yuu avoid most of the unleashed attacks from the gigantic rock hammer by turning his body half a step, Terakio was honestly interested.

「That physical strength to defend against my attacks, and that ability to avoid them with a paper-thin distance………You, you are a formidable enemy!」

If he were to take Terakio’s attacks, he wouldn’t be able to endure one.

Being shown that attack that possessed such destructive power could be repelled, in the next instant, he began seeing through them.

「Show me your seriousness! Would you not let me enjoy myself more!!?」

Terakio began to enjoy the conflict. A fierce attack that was like a windstorm, attacked Yuu.


Terakio’s movements that were obviously different, he did not overlook them.

Smoothly avoiding the attack, it was there that he finally shifted to an attack.


The black overcoat wearing man, disappeared from Terakio’s sight.

*Ton*. If one thought that it was a light kick to the ground, he disappeared so quickly that it would make one think that was an illusion.

And then, in the next moment, Terakio was blown away.


It wasn’t that he shouted from pain.

It was from the surprise of the impact that was enough to make him float up and blow him away.

And then, that surprise continued.

*Don* (Bam). Making that sound, this time he was blown away towards the sky.

He probably received the attack at the back. While Terakio received the attack, he embraced the interest in the attack that possessed enough might to launch him up.

Maybe to respond to his demand, Yuu appeared even higher in the air than the launched up Terakio.

「I see, so it was that!」

Yuu fired the three short spears that he held in his left hand, and those short spears collided with Terakio altogether and, without going through his body, slammed Terakio into the ground as if they repelled him.

「……Tsk, he sure is hard.」

Thinking that he could give damage to Terakio’s hardened body if he gave an attack of a certain level, Yuu smacked his lips.

There was a total of 11 short spears. Receiving the 11 spears that should have had more force packed into them compared to the ones fired at the Basilisks, Terakio stood up while laughing.

「Uhahahaha! That was splendid but, it that all you have!?」

Terakio waited for the naturally landing Yuu.


In the air, pulling a short spear from the tool bag, Yuu started throwing.

「It is futile! I will not take the same move that many times! 」


While echoing a thunderous roar, the short spear made impact. The spear, without hitting Terakio, collided with the ground.

「Uhahahaha! Show me that you can endure! 」

Jumping into the air, Terakio swung the rock hammer downward as if he were trying to knock him down.

Maybe because he didn’t catch his movements in the air, Yuu was repelled like a ball and was blown away towards the ground.


But Terakio looked at the swung rock hammer.

It was probably because he couldn’t hear the push in the air and the force had waned, but even so, it should have been an attack that was enough to smash the earth.

And yet, there was no sensation of resistance transmitted to the hand that held the rock hammer, and Yuu also, while sliding on the ground, got down and stood.

A four legged standing motion. It was a movement where one goes on four legs like a beast. Yuu made use of this four legged standing motion. (Though, because one hand was occupied, it was actually three legs.)

“Getting down” from the swung down rock hammer on three legs, flying as if he repelled himself on his own and controlling his posture in the air, he descended.

(Getting to the state of being pushed away on the rock hammer, I messed up pretty badly……It’s still a distance I can reach, make it in time!!)

Taking a stance with the dual blade sword, aiming at Terakio who had gotten down and stood, Yuu dashed like a hurricane.

If one listened carefully, within the battlefield, *Gin*, the sound of a rock-cutting blade could probably be heard.


Becoming aware of that, Terakio was, bisected.

「…………With this, it’s once.」

Swinging the blade at a speed that it couldn’t be seen, Yuu muttered with Terakio behind him.


This time, Terakio groaned from a pain that was beyond imagine, and, while making a *Gara gara* (Crumbling) sound, Terakio’s body collapsed. In the next moment, Terakio appeared from the ground.


Terakio said nothing.

It’s because he sensed a warrior higher than himself.

Given a large sword cut on his hardened body, furthermore, an opponent that “killed” him once.

A reason to make light of him, there was none.


Together with a howl, what unfolded was a fierce attack that devoted itself to the limits of tyranny.

Yuu avoided that fierce attack altogether.

(Fast! It makes it seem like the movements earlier were a lie!!)

He had movements slower than the slow-witted Terakio. However, as he was now, Yashiro Yuu’s movements greatly overtook Terakio’s and, without allowing Terakio to even counterattack, he killed him “one more time”.


His head cut, his heart pierced, and moreover, scattered to pieces, Terakio once again crumbled down.

「………………Splendid. …This Terakio, cannot win against you.」

Once again appearing as if he were protruding out of the ground, Terakio, without possessing the rock hammer, just crossed his arms and muttered that. That long interval was probably the confliction of losing to a human but even so, fighting such a warrior. The pride as the summit of the Mazoku and the pride as a military man. And then, on top of the confliction, in his chest with the pride as a military man, he expressed the greatest compliment.

That he could not win.

The time since Terakio and Yuu started fighting was one minute.

Terakio, “himself”, estimated that he couldn’t defeat him.

「……Yeah, there was no “reason” for me to lose. Sorry but, this time, it’s my win.」

Lowering both swords, at Yuu who showed no intention to attack, Terakio grinned and smiled showing his teeth.

「Uhahahaha! Well then, let us have a death match next time! I wish to endlessly fight against you! 」

Jumping onto the cranium of the Earth Dragon while saying that, Terakio went and left towards the underground.

And then, no one chased after the escaping Terakio.

「……I really am sorry, Ossan. As I am now, I’m only at this level.」

Glancing at the maiden he burdened on his back, Yuu made a small bitter smile.

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