Sendai Yuusha wa Inkyou Shitai – Chapter 19

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Chapter 19 – The Glard Wasteland Battle [4]

「Tsk…Damn, you seriously are strong!」


The Ice Duke Class that avoided the red-haired Crown Prince’s fired energy bullet by diverting it with a closed ice folding fan opened that folding fan, and then fanned it.


The Crown Prince promptly jumped into the sky. The place that he was standing on just a few blinks earlier, was engulfed in a glacier.


Akane fired off the Maryoku that was concentrated on her fist. At the shell of Maryoku that was closing in on her, Glakiesta responded by facing one hand towards it.

「”Hyoukyouka” (Ice Mirror Flower)」

On Glakiesta’s entirety, a flower made of ice appeared.

The flower of ice took the hit of the shell of Maryoku, and shattered.

「You certainly are fierce………However!」

Slipping through the broken ice shards and sliding up to Glakiesta’s bosom, drew a katana that was still stored in the scabbard at a speed that the eyes could not retain.

Being blocked by the folding fan of ice, at the time when Sakuya looked like she was going to get hit with a cold wave from a point blank range, Glakiesta was engulfed in flames.

「I won’t lose. ……I don’t want, to be Kaito-kun’s burden! 」

Carrying his staff, Akira began an aria.

「『Flames of crimson worthy of being the bursting flames impulse, singe the sky, burn the earth to nothing, you will become the hellfire of scorching heat』」


「As if I’d let you!」

As Glakiesta, who regarded Akira’s aria as dangerous, prepared her folding fan, Valanshel’s Crown Prince’s strike at Glakiesta’s abdomen with his flame covered fist, happened at the same time.


At Glakiesta who was blown away from taking the Crown Prince’s attack, scorching heat gathered, and in the next moment, a huge explosion that extended over a vast range happened.

High ranked magic, Explosion. The powerful explosion that followed the name to the letter, swallowed up the surrounding monsters and made its detonation roar in the battlefield.

「Nice, Akira!」

Akane rushed over to Akira who just finished invoking the magic. But, getting ahead of her, the red haired, large built man got close to him, and

「I’ve seriously fallen for ya. ……You, you’re mine, ‘kay? 」


sweetly whispered in his ear.

「You damned pervert!」

「What, are you jealous?」

Blocking Akane’s serious kick with one hand, Iibsal smiled with a broad grin.

「Who’d be jealous for you――」

「Would you calm down, Akane. ……That was a most spectacular victory, Akira. Nevertheless, so that was a Six Blade General, huh……She was strong.」

While all of them became worn-out, they somehow defeated one pillar of the Six Blade Generals.

Gazing at the rising black smoke, Sakuya made a great sigh.

「Now~ then, to the other one――」

When the large red haired man was about to take his gaze off the black smoke, he wasn’t able to.

「……This is, a joke, right?」

「No way……っ」

When Akane and Akira saw that, they groaned.

「………It can’t be, for her to be uninjured.」

What appeared from the black smoke was, a Mazoku that walked with a slow pace and an ice folding fan in one hand, Glakiesta’s figure.

「You frail beings, you’ve done well. ……But, you’re one step short.」

On Glakiesta’s expressionless face, joy was born.

「……Moreover, there seems to be one more regrettable notification for you.」

Glakiesta looked northwest……The direction in which the human side’s encampment was at.

「An earthquake!?」

While riding on the Kulkel, Leonhart yelled at the sudden large vibration.

「Tsk, so it happened while we were at it. Ah~ah, what a pain~.」

Carrying a scythe on his shoulder in the air, the Mazoku kid discontentedly muttered.

Hearing that, although he was made to take a knee from being tripped up by the vibrations, Kaito shouted.

「Damn it, is this your guys’ doing!?」

「N~, …Well, something like that.」

At the halfhearted Wintos’ words, Leonhart remembered.

Among the Six Blade Generals, there was someone that specialized in rocks and earth.

「Not good……Her Highness!!」

As the vibrations settled, a huge something that looked like a mountain appeared from inside the underground.

「What, is that!?」

Valanshel’s Second Imperial Prince shouted, and, as if calling to that, a howl enveloped the area.

「This howl…, an Earth Dragon! In other words, it’s that guy! 」

Making the white Kulkel run, Sylvia groaned.

「To think that they’d come setting up an attack from underground………っ」

Following Sylvia’s words, appearing from underground near their headquarters, what hurled tens of thousands of human high into the sky was, a Marquis Class Earth Dragon.

「Withdraw! A Six Blade General is coming!


Sylvia shouted at the soldiers that had entered the height of disorder while running through the battlefield, straddling her Kulkel.

In that Sylvia’s eyes, the shadow of a person jumping down from the Earth Dragon was projected.

「Schwarz, it’s him!」


The Kulkel that answered in a gentle woman’s voice ran to the direction that Sylvia wanted, kicking up a cloud of dust.

*Don* (Bam).

The shadow of a person that got down from the Earth Dragon got down on the ground and stood, and a cloud of sand whirled up.

That man showed the figure that blew up that cloud of sand.

「Uhahahaha~!! My name is Terakio! One corner of the Six Blade Generals, I am the “War General of the Rock Hammer”! 」

His height being out of people’s common sense and easily surpassing three meters, the muscles that covered that body were thick as if they were like gigantic logs.

His flesh that was tempered so thoroughly that it looked like rock was an ashen color that was rare among Mazoku and on his hairless scalp were two small horns growing.

Terakio, even among Mazoku, he was a Mazoku that was an anomaly for being born from an “Ogre”.

Therefore, he had the horns that were the symbol of Oni.

As soon as Terakio gave his name, he thrust his arm into the ground and grabbed and pulled up a colossal rock that surpassed the height of Terakio himself.


Hahaha! This truly is a battlefield! This truly is a war!!」

*Vun vun* (Vwoom vwoom) Terakio lightly swung the rock.

Smashing humans as if they were eggs, the surroundings changed into a sea of blood.


「Hou, you are from that time! It has certainly has been a while.」

Terakio, who had raised the rock above his head, expressed a smile at Sylvia’s words and put the rock on his shoulder.

「I won’t aim for something so high as defeating you…but I can do something to the extent of buying time……!」

While jumping off from the Kulkel, Sylvia drew her Magic Sword.

「Uhahaha! Someone like you would not be a match for me! 」

「Like I care!」

From the swung Magic Sword, a beheading attack flew, and Terakio dodged that just by slightly moving his head.

「If you had the Holy Woman’s divine protection, you would have still been good, but for you who does not have that, you cannot stop me!」

Still in his dodged posture, Terakio brandished the huge rock. His arm that was like a log, put some strength into it and raised.


At a tremendous speed, the fired rock looked like it would capture Sylvia, but at the place where the rock made impact, Sylvia wasn’t there.

「Hou, so it is that man’s technique!」

「Indeed it is!」

At the crown of Terakio’s head, who had turned around in an instant, the Magic Sword ran through it. She had taken Terakio’s back in an instant.

「”Magic Clad Sword”!」

Light gathered at the thrust Magic Sword and became a sword with a length long enough to bisect Terakio.


Swinging with both hands, Sylvia bisected Terakio.

But, rather than immersing herself in the lingering memory of victory, Sylvia quickly took some distance.

「Splendid! But, as I thought, you cannot reach me!!」

Sylvia turned around, and what was there was the figure of Terakio that had the gigantic rock hammer raised overhead.

「In honor of landing a single hit on me, you should die!!」

While Terakio was pleasantly laughing, the rock hammer was swung down.

She didn’t remember holding back on him.

She didn’t make light of him either.

However, she was in a state that didn’t reach them. Sylvia did not harbor fear of the closing in rock hammer, she harbored regret.

Even if she was called the Princess Knight, in the end, it was a technique that didn’t reach them.

Even if she swore with her heart to him, she regrettably thought about her own weakness of not being able to establish peace.


The rock hammer that was swung down at Sylvia, just before it was about to crush her, suddenly, broke into pieces.

「……Who did that…!」

Seeing the rock hammer get smashed and picking up a crushed short spear, Terakio glared.

「……I, I am Darkness Executioner! By my blade of conviction, sink!!」

Ahead of where Terakio was glaring, there was a man covered by a hood that was worn low over his eyes and his body wrapped in a black overcoat.

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